June Legend Fest Begins on 6/30

The June Legend Fest is Here!

This Legfest features the addition of 2 new characters and 1 new summon, and the return of the long-waited Rooster Zodiac Mahira.

Link: http://granbluefantasy.jp/pages/?p=13230

Period: 6/30 19:00 JST ~ 7/2 18:59 JST
Rate up: Character unlock weapons for Yggdrasil and Dark Jamil

New SSR Character: Yggdrasil


Element: Earth
Type: Special
Race: Primal

(Note: This is NOT a Grand Series unit, which means that she is suptixable)


  • Blonado Norn: Boost to team’s ATK/DEF (medium) + Meter Charge Rate
    • Duration: 3 Turn / CD: 8 Turn
    • Consumes 10% meter
    • Upgrade at Lv55: Effect Enhanced + Reduced CD
  • Ziggurat: Boost to all Earth characters’ Critical Rate + Shield effect on everyone other than Yggdrasil herself
    • Duration: 3 Turn / CD: 7 Turn
    • Consumes 20% meter
    • Upgrade at lv75: Reduced CD
  • Luminox Genesis: Team Heal + Refresh + Remove 1 debuff from the whole team
    • Duration: 3 Turn / CD: 7 Turn

Charge Attack (Ougi)

  • Axis Mundi: Massive Earth damage + Boosts self meter by 20%


  • Tree Of Benevolence: Higher hostility but grants more meter when damaged
  • Aeternus Anima: Inflicts higher damage against water foes


New SR Character: Jamil


Element: Dark
Type: Attack
Race: Human


  • Yatagan: Deals Dark damage (Effectiveness enhanced with each use; Max at 6)
    • CD: 7 Turn
    • Upgrade at Lv45: Boost to self Critical Rate
  • Sweep: Deals Dark damage + Applies Dark Resist Down
    • CD: 1 Turn / Debuff lasts 180 sec
    • Consumes 40% meter
    • Upgrade at Lv65: Effect Enhanced
  • Black Steppe: Boost to self ATK based on how low his hp is + Boost to foe mode bar reduction effect
    • Duration: 5 Turn / CD: 1 Turn
    • Consumes 30% of Max HP

Charge Attack (Ougi)

  • istlyja: Big Dark Damage + Yatagan becomes immediately available


  • Vengeful Determination: Massive boost to ATK when foe is in BREAK state + Hit to self DATA rate + Lowered hostility
    • Note: The hit to DATA only applies when the foe is in BREAK
  • One with the Darkness: Reduces hostility based on how low his hp is

New SSR Summon: Galura, the Shining Hawk


Element: Wind


  • Boost to Wind ATK based on how many Wind summons you have (Max at 120% when MLB)

Call Effect

  •  Boost to Team’s TA rate (Small) + Slight Chance to reset diamonds of all foes to 0

New Character Skin: Featherly Outfit


  • Does not come with Mahira
  • Comes with a 10 Draw ticket at 3,000 Yen.


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