Benedia is Now Final Uncappable



New Skills:

  • Lv120: Inferno’s Might II becomes Inferno’s Might III (Massive ATK Boost, ~22% Normal ATK at slvl15)
  • Lv150: Acquires Hellfire’s Restraint (Mid Crit Boost + Mid DA Rate Boost)

(Note: Restraint is the same skill you would find on Auberon/Olden Auberon)

Unlike Murgleis, the Benedia does not seem to be a direct upgrade over the Inferno Finger. However, it may be able to replace Ecke Sachs (aka “Twig”) for Agni users as the Critical from this weapon functions the same and can proc on top of one another. With almost 3x more ATK stats and a 10% higher ATK modifier than a Twig, a FLB’d Benedia should give a higher boost despite the lack of an enmity modifier.

Nevertheless, the damage boost and utility it gives to an Agni grid is much less significant than the Murgleis, and in my view your should consider spending damascus bars on a Benedia only if you are serious about playing Fire and have acquired 1-2 FLB’d Fingers in your grid.

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