First Impression: Yggdrasil (SSR)

The legendary gametester Sundome has released some early data on the latest addition to the Earth lineup.

(Below are the stats at lv80)

1st Ability: +25% ATK/DEF (Dual-sided; Stacks with Rage) and +25% meter charge rate

  • Duration: 3T / CD: 7T

2nd Ability: 80% chance to deal +30% Critical damage + Shield (Absorb the next 2000 Damage)

  • Duration: 3T / CD: 6T

3rd Ability: 500 Initial Team Heal + 400 Team Refresh + Clear

  • Duration: 3T / CD: 7T

Passive 1: 50% Chance to be targeted in a 4-man party + Meter generated by damage received is increased by 100%

Passive 2: Same bonus as SSR Uriel Fist (Does not stack with one another)

Although many were disappointed by the initial kit descriptions, it turns out that her buffs are actually quite strong. In particular, her Critical buff surpassed that of Dark Cagliostro (50% chance to deal +40% Critical damage) and the 2000 Shield/Barrier she supplies is welcomed by two main Earth attackers, Ayer and Hallessena.

The meter charge rate boost from her 1st ability is also helpful for people with Mahira in their team to help them take full advantage of the Zodiac’s +30% CA damage cap.

Compared to other Earth supports like De La Fille and (soon) Cagliostro, Yggdrasil’s main weaknesses are the complete lack of DA/TA buff and mitigation against the higher incoming damage resulting from her 1st passive. However, her status as one of the only two Primals in Earth and having access to Clear means that she can easily find a spot in many Tezcat teams (which is still the most used summon because Alexiel is still few and far between).

I can see her being one of the most popular picks for the next suptix because of her popularity and the upcoming Earth-advantaged GW in August.

4 thoughts on “First Impression: Yggdrasil (SSR)

    1. The reworked cag’s fate will hinge on the numbers of the DATA buff and how low the CD of her 2nd (the buff) is.

      She (and DLF) is still at a disadvantage compared to Yggdrasil when it comes to building a team for Tezcat though. (Race conflict with Ayer)


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