July Event Schedule Revealed


The Event Schedule for July was just revealed by the SkyCompass app.

Contrary to expectation, there is no new Xeno Crash this month. Instead, we are getting a rerun of Xeno Vohu Manah (Probably because the August GW is Earth-advantaged).

July Schedule

7/9 – 7/14: A Slice of Summer (A Rerun of the 2016 Summer Scenario Event)

7/12 – 7/17: Cerberus & Fenrir Showdown

7/18 – 7/24: Xeno Vohu Manah Clash

7/25 – 7/30: Rise of the Beasts

7/31 – ??: New Scenario Event (Probably 2017 Summer event)

While this may look like a “vacation” month, don’t forget that the reworked Arcanum event and the new Ultimate Bahamut raid are planned to be released in this month too. July may turn out to be busier than it looks.

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