Medusa Officially Released in Japan

The Gaijin-GFY Linksmate-exclusive SSR character was officially released today as the MVNO service goes online in Japan today.

Sundome has posted some early rundown of the stats of this 3rd promotion SSR character of the game.


LB/EMP Support Skill: Chance to apply stackable ATK down with her auto-attack

(Below are the stats at Lv80)


  • Evil Eye: Applies ‘Stared Stiff‘ on foe
    • Duration: 2-3T / CD: 9T (80% chance to last 2T, 20% chance to last 3T)
    • Base debuff success rate: ~70%
    • See below for details of the debuff
  • Revenge Eye: Grants Counter/Retaliation (4 Times)
    • Duration: 3T / CD: 8T
    • Both her counter and retaliation share the same 4-time counter
    • Counter multiplier = 200%
  • Lethal Eye: Guaranteed TA
    • Duration: 2T / CD: 8T

Charge Attack

  • Petrifact Glance: Massive Earth Damage + Applies ‘Stared Stiff‘ on foe
    • Duration 1-2T (80% chance to last 1T, 20% chance to last 2T)
    • Note: The duration begins to run in the following turn and not the turn she uses her CA
    • Base debuff success rate: 100%


  • Forsaken Fangs: Deals extra 10% echo damage against a foe affected by Stared Stiff
  • Snake Eye Princess: Immune to Petrify effect

How Stared Stiff works:

  • Increase damage taken by the enemy by 10% (Does not break damage cap)
  • 50% chance to prevent the foe from performing any action (other than HP triggers)
    • Enemy would still gain diamond on non-action similar to Cham
  • Prevent the enemy from using any full-charge attack while under this effect
    • Unlike Charm, it doesn’t reset the diamond bar when the enemy fails to use its full-charge attack
  • Not affected by ‘Debuff success rate up’ effects (Similar to Song’s Death)
    • Its accuracy can still be improved by any ‘Debuff resist down’ debuff on the enemy (e.g. Pilfer, Thor’s call effect)

As expected of a promotion character, Medusa’s kit is not particularly impressive. While Stared Stiff is a powerful debuff, its duration in most cases is very short and her main way to apply it has a poor base hit rate. Her skills also have some relatively long downtime, making her a poor choice for longer fights.

However, her 2-turn guaranteed TA and 4-time retaliation might come in handy in some short fights like the EX+ stage in Guild War.

But…despite these weaknesses, she is still considered CORE in Earth.

Why? Because she is CUTE AF.



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