Future of the Game (July Edition)

The game producer, KMR, has just released his monthly update on the upcoming updates on the game.



Future Plans on Summons

  • Following the recently released Garula, each element will in the following months receive their 2nd Bonito-tier summon (There will be both familiar and new aura conditions)
  • In addtion, the 1st Bonito-tier summons are going to receive FLB upgrade in the near future
    • Sethlans
    • Bonito
    • Tezcatpolia
    • Setekh
    • Aphrodite
    • Nacht


Increased Damage Cap for Charge Attacks

  • The ‘soft’ cap for CA damage will be increased (currently at 1.16 million)
  • The damage cap for Break Assassin and Over Drive Assassin abilities will also be increased accordingly
  • Some CA-boosting-based characters will have their abilities tweaked


New Weapon Tier: SSR Carbuncle Weapons

  • They are adding a total of 6 new weapons to the the SSR Carbuncle Raids
    • Prometheus
    • Ca Ong
    • Gilgamesh
    • Morrigna
    • Hector
    • Anubis
  • These raids will also drop a new treasure that can be used to exchange for the new weapons. The new weapons can also be looted from the raids directly.
  • In addition, the hosting requirement for these raids has also been abolished (e.g. You no longer need to have a MLB’d SSR Carb to host them)

Changes to Pre-Quest Team/Summon Selection

  • They will be implement changes that allow the game to “remember” the party and the summon element that the user would prefer to use for a particular quest

Rebirth of Arcarum Delayed (Again)

  • It was announced that the new Arcarum event will not make it before Summer, despite what was promised earlier this year.
  • The new release date is Soon.

Xeno Vohu Manah Crash Rerun

  • Xeno Vohu Manah Crash is returning this month and starting on 7/18
  • Certain treasure items will have their loot rate increased
  • They have also decided on the releasing schedule for the remaining 4 Xeno crashes. 5 out of 6 of the elements will receive their Xeno weapon by the end of this year


New Raid: Ultimate Bahamut (‘Rage of the Ultimate Dragon’)

  • The long-waited Ultimate Bahamut raid will arrive later this month
  • Two difficulties: Normal and Hard
  • Normal mode is beatable by those who have at least reached HL, while Hard mode will become the most difficult content to date
  • Hosting will require clearing of the latest main quests
  • New Fabled Weapon Upgrade: Omega Weapons (Not to be confused with the Omega (aka Magna) weapon tier in the ENG version)
  • More details will come with the Granblue Channel #71 on 7/10


New Rose Queen Weapons

  • They are adding 4 new RQ-tier weapons with the UBH raid update
  • New weapon types: Bow, Harp, Axe, Fist

Changes to Upcoming Guild War/Unite and Fight Event

  • The following crews will have their daily badges increased during the final rounds:
    • Losing crew in Tier A
    • Winning and Losing crew in Tier B

New LB/EMP Support Abilities

  • The following characters will receive their LB/EMP supports this month:
    • SSR: Aliza, Percy (Summer), Beatrix (Themed) , Narmaya (Summer) , Hallessena, Korwa, Zooey (Light), Heles (Summer) , Dark Jeanne, Zooey (Summer)
    • SR: Anna, Camieux (Summer), Farrah (Event), Ferry (Halloween), Galadar, Goblin Mage, J.J. (Summer), Jasmine, Jin (Themed), Jin (Wind), Naoise (Event), Pengy, Sara (Summer), Sig (Gacha)
    • R: Dante, Ippatsu (Summer), Karteira, Lowain (Summer), Lunalu (Summer), Pavidus


New Casino Skin

  • Eugen will receive his casino skin this month

Summer Livestream

  • Like last year, they will be holding a Summer Livestream for this game in early August
  • As usual, they will be inviting Granblue VAs as guests for the show and revealing new information during the livestream

4 thoughts on “Future of the Game (July Edition)

  1. I’m pretty certain the original post never mentionned about weapons being MLB right from the bat at all.

    In order to tackle the aforementioned raid battles, you needed their respective summon at 3* or more, but this requirement has been abolished.

    Furthermore, each of these raid battles will have new weapon(s) drop.

    >6人で挑戦するマルチバトルで、ゲーム中でも難易度の高いコンテンツになっていますが、 その分強力な武器が手に入る可能性があるので、これまで戦った事がない方も是非挑戦してみてください。
    As 6 man raid battles, it is a particularly difficult content of the whole game, but as you can obtain powerful weapons this way, we hope players who didn’t try those raid battles to do so.

    The newly introduced weapons can ALSO be obtained in the treasure exchange tab of the shop.

    So no, it isn’t similar to Kirin/Huanglang weapons at all. It is pretty much the same as the primal summons weapons.


  2. It was announced that the new Arcarum event will not [made] it before

    It was announced that the new Arcarum event will not [make] it before


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