July Balance Patch Notes

The long-awaited July Balance Patch has finally been released today.

This thread will be updated with the detailed changes in the abilities as new information arises.


Npc m 3040017000 01.jpg


  • CA now boosts self’s DEF in the turn he uses his CA (Around 600% increase)
  • His Cover now grants 3 charges of retaliation (Counter when damaged)
  • The CD of his 3rd skill is now 7 (Down from 10)

Npc m 3040028000 01.jpg

Zeta (Fire)

  • CA now grants Critical rate up to self
    • 80% Chance to do 20% bonus damage (Lasts 3 turns)
  • 1st skill no longer applies Break Keep; instead, it now applies a “hit mark” debuff similar to that of SR Jamil (Lasts 90 seconds)
    • Unlike Jamil’s hit mark (which seems to have a 200%+ base success rate), Zeta’s new hit mark debuff has a much lower base success rate and is prone to misses
  • The Assassin buff from her 2nd skill now only requires the foe to have a “hit mark” on it to activate (aka “Anytime Assassin”)
    • The new assassin buff still allows Zeta to break her auto attack cap even when not in Break
    • Zeta will still have increased ATK against BREAK’d foe (7% Special mod)
    • Her 2nd actually gives 2 Assassin buffs now (One ‘Anytime’ One ‘Break’) so she can still break the damage cap against a Break’d foe even when no mark is present (though the BA component now only provides an extra 7% boost to her damage)
  • 3rd skill now also applies Break Keep

Npc m 3040046000 01.jpg

Clarisse (Fire)

  • CA now applies Debuff Resist Down
  • Her def breach now also applies Fire Resist Down (-15%)
  • The CD of her 3rd skill (Alchemic Abortion) is now 6 (Down from 10)

Npc m 3040010000 01.jpg

Charlotta (Water)

  • The 5* version of her CA no longer requires the foe to be in BREAK to deal bonus damage (echo)
  • Her CA echo now also has increased multiplier and damage cap (Now caps at ~800k)
  • Her defence breach now has increased debuff hit rate
  • Her 3rd skill no longer requires the foe to be in Overdrive mode and now also gives 1 turn damage immunity to herself upon reaching lv100
    • The nuke component now also has a higher damage cap (Now caps at ~800k)
  • Her 1st passive now allows her ATK and DATA to ramp up at the end of each turn
    • Max after 5 turns and reset upon damaged
    • Max: +30% ATK (Normal mod) / +35% DA / +30% TA
  • Her new passive buff also has a nice little hat to go with it


Npc m 3040093000 01.jpg

Chat Noir

  • The nuke from his CA (under Forewarning effect) now has its activation time lowered
    • Activation Time is now 4-8 turns (Down from 12 turns)
  • In addition, all his random debuffs now have increased debuff hit rate.
  • The 12 second para is also now treated as a non-yellow para
  • The CD of his 3rd skill is now 6 (Down from 10) and no longer consumes meter
  • Riddle effect now gives 2 charges of mirror image (Up from 1)

Npc m 3040044000 01.jpg

Societte (Water)

  • Her 1st skill (the heal) now adds a water echo to her auto attacks (10%)
    • Lasts 3 turns (same as her revitalize)
  • CA now empowers her next 1st skill, allowing the heal and water echo buff to apply to the whole team
    • With all Healing LB/EMP nodes invested, she can heal the team for 2800 + 700 x 3 (Total = 4900) every 4 turns

Npc m 3040009000 01.jpg

Cagliostro (Earth)

  • 2nd skill is reworked and now gives “Clear + Critical rate up + ATK/DEF & DATA boost (Special Buff)”
    • Effects: 30% ATK (normal mod) & DEF / 30% Chance to do 30% Bonus Damage / 35% DA / 15% TA
    • The new Special buff stacks with all kind of buffs and Special buffs (including Korwa’s and De La Fille (Earth)’s)
  • Her 2nd skill would still become a team buff upon hitting lv100, but the existing penalty on its effectiveness has been removed
  • In addition, the CD of her 2nd skill is now 7 (Down from 10)
  • Team heal now also applies Team Refresh
    • 200 per turn (Lasts 3 turns)

Npc m 3040069000 01.jpg


  • CA now also grants Team Crit Rate Up buff if boosted by a lv5 Charge
    • 100% Chance to do 30% bonus damage (Lasts 3 turns)
  • 2nd skill (Charge) now also boosts his ATK according to his current Charge lvl
    • +10% ATK per Charge lvl (Normal mod)

Npc m 3040061000 01.jpg


  • Crushed effect from her passive now increases CA damage cap instead of CA damage
    • +30% CA Damage Cap at lv3

Npc m 3040102000 01.jpg


  • Her 2 nukes now have higher multiplier
  • Her 1st passive now also boosts ability damage cap based on how low her hp is
    • Her nukes now get up to +50% damage cap up (1.4-1.5 mil total damage) at low health
  • Her 2nd passive now also boosts her ATK based on how many times her damaging abilities were used (Caps at 10)
    • +5% per ability use (Caps at 50%)
    • Run on a corny special modifier


Npc m 3040004000 01.jpg

De La Fille (light)

  • CA now grants 1 charge of mirror image to the whole team (Similar to that of Carmelina)
  • Her counter skill now also adds a light echo (20%) to her attack that lasts indefinitely
    • Dispelled when damaged

Npc m 3040065000 01.jpg

Io (Grand Series)

  • CA can now grant  “Refresh + Stamina buff + Damage cap up” to the whole team. The number of buffs the team would get is based on her current Mystic Vortex lvl
    • Lv 1: Refresh (500 per turn)
    • Lv 2: Refresh + Stamina (20% max)
    • Lv 3: Refresh + Stamina + Damage Cap Up (20%)
    • Last 4 turns (including the turn she uses her CA)
  • 1st skill now has increased damage cap based on her current Mystic Vortex lvl
    • At Lv3 MV, her nuke now does 200k per hit x 7 (1.4 million total)
  • Changes to Mystic Vortex:
    • 3rd skill now converts her meter to MV based on her current charge level
      • 25% meter per level (Caps at lvl 3)
      • If used with more than 75% meter, only 75% will be deducted from the gauge
    • MV is no longer consumed upon skill usage
    • MV is reset to 0 when Io uses her CA
  • The boost from her Team Light Atk up passive now scales with her current MV lvl
    • Base = 10% + 5% (per MV lvl)
    • Max = +25% Light Damage

Npc m 3040016000 01.jpg


  • The TA boost from her CA is now 50% (Up from 30%)
  • The TA boost from her passive is now 50% (Up from 30%)
    • This means Cerberus has 100% chance to TA for 3 turns after CA
  • Her 3rd (triple debuffs) skill now has increased debuff hit rate
  • Her TA now applies a stackable debuff resist down debuff on the foe

Npc m 3040029000 01.jpg


  • The boost to his 2nd skill with the 5* version of his CA is further enhanced
    • His after-CA 2nd now caps at 1.6 million damage (Up from 1.2 million)
  • 3rd skill now gives a greater ATK boost upon hitting lv100
    • It appears that his ATK boost now runs on a special modifier
    • This means he now deals 150% damage whenever his 3rd skill is up
  • His lv95 passive now also boosts his DEF based on how low his hp is
    • 75%HP: 50% Boost
    • 50%HP: 100% Boost
    • 25%HP: 200% Boost (Reduce incoming non-white damage by 50%)

Npc m 3040070000 01.jpg

Beatrix (Dark)

  • CA now also grants an enmity buff to Beatrix similar to that of her swimsuit/halloween version (Lasts 3 turns)
    • aka the Jammed buff (at least 30% boost at 100%HP)
  • Her passive now also boosts her Dodge rate based on how low her hp is


The only one that matters

Npc m 3030111000 01.jpg


  • CA now also gives +50% ATK/DEF (Normal mod) and 2000 Max Heal to the team
    • Lasts 4 turns (including the turn she cooks her fried rice)
  • The CD of her 2nd skill (Team refresh) is now 6 (Down from 9)
  • The CD of her 3rd skill (Team ATK boost) is now 6 (Down from 8)

6 thoughts on “July Balance Patch Notes

  1. Melissabelle
    >Her 2nd passive now also boosts her ATK based on the number of strike her last nuke did (Caps at 10)
    It’s actually based on how many times she used her 2nd and 3rd skills, not on the number of strikes the previous skill did


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