Grindblues: A Slice of Summer Grinding Guide


Summer means going to the beach and smashing watermelons for their succulent juicy innards, so here’s a quick run-down of what to do for A Slice of Summer, the current Granblue Fantasy event running from 0500 9 July 2017 – 2059 14 July 2017.

But first, a quick meta note: thanks to reader feedback, this (and future) Grindblues now contains a section on efficient grinding – so if all you want to know is how to best go about grinding this event, skip on down to Being Efficient.

And please, keep sending in comments and critique – these guides are written for your benefit, so if there’s anything you think I could talk about to help you, let minnow!

SSR Weapons

Wood Sword.png

  • Wood Sword
    • What is it? A Normal Large ATK+ Katana for Earth.
    • Should I farm it? If you don’t have a basic Earth grid (Magna or Primal, doesn’t matter) laid out and are in need of placeholders, then the Wood Sword can serve that purpose. Otherwise, don’t bother – unless you’re in need of Katana stones for Okto’s 5LB.
    • How do I farm it? You can get copies via treasure trade at the event store and as random drops from the event battles.

SSR Summons

  • Custos Citrullus
    • What is it? A watermelon green Spehss Muhreen hatred and rage made manifest Normal ATK summon for Earth (with an additional sprinkling of HP when 3LB).
    • Should I farm it? Nope. You’re never gonna use this as a main or support summon when Vohu Manah exists (40%/50%/60% Elemental ATK at 0/3/4LB, compared to this summon’s 40% Normal ATK), and you’re never gonna use it as a sub summon when the likes of Ifrit and Anat exist (both have equal or better ATK+ call effects, and both are bigger and better stat sticks than Custos Citrullus). That said – it’s a good source of Earth Quartz, so feel free to reduce any copies you get if you’re in need of Earth Quartz (such as for 4LBing Yggdrasil Crystal Blade Omegas or for a GW character 5LB).
    • How do I farm it? You can get copies via treasure trade at the event store and as random drops from the event battles.

Other Treasures

The most important item in the event store are the Damascus Crystals. There are a total of three (3) available; get all of them.

Past that, there’s the usual selection of event SR weapons, half-elixirs, soul berries, Champion and Supreme Merits, and angry rocks Fury Pebbles and Stones. Of these, the half-elixirs are absolutely worth getting (so long as getting them doesn’t cost you more AP than they would return); the rest is really up to you and how willing you are to spend your time and resources on the grind.

Keep in mind, though: the next three events of this month are massive resource sinks, so it might be a good idea to take this event easy and conserve.


Being Efficient

First things first: put event Jin in your party (backline is fine) so you can increase his Loyalty while you do stuff.

Second, host (and clear) every fight at least once for those delicious first-time completion Crystals.

The solo fights are significantly more AP-efficient for gathering treasures, so if you can clear them quickly and without much struggle, you should do them instead of hosting raids.

Ideally, host your full daily allotment of Maniac-difficulty fights, as they give very good loot for the AP cost; do Extreme-difficulty solo battles for treasures, as it yields a significant number of Midsummer Medallions and approximately as many Sea Jewels as the EX raid; and leech provide backup for at least 5 raids every day for the daily mission.

If you’re not capable of clearing the Maniac and EX battles, try your hand at the VH solo battles and spend EP leeching raids: VH (Sunfish) for Sea Jewels, EX (Watermelon) for Mind’s Eye Blindfolds.

If the Nightmare battle pops up, go ahead and try to clear it at least once for the Blue Sky Crystal. After that, it’s matter of how long it takes for you to clear the fight (assuming you can clear it in the first place): if it doesn’t cost you too much time, then continue to do the NM fights as they come up, as they cost no AP to attempt.

Remember that this event is only running for about 5 days (it ends at 2059 JST on 14 July), so you’ll likely need to do a bit of concentrated grinding if you want to empty the event store of its Damascus Crystals and half-elixirs (the store will continue to be open even after the event itself ends, as that’ll be the only way to actually buy out all 20 of the half-elixirs, due to the purchase limit of 2 per day).



  • Host and clear every battle at least once for the completion Crystals.
  • Do your daily Maniacs.
  • Solo battles give better mats-per-AP than raids of equivalent difficulty…
  • …but obviously, if you’re not strong enough to solo, you’ll have to rely on raid leeching.
  • Do the daily mission.
  • Grind copies of the Wood Sword only if you need placeholders on your Earth grid or if you need Katana stones.
  • Grind copies of Custos Citrullus only if you need Earth Quartz.
  • Get the Damascus Crystals.
  • Get the half-elixirs.
  • And don’t forget to put SR Jin somewhere in your party (backline’s fine) while you do stuff so you can grind up his Loyalty and keep him after the event’s over!

Upcoming Event Previews

Headean Watchdog Cerberus and Hellhound Fenrir Showdowns are coming soon (12 July), so if you’re not feeling the summer love but want to power up your Varuna and Hades grids, save your half-elixirs to take these dogs on a walk.

No, seriously. Save your half-elixirs: assuming there aren’t any changes to the Showdown reruns, there will be literally no raid content: all the grind will be solo battles.

As for your soul balms and berries? Xeno Vohu Manah Clash and Rise of the Beasts are later this month, and you can definitely sink a mountain of EP on them if you’re not strong enough to solo your way to victory but still want amazing loot for your grids (and maybe – just maybe – Gold Bricks).

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