News from Granblue Channel #71

This month’s first Granblue Channel has brought us news about the upcoming Ultimate Bahamut raid and more.

Cerberus/Fenrir Showdown

  • A 6th copy of the Cerberus Order and Fimbul will be added to the Shop with the upcoming rerun

Ultimate Bahamut

  • Normal mode
    • Said to be harder than the existing Grand Order raid
    • Rewards: Pure Dragon Weapons
  • Hard mode
    • Said to be much harder than the existing Bahamut HL raid
    • Rewards: Upgrade mats to turn your Pure Dragon Weapons into Omega Weapons
    • You will be able to choose which two weapon skills (of the same element) you want for your Omega weapons from a range of different skills

New Side Story

New Main Quests

  • Chapter 90 to 93 (4 Chapters) will be added later this month
  • The crew will be traveling to a new island with the latest story

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