New 5☆ Character: Hallessena


As announced in Granblue Channel #70, this month’s new final uncappable character is the so-called “Mini-Seox” in Earth: Hallessena.


Upon Final Limit Break…

  • Her CA now also gives ‘High Tension‘ buff to Hallessena
  • High Tension: Hallessena gains +1 Hype level at the end of each turn while under its effect
    • Lasts 3 turns or until she is damaged

Upon reaching Lv 90…

  • Her ‘Downright Crazy’ (1st Passive) now also boost her Damage Cap as turn passes

Upon reaching Lv 95…

  • Her ‘W-Wait!’ (2nd Passive) now reduce the CD of ‘Can’t Catch Me!’ (1st ability) by 2 turns whenever it activates

Upon reaching Lv 100 and clearing her final fate episode…

  • Her ‘You’re Toast!’ (2nd ability) now also gives DATA rate up (Last 5 turns)
  • In addition, the CD of this ability becomes 7 (Down from 8)


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