Grindblues: Cerberus Showdown Grinding Guide


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Summer’s the perfect season for delicious hot dogs, so here’s a quick run-down of what to do for Hadean Watchdog Cerberus Showdown, the current Granblue Fantasy event running from 1700 12 July 2017 – 2059 17 July 2017.

The Cerberus Showdown event primarily features loot for Primal Dark, so if Dark and Hades grids aren’t a concern for you – now or ever – then you can give a majority of this event a pass – though there’s still a few useful things in the event store.

As usual, skip on down to Being Efficient if you don’t care for getting into the specifics of the loot, but just want to get at it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Update: this guide previously erroneously stated that the wvent started at 0500 rather than 1700; thanks for the correction, PetriW on the GBF Subreddit.

Update: this guide previously erroneously stated that Cerberus Orders could drop from Cerberus Maniac; they cannot. Thanks for the correction, CornBreadtm on the GBF Subreddit.

SSR Weapons

Cerberus Order.png

  • Cerberus Order
    • What is it? A Normal Trium (and eventually Normal Small Enmity) gun for Dark.
    • Should I farm it? Do you have or plan on having a Primal Dark grid? If so, holy crap, yes. Hades grids will use up to 3 Cerberus Orders 4LB. Orders are of no use on Magna Dark grids, so they’re not critically important in that case, though of course you’ll want to save any copies that you get just in case you do wind up playing Primal Dark in the future.
    • How do I farm it? The event store has six copies available, for increasing treasure costs, and the Nightmare fights have a small chance to drop Cerberus Orders in flipboxes.
      • The main bottleneck on the store copies will be the Magic Halos, which only drop from the Nightmare fights (1/2/3 depending on fight difficulty – higher difficulties drop more).
      • Further, Cerberus Order’s 4LB requires literally hundreds of event-only treasures (plus some extra things that aren’t restricted to this event):
        • 150 Cerberus Anima (the silver ones),
        • 120 Cerberus Omega Anima (the gold ones),
        • 220 Charon Cookies,
        • 200 Cerberus Ribbons and
        • 30 Magic Halos.
      • This essentially means you will be grinding event battles for days if you’re planning on getting any number of Cerberus Orders 4LB.

Hellward Dagger.png

  • Hellward Dagger
    • What is it? A Normal Large Attack (and eventually Normal Small Double Attack) dagger for Dark.
    • Should I farm it? Not really. While it’s usable for f2p and as a placeholder/filler on Primal Dark grids, Hellward Dagger is outright worse than Gisla 4LB, and generally a purely f2p Hades grid is going to be worse than a Magna Dark Enmity grid. You could keep one around as a placeholder mainhand for Dagger classes, but it’s sorely outclassed by Four-Sky Blade (AKA “GW Dagger”).
    • How do I farm it? Four copies are available in the event store for treasure trade and the EX, Maniac, and Nightmare fights have a small chance to drop Hellward Daggers in flipboxes.
      • If you’re going to try to get 2 or more Cerberus Order 4LB from this event, then you’ll likely wind up with several Hellward Dagger 3LB, so it’s not something to worry about grinding hard for (unless you only want Hellward Daggers and not Cerberus Orders at all, for some strange reason).
      • Hellward Dagger’s 4LB requires (among other, more generally-available materials):
        • 150 Cerberus Anima (the silver ones),
        • 120 Cerberus Omega Anina (the gold ones),
        • 220 Charon Cookies and
        • 200 Cerberus Ribbons.

SSR Summons

  • Cerberus
    • What is it? An Elemental ATK (and eventually Triple Attack) summon for Fire and Dark.
    • Should I farm it? Maybe. Cerberus LV150 is as good a statstick as Diablo 4LB (they have literally identical stats), which means she’s pretty decent if you don’t have stronger filler on your summon grid; additionally, the active call effect is arguably more useful than Diablo’s in some cases (as, after all, if Diablo can’t land its ATK-/DEF- call, then it’s not doing you any good; whereas Cerberus’s small DATA boost is always appreciated). If you’re going hard for Cerberus Orders 4LB, you’ll likely wind up with more than enough copies of Cerberus – in which case you can reduce the spares for Dark Quartz.
    • How do I farm it? Four copies are available in the event store for treasure trade and the EX, Maniac, and Nightmare fights have a small chance to drop Cerberus in flipboxes.
      • Aside from non-event-only materials (e.g. Black Dragon Scales), Cerberus’ 4LB requires:
        • 180 Cerberus Anima (the silver ones),
        • 140 Cerberus Omega Anima (the gold ones),
        • 300 Charon Cookies and
        • 270 Cerberus Ribbons.

Other Treasure

The most important thing to get from the event store are the Half Elixirs – there are 20 in total, at 2 per day, for a trifling amount of treasures.

Beyond that, the store also contains Champion and Supreme Merits as well as a total of 300 CP (in sets of 20×10 CP and 10×10 CP), which can be worth grinding for, if you’re not planning on spending those treasures on Cerberus Orders.

Being Efficient

I hope you remembered what I said last time and saved your half-elixirs, because there are no event raids: all the content for this event is solo-only.

Being efficient at the Showdown grind depends on your goals, time, and resources.

If you’re going to try and get 3 Cerberus Order 4LB, then you probably won’t need to spend treasures on Cerberus or Hellward Dagger copies, as you’ll be getting lots of those from flipboxes that weren’t Cerberus Order.

For maximal efficiency on the path to 3 Cerberus Order 4LB, you will:

  • Do your daily Maniacs – ideally with as much placebo droprate buffs as you can get;
  • Blast through Extreme fights as quickly as possible (or with droprate buffs if you want Hellward Dagger/Cerberus) to proc Nightmare fights – in the worst case, you’ll get 1 NM every 4 EX fights;
  • And farm NM60 with as many droprate buffs as possible (ideally: Kaguya MLB main and support and 9 stacks of Treasure Hunter).
    • “Why not the harder Nightmares?” From what’s been observed, the higher-difficulty Nightmare fights don’t have a significantly better drop rate on Cerberus Orders and they generally take more time and effort to do, so you’re usually less efficient doing NM100/120 instead of NM60 (moreso if you can clear NM60 with lots of droprate boosts and can’t for NM100/120).
    • It’s also additionally not particularly efficient to farm Nightmare LV100/120 fights for Magic Halos if you’re going for 3 Cerberus Order 4LB, as you’ll likely farm more than enough Nightmare LV60 as you fish for Cerberus Order flips.

In the course of doing this you will likely wind up with multiple Hellward Dagger 3LB, Cerberus, and – if RNGesus has forsaken you in particular – an excess of Magic Halos. Since none of this event’s battles are raids, you’ll be spending lots and lots and lots of AP if you’re going hard for Cerberus Orders.

If you’ve instead settled for going for just 1 Cerberus Order 4LB for this event (probably because the grind looks intimidating and possibly lethal and you’d rather settle for 1 Cerberus Order 4LB + 2 Cortana on your Hades grid), and you have not already purchased copies from the store, then you instead do want to do the hardest difficulty of Nightmare fights that you can, to speed up the Magic Halo grind (which is what you will be gated by) – but other than that, the basic grind stays the same: do your daily Maniacs, then grind Extreme fights to proc Nightmare fights (and do the hardest difficulty of Nightmare fight you can clear). If you’ve already emptied the event store and still need more copies… your only recourse is relying on Nightmare flips, so refer to the previous several paragraphs.

Finally, if you don’t want to farm for Cerberus Orders at all then why the heck are you here you can just punch your daily Maniacs and grind Extremes and the easiest difficulty of Nightmare for copies of Hellward Dagger and Cerberus (and for treasures to trade for the store copies if they’re still available for you).


Drop estimates on

  • If you’re working on a Hades grid and don’t already have three Cerberus Order 4LB, you want to get them.
    • Get copies from the store, or get flips from Nightmare fights.
    • The most (time-)efficient way to farm for non-store Cerberus Orders is to clear NM60 as fast as possible with as much droprate boosts as possible.
    • Do your daily Maniacs, as you’re guaranteed a Nightmare fight after every Maniac.
    • You’re guaranteed a Nightmare fight after every 4 Extreme fights, as well.
    • There’s no real way to be resource-efficient if you’re out of store copies.
      • If you aren’t out of store copies, and only want to get store copies, then instead do the hardest difficulty Nightmare battles to quickly gather Magic Halos.
    • Don’t forget: for every Cerberus Order you want to 4LB, you’ll need
      • 150 Cerberus Anima (the silver ones),
      • 120 Cerberus Omega Anima (the gold ones),
      • 220 Charon Cookies,
      • 200 Cerberus Ribbons and
      • 30 Magic Halos.
      • (You’ll also need a few other things e.g. Dark Whorls, but they’re not event-specific.)
  • If you’re trying to build an f2p Hades grid (why), then you’ll likely want several Hellward Dagger 4LBs as grid filler.
    • If you’re working on getting 2+ Cerberus Orders, you’ll likely get several Hellward Dagger 3LB in the process, so it’s simply a matter of making sure you have enough treasures for 4LB (and luckily, you won’t need Magic Halos for Hellward Daggers).
  • Farm Cerberus if you want a solid f2p statstick.
  • Don’t forget to buy your daily 2 Half Elixirs (20 in total).

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