Grindblues: Fenrir Showdown Grinding Guide

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I hope you like icy wolves, because here’s a quick run-down of what to do for Hellhound Fenrir Showdown, the current Granblue Fantasy event running from 1700 12 July 2017 – 2059 17 July 2017.

The Fenrir Showdown event primarily features loot for Primal Water, so if Water isn’t a concern for you – now or ever – then don’t worry your pretty little head about the majority of the grind – you’re probably just here for a few of the miscellaneous things available in the event store.

If you don’t really care to know what to grind, but how to grind efficiently, skip on down to the section on Being Efficient.

Update: this guide previously erroneously stated that the event started at 0500 rather than 1700; thanks for the correction, PetriW on the GBF Subreddit.

Update: this guide previously erroneously stated that there were 5 Fimbul copies in the event store and that they dropped in Fenrir Maniac; there are actually 6 copies, and they do not drop in the Maniac difficulty fight. Thanks for the correction, kkrko and CornBreadtm on the GBF Subreddit.

SSR Weapons

  • Fimbul
    • What is it? A Normal Stamina (and eventually Normal Small HP) bow for Water.
    • Should I farm it? Do you have or plan on having a Primal Water grid? If so, holy crap, yes. Primal Water mains definitely want at least one Fimbul 4LB, and possibly 2-3 depending grid layouts. Certainly Varunalords have devalued Fimbuls ever since The Great Nerf of 2016 (and even further now that Murgleis 4LB is a thing that exists), but it’s still essentially a unique ATK+ multiplier on grid (because, think about it – how many other Normal Stamina weapons do you have on your grid?), and it’s not gacha-limited. If your Water grid is built around Magna weapons and the Leviathan Magna summon, then the only time you’re using a Fimbul is if you’re literally stapled to 100% HP and never dipping (so it has some niche use in Strike Time wanpan setups, in the same way Perseus do for Earth).
    • How do I farm it? The event store has six copies available, for increasing treasure costs, and the Nightmare fights have a small chance to drop Fimbuls in flipboxes.
      • The main bottleneck on the store copies will be the Crescent Cuffs, which only drop from the Nightmare fights (1/2/3 depending on fight difficulty – higher difficulties drop more).
      • Further, Fimbul’s 4LB requires:
        • 150 Fenrir Anima (the silver ones),
        • 120 Fenrir Omega Anima (the gold ones),
        • 220 White Flakes,
        • 200 Winter Night Bells and
        • 30 Crescent Cuffs.
        • (Plus a few other things – such as Bow Stones – that aren’t restricted to this event only.)
      • This essentially means you will be grinding event battles for days if you’re planning on getting any number of Fimbuls 4LB.


  • Gleipnir
    • What is it? A Normal Large Double Attack (and eventually Normal Small ATK) ax for Water.
    • Should I farm it? Maybe. If you have, or are planning on having a Varuna grid and aren’t willing to drop a large sum of cash on getting several Murgleis 4LB, Gleipnir 4LB is used as filler.
    • How do I farm it? Four copies are available in the event store for treasure trade and the EX, Maniac, and Nightmare fights have a small chance to drop Gleipnirs in flipboxes.
      • If you’re going to try to get 2 or more Fimbul 4LB from this event, then you’ll likely wind up with several Gleipnir 3LB, so it’s not something to worry about grinding hard for (unless you only want Gleipnirs and not Fimbuls at all).
      • Gleipnir’s 4LB requires (other than the more generally-available materials e.g. True Water Anima):
        • 150 Fenrir Anima (the silver ones),
        • 120 Fenrir Omega Anima (the gold ones),
        • 220 White Flakes and
        • 200 Winter Night Bells.

SSR Summons

  • Fenrir
    • What is it? A Normal ATK and boost to meter gain summon for Water.
    • Should I farm it? Maybe. Fenrir LV150 is a marginally better statstick than Ifrit LV100 (55 more ATK and 132 more HP), but Ifrit LV150 is better; that said, she’s still useful if, say, you need sub summons for Bonito and don’t want to lose Ifrit’s ATK+15% call effect. And finally, Fenrirs are good sources of Water Quartz.
    • How do I farm it? Four copies are available in the event store for treasure trade and the EX, Maniac, and Nightmare fights have a small chance to drop Fenrirs in flipboxes.
      • Fenrir’s 4LB requires the following materials (aside from generally-available things):
        • 180 Fenrir Anima (the silver ones),
        • 140 Fenrir Omega Anima (the gold ones),
        • 300 White Flakes and
        • 270 Winter Night Bells.

Other Treasure

The most important thing to get from the event store are the Half Elixirs – there are 20 in total, at 2 per day, for a trifling amount of treasures.

Beyond that, the store also contains Champion and Supreme Merits as well as a total of 300 CP (in sets of 20×10 CP and 10×10 CP), which can be worth grinding for, if you’re not planning on spending those treasures on Fimbuls.

Being Efficient

I hope you remembered what I said last time and saved your half-elixirs, because there are no event raids: all the content for this event is solo-only.

Being efficient at the Showdown grind depends on your goals, time, and resources.

If you’re going to try and get 2+ Fimbul 4LB, then you probably won’t need to spend treasures on Fenrir or Gleipnir copies, as you’ll be getting lots of those from flipboxes that weren’t Fimbuls.

For maximal efficiency on the path to 2+ Fimbul 4LB, you will:

  • Do your daily Maniacs – ideally with as much placebo droprate buffs as you can get;
  • Blast through Extreme fights as quickly as possible (or with droprate buffs if you want Gleipnirs/Fenrirs) to proc Nightmare fights – in the worst case, you’ll get 1 NM every 4 EX fights;
  • And farm NM60 with as many droprate buffs as possible (ideally: Kaguya MLB main and support and 9 stacks of Treasure Hunter).
    • “Why not the harder Nightmares?” From what’s been observed, the higher-difficulty Nightmare fights don’t have a significantly better drop rate on Fimbuls and they generally take more time and effort to do, so you’re usually less efficient doing NM100/120 instead of NM60 (moreso if you can clear NM60 with lots of droprate boosts and can’t for NM100/120).
    • It’s also additionally not particularly efficient to farm Nightmare LV100/120 fights for Crescent Cuffs if you’re going for 2+ Fimbul 4LB, as you’ll likely farm more than enough Nightmare LV60 as you fish for Fimbul flips.

In the course of doing this you will likely wind up with multiple Gleipnir 3LB, Fenrirs, and – if RNGesus has forsaken you in particular – an excess of Crescent Cuffs. Since none of this event’s battles are raids, you’ll be spending lots and lots and lots of AP if you’re going hard for Fimbuls.

If you’ve instead settled for going for just 1 Fimbul 4LB for this event (whether because your ideal grid composition only wants one, or because the grind looks intimidating and possibly lethal), and you have not already purchased copies from the store, then you instead do want to do the hardest difficulty of Nightmare fights that you can, to speed up the Crescent Cuff grind (which is what you will be gated by) – but other than that, the basic grind stays the same: do your daily Maniacs, then grind Extreme fights to proc Nightmare fights (and do the hardest difficulty of Nightmare fight you can clear). If you’ve already emptied the event store and still need more copies… your only recourse is relying on Nightmare flips, so refer to the previous several paragraphs.

If you don’t want to farm for Fimbuls at all then why the heck are you here you can just punch your daily Maniacs and grind Extremes and the easiest difficulty of Nightmare for copies of Gleipnir and Fenrir (and for treasures to trade for the store copies if they’re still available for you).

Finally, if you’re not interested in getting any of the SSR items from this event, then really all you want to do is your daily Maniacs and/or the hardest-difficulty battles you can to get enough treasures to trade for the loot you do care about – likely, the half-elixirs and merits.


Drop estimates on

  • If you’re working on a Varuna grid and don’t already have at least one Fimbul 4LB, you want to get one.
    • Get copies from the store, or get flips from Nightmare fights.
    • The most (time-)efficient way to farm for non-store Fimbuls is to clear NM60 as fast as possible with as much droprate boosts as possible.
    • Do your daily Maniacs, as you’re guaranteed a Nightmare fight after every Maniac.
    • You’re guaranteed a Nightmare fight after every 4 Extreme fights, as well.
    • There’s no real way to be resource-efficient if you’re out of store copies.
      • If you aren’t out of store copies, and only want to get store copies, then instead do the hardest difficulty Nightmare battles to quickly gather Crescent Cuffs.
    • Don’t forget: for every Fimbul you want to 4LB, you’ll need
      • 150 Fenrir Anima (the silver ones),
      • 120 Fenrir Omega Anima (the gold ones),
      • 220 White Flakes,
      • 200 Winter Night Bells and
      • 30 Crescent Cuffs.
      • (You’ll also need a few other things e.g. Bow Stones but they’re not event-specific.)
  • If you’re trying to build an f2p Varuna grid, then you’ll likely want several Gleipnir 4LB as grid filler.
    • If you’re working on getting 2+ Fimbuls, you’ll likely get several Gleipnir 3LB in the process, so it’s simply a matter of making sure you have enough treasures for 4LB (and luckily, you won’t need Crescent Cuffs for Gleipnirs).
  • Farm Fenrirs if you like tsuntsun wolf girls Water Quartz or want a decent sub summon call and need to qualify for Bonito.
  • Don’t forget to buy your daily 2 Half Elixirs (20 in total).


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