New Character: Korwa (Swimsuit Version)


Instead of a Surprise Ticket, Cygames has dropped a bigger surprise today by releasing the long-anticipated Swimsuit Korwa.

(SS Katalina, Jin and Walder will also be getting a rate up with this gacha update)


Korwa (Swimsuit Version)

Element: Wind

Race: Erune
Role: Special


  • Courbe d’ete: Gives special buff (ATK + DA Up) to one party member
    • Duration = 4T / Cooldown = 3T
    • Consumes 1 Fil
    • Only works on Wind-type characters
    • Lv55 Upgrade: Reduced CD
  • Rafraîchissant Viscos: Gives special buff (DEF + Chance to reduce incoming damage) to all party members
    • Duration = 6T / Cooldown = 4T
    • Consumes 4 Fil
    • Only works on Wind-type characters
    • Lv75 Upgrade: Reduced CD
  • Modéle ete: Stops auto-attack / Gains 2 Fils + 20% meter at the end of each turn
    • Hit to self DEF (-30%) as long as this stance is active
    • Korwa can still use her Charge Attack in this stance
    • Lasts until canceled
    • Cooldown = 3T

Charge Attack

  • Blanche Fil: Enhance the effect of all Korwa’s buffs on the party and extend their duration
    • Consumes ALL Fil
  • At 10 Fils (Assuming 3* Uncapped)
    • Courbe d’ete gives +300% ATK (normal mod) and +60% DA
    • Rafraîchissant Viscos gives +50% DEF (~Reduce incoming damage by 20-30%) + 30% Chance to reduce incoming damage by 50%


  • Fil: Recovers 1 Fil at the end of each turn (Max = 10 stack)
    • Korwa enters the battle with 2 stack
  • Latest Fashion Reveal: Lower ATK (-20%) but less likely to be targeted by foe
    • Around 15% chance to be targeted in a normal 4-man party

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