SSR Carbuncle Weapons are Now Available

Today’s update has finally bought us a new tier of weapons. Unlike the last Athena-tier weapons in which only 3-4 weapons were useful, these 6 new weapons all come with powerful and potentially game-changing weapon skills.

The new weapons are available for 3200 gold pendants or can be exchanged with 100 SSR Carbuncle Animas, or can be looted directly from their respective raid.

Fire of Prometheus


Keeper of Hallowed Ground


All-Might Spear


Le Fay


Bow of Iliad




New Rose Queen Weapons


The new update has also added 4 new RQ weapons to the shop (with the same price tag). They all come with an UNK/EX version of Majesty (Mid) (HP + ATK) and a second skill that lessens the weak point damage taken by the characters of that element (Different from the older RQ weapons).

It seems that these weapons aim to improve the team’s survivability against Null-type enemy. They might come in handy in the upcoming Ultimate Bahamut raid.

One thought on “SSR Carbuncle Weapons are Now Available

  1. Feel like these kind of new weapon soon will become new meta weapon
    Hopefully can have any guideline to fight these kind of raid


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