Summary Of Summer Stream 2017

This year our beloved (and hated) producer from Granblue Fantasy KMR has blessed us with new info about the future of the game and free gifts from the summer stream. Starting off by restoring the big failed HRT’s legacy from last year.

Arcarum: The World Beyond


• There’s no info anything about it other than returning soon and will be Solo Content and Dungeon-exploring based. 

Xeno Sagittarius

Xeno Sagi

• Arriving on 8/24 – 8/30
• Xeno Sagittarius weapon will be a Spear

August Grand Series FLB weapon


• To be released by end of August

New Side Stories
side 1side 2

• The Cowardly Hero and the Captive Princess (First Aliza/Stan Event)  : 8/2017
• Four Knights of a Fallen Land (First Four Knights Event) : 9/2017



• Solo Co-op mode to be available soon
• New Ex Co-op stages
• Final upgrade stage for class weapons


touken ranbuCCS

  • Touken Ranbu collab : 9/2017
  • Cardcaptor Sakura collab : 10/2017

New EX Jobs


• Dancer : Coming in september
• Mechanic : will be release later this year
• There also will be new Ex II job tier

New quality of life changes

• More active guild supports at the same time
• More pendants for helping out guildmate’s raids
• More parties
• AP/BP adjustements for certain battles
• Some QoL thing for item gathering

Outfit and character

bd vol 6bd vol 7

• New voiced Gran/Djeeta outfit when buying GBF anime BD/DVD


• Nina SSR when buying Virgin Soul BD/DVD


• Socie + Yuel character song

Sierro’s VA happened to beat the challenge during the stream and grants us 3 additional Chev swords! (Probably on the shop?)

That’s all the info about the summer stream. Have fun playing the game!

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