Ultimate Bahamut Hard guide


IMPORTANT NOTE : I was tired of wordpress to edit my UBHL guide, so here is the Google Sheets version : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KCM0ior5oK0GoU5_DLRx-LWHCXl6ZjPCREOvlz0GjE8/edit?usp=sharing I’ll mostly only update this version from now on, so please refer to it.

Ultra Bahamut Hard is the new end-game content promised by KMR, promised to be “challenging and reserved to Elite players”. While the rewards aren’t necessarily gamebreaking (although Ultima weapons are pretty strong in the right conditions), and while it’s arguable that it’s worth spending that much effort to itemize on such a raid, it’s still a very interesting experience as it forces players to actually think about how they play. Coordination, planning and knowledge about the raid are crucial if you wish to clear the fight.

I’ll try to give a rundown about the raid, the requirements, and what element you can/should bring, but it can be summarized to:

  • You need high HP. 25k (MC) / 20k (rest of the team) is the bare minimum if you don’t want to get one or two shot by UBH autos, or its multiple triggers. 30k+ HP makes it much more comfortable. Fortunately, the newly released defensive Rose Queen weapons help in that regard.
  • You need sustain as the raid is only 6-man, and that there won’t be more than 2 or 3 sages casting heals, and by themselves they aren’t sufficient to heal all the damage you’ll take. That means that characters with strong heals and damage cuts are a must have in there.
  • 5* GW characters are often core for any team in this fight, so if you haven’t farmed one yet, it might be a good idea to do so.
  • Not everyone has to go DPS. Even though there is the (in)famous dps check from 50% to 30%, the use of Typhons / Fear will greatly help, and even without having god / whale grids level, you should be able to do fine. Surviving is much more important than dealing damage, and if you can’t do both at the same time you should prioritize the former.
  • Light and Water are the go-to elements in this raid, but it doesn’t mean other elements can’t perform well either. They both have the potential to have high HP while dealing good damage, and have the perfect mix between defense and offense in their characters. Earth, Dark, Wind and Fire can all manage in this raid, but the high HP requirement will often force the players to farm HP weapons, and they don’t have as many defensive characters forcing you to be extra careful most of the time.
  • And finally, probably the most important, you don’t need to be a whale to take part and succeed in this raid. You can do fine even as a F2P, but this will require you to have more specialized characters and grids, although there isn’t any “must-have for UBH HL” character that is limited, so it’s always achievable with a few tickets. Likewise for the summons, having a few Thor and Typhon in the team is important, but thankfully they can be ticketed.

Why should I bother with this raid?

  • You want to feel a sense of achievement after beating the most difficult content in the game.
  • You’re looking for the thrill of a raid where any mistake could mean the end of the fight for you and your allies.
  • You’re actually looking for a raid where coordination with your teammates and careful planning is more important than mashing your refresh and auto-attack button.
  • You’re looking for a raid where everyone must pull their weight and where one person won’t be able to carry the five others to succeed.
  • You want to use utility based characters that usually don’t get the spotlight in other content.
  • You want to feel superior to other players with your 8 Chev swords + Cosmos grid that you spent several years to build.
  • You want a second Atma weapon.
  • You want Ultima weapons as a main hand for a certain element.
  • The raid has a very high Damascus grain flip rate (At least 10% chance) Nope it got nerfed ’cause we can’t have good things…
  • It’s the only raid in the game that can drop a gold bar as a flip chest. Note that TH and the usual drop rate boosts will not increase your chance for a bar (it’s in a guaranteed chest). Drop rate is estimated to be around 1.0-1.5% for host chest and 0.2% for flip chest. MVP red chests cannot wield a gold bar.
  • The music is orgasmic, and you get a special passage at the end of the raid that isn’t included in the regular UBH BGM.

Party overview


ubaha party

The commonly used party are either 4 Spartas + 2 Sages or 3 Spartas+ 3 Sages. It’s really not a good idea to bring anything else than those two classes in the fight as mitigation and sustain are the most important things to bring for this raid. Sages will most of the time use a Nirvana (or a possible Gae Bolg for whales), while Spartas will use a mix between Spears and GW swords.

While there is no level requirement other than being more than 130, it is extremely important that your team gets as much HP as possible, and as a result getting the HP team mastery is pretty mandatory, as such I wouldn’t recommend anyone under 155 to participate in the raid unless they have specific grids with a lot of HP boost to compensate (and that doesn’t sacrifice too much damage)

It is extremely recommended that you get a good source of sustain from one of your characters (other than your MC), ideally a strong healer that can also have other function in the team (buffer, debuffer). Nukes are very important in this raid as well as they allow you to push through triggers safely, and they will often account for a major part of your dps as it’s not really possible to rush autos on this fight. Having a FLB Lucifer can help quite a lot in terms of raid healing, especially since you can cross them.

Cuts and full cuts are extremely useful as they are a few triggers that can still damage you quite heavily or even kill your characters through Phalanx alone. Using Athena, GW Sword (for its 30% cut ougi), carbuncles (dark and fire mainly) and Taunt + Dodge combo, reflects are all valid options to reach 100% cut. It’s also always a good idea to bring one more character that can offer you a phalanx so that you can still take turns safely without wasting a raid phalanx.

You will need a few Typhons to pass the DPS check, the alternative being to bring Fear. Even if you do have Fear, try to have a few Typhons available (two is a minimum, and you can always try to bring more if the dps in your party is lacking) because Fear can always miss. Make sure to find a way to coordinate with your raidmates to cross summon those properly.

Having a few Thors is about as important as having Typhons, since it’s not likely your setup will have someone with Miserable Mist at the start, and since its debuff resist down is extremely precious toward the end of the fight where it’s extremely difficult to land debuffs. Having a Thor remaining for the last spurt can make the difference between a successful and failed run.

Ex and Zenith Skills

zenith ubaha

  • Resurrection (both): No matter what class you play, you’ll nearly always want to use this skill, as it is extremely likely one of your character will die during the run, and resurrecting them will secure you always having a full party until the near end.
  • Clarity (both): Not everyone needs to bring it, but raid clarity is still pretty important as there are a few annoying debuffs (Zombie, Strong Armed) that can really prevent you to sustain, and it can also allow to clear the Reginleiv trigger mark debuff. Make sure you’re taking the raid clarity as Sage, and not the Zenith one.
  • DT3 (both): Only for players who don’t use either Nirvana or GW sword and use a spear instead. More than two casters is rarely needed.
  • Dispel (both): All players that don’t have a dispel with their lineup should try to bring one (Summons don’t count as you need it to dispel when the no-summon debuff is active), it becomes crucial to have it in the later phases of the fight when UBH gets a self buff that grants him white damage echoes. Sages should use Dispel Deluge so it frees up their other slots.
  • Cover/Substitute (Sparta mainly): Not exactly mandatory, but if you don’t have any full cut available it can do the trick, as it provides your MC with an additional cut that will reduce damage to 0 and make him tank so long as the ougi is a multihit (which is often the case for triggers). It’s a bit lacking in raid utility though, so only use if you have no other choice.
  • Centurion (Sparta): A decent choice, can help you to protect a key character of your front line, or to protect a low HP character you don’t want to die yet. It’s still a one-hit immunity though, and most UBHL triggers will be multi-hits.
  • Hardened Shield (Sparta): Not extremely useful, but not completely useless either, it can allow you to ease up things during phases where Baha isn’t immune to slows. However, in the later phases it is pretty unlikely you’ll manage to even land the slow, and the def down penalty can be pretty dangerous.
  • Veil (Sage only): Don’t take it. There’s very rarely any debuff worth veiling, and most of the time clear should be enough. Just bring Dispel deluge as a sage.
  • Pilfer (Sage only): I know that people are going to ask me: “But it’s a Superstar / Elysian skill??”. In most circumstances, pilfer is indeed pretty worthless on a Sage. However, there is one case where this can become useful: if you happen to own the Fonic Rod from the Tales collab, as it is a staff that also has harp properties. Though I would only advise to use that if your team has no Thor at all.


summon ubaha

  • Typhon is a must have in your raid for reasons mentioned above. At least 2 in the whole raid should make it safe enough to pass the DPS check even with average dps. If you have several copies of this summon, don’t uncap them with each other.
  • Thor as well for reasons explained above. 3 is generally a good amount, but 2 can work as well. Likewise, if you have several copies, don’t use them to uncap, although it is less crucial than for Typhon.
  • Athena is a must have for anyone who doesn’t have a way to manage a full cut otherwise / doesn’t have a taunt + dodge.
  • A Dark Buncle will be necessary if you have at least a taunt + dodge but no Athena or similar cut, as there is one Skyfall trigger that you will need to full cut.
  • Both Fire Buncle and Dark Buncle will be required if you have no taunt + dodge AND no Athena. You’ll also have to play extra carefully as you’ll have less room for error than other players (Both Ca’ong and Nezha can be used as a substitute for the fire buncle for more stats)
  • Europa which has been newly released is also a great summon to have, especially if you don’t have/use Sophia.
  • Lucifer FLB is very nice to have as it can tremendously increase the healing output of the raid. If you yourself own a FLB Lucifer and happen to play Light, consider equipping a chev main summon, slot your lucifer as a sub and use a friend lucifer as well so you get twice the heals.
  • Bahamut FLB is good to have for your overall dps, in particular for chain bursts as it is not extremely likely you’ll reach ougi cap without it. Can be particularly useful during the DPS check.
  • MLB Qilin can be extrmely useful to reset skills and get more damage going, especially for nuke heavy teams (like water). Can be a great help during the dps check or the last 15%.
  • MLB Huanlong is also very good to have, especially with teams that can abuse ougi damage (like earth)
  • Bell Ringer is extremely useful as well there, as it is extremely likely that your ward will get broken and it allow you to get back the cooldown on an important summon like Athena or Lucifer.
  • Garuda has an okay utility and can be useful to dodge or mitigate one or two dangerous triggers / hard hitting single autos, but most of the time it’s not worth the slot unless you have it as 4* already.
  • Macula for break lock is not very useful since UBH often resets his break bar (and doesn’t have break phase anymore at some point anyway). You can use it during the pre 50% break in order to get a break lock that will last a few turns into the DPS check.
  • Baal can serve as a lesser clarity especially if you cross it, so it’s always good to have, but it’s mostly useless after 15% when it’s likely you’ll need it.
  • Apollo isn’t extremely useful as Veil isn’t that valuable, still a decent stats stick.

(Please keep in mind that the after mentioned grids are only suggestions, and are not the one true builds you should aim for no matter what. As usual, try to balance your grid depending on what character, summons and job you’re going to bring).

Light teams

Light parties role is pretty versatile, thanks to their great amount of HP they naturally get thanks to Chev Swords. They also have a wide range of characters that can assume many functions in the team: heals, damage cuts, debuffs, damage, buffs, nukes… As a result Light teams will have no preference between Sage and Sparta, and can assume any type of role among the team, be it Damage carry with Gae Bolg, more supportive with Juliet + Song 5*, or even healing focused with Nirvana.

Grid example

light ubaha2

The grid assumes a Chev x Luci setup. The reasoning behind the grid isn’t really difficult to understand, as many chev swords as you can get makes you pretty tanky and allows you to keep a very good damage output. A BAL cosmos sword is always a good idea as there’s a high chance you’ll bring a few BAL characters. Try to have at least 3-4 swords minimum if you want to tackle UBH HL with light. The less swords you have, the more likely you’ll have to play with more defensive characters.

Main hands often used will be the Huanlong Spear as its raid wise ougi effect that increases ougi gain rate is pretty good to have; Nirvana for sages, or the usual GW Sword for Spartas.

Core characters


5* Song is simply a must have in UBH Hard. Her signature paralyze cannot be used during certain phases (and will only land once in general), but she can allow you to completely ignore one of the more annoying phase of UBH where he auto attacks you with AoE. After that, she remains the strongest light buffer through her ougi as the crit buff will still work, and you will not be restricted by paralyze procs like in Baha HL. Her nukes are extremely powerful and useful as well, and her extend can just be used as an additional nuke to push through the dangerous phases. Even when UBH is immune to paralyze, her Depravity can allow you to lower his debuff resistance to prepare the field for other debuffers. Her dodge even gives her additional survivability against triggers! A must have for any light party.

Defensive characters

Baotorda is your walking phalanx, allowing you to get an additional damage cut for yourself. Extremely useful when you need to tank an ougi or push through a trigger to get your phalanx back for the raid on the next turn. He will also tank the majority of your triggers with his Aggro + Def up on his Bulwark stance, and his unchallenged buff on his nuke makes him very likely to survive in most cases.

Shirou / Nicholas is a rather surprisingly great SR character that can do most of the needed defensive work, as his Taunt + Dodge allows him to dodge and tank for the team more than half of the really dangerous triggers. His damage remains okay thanks to his BAL typing and crit bonuses. And if you happen to be an old enough player who played through the Robomi event, it’s a free unit you can slot without second thoughts since he has unparalleled usefulness in this raid.


Sophia will provide you a resurrection, as well as a full heal whenever a character reaches red HP. The super heal is pretty useful for high HP pools as it can heal more than a sage would on a single character. The clarity is plenty useful so that you can keep your raid clarity when a teammate needs it.

Io is probably the best healer you can get for light (after Funf), being able to reach up to 8k heals on the team + refresh after her ougi, and unlike other healers her damage will remain pretty high thanks to her nuke and her BAL typing. Her stamina buff will have full effect most of the time as you’ll most likely often be over 50% HP, but the cap up effect is mainly useless so you can work with only 2 Vortex stacks on her (although it will reduce her healing power). Be also careful with dispels triggers as they will remove your vortex stacks.

Regular DLF is probably the worst healer, but she also grants the most utility overall. Her heal can still give around 800-900 HP per turn to your team if you get her heal up and heal cap up EMP, and the light def down can be useful if ever your raid doesn’t have Juliet or if her debuff missed. But the interesting part is her team mirror image on ougi, as it can allow you to dodge quite a few auto attacks and a few hits from triggers, saving HP on your characters.

Swimsuit DLF has a good low CD mono target heal that can be pretty useful when only one character loses HP. Her blind will most of the time not proc, but it can always serve as a nuke. Her reflect can allow your team to block quite a few AoE triggers, and mitigate damage against multi hits one, although it’s not enough to block the more dangerous multi hits ougis from UBH. Still pretty good to prevent your team to lose HP needlessly.

Funf has quite the spammable and powerful heal, and an interesting auto revive, but unfortunately UBH very often dispels your buffs, which makes the auto revive somehow less useful. Her 5* version is still very good as her full resurrection can allow you to get your whole team back after eating an untimely / unphalanxed trigger. The dispel on her ougi can also be precious as light doesn’t have any other good dispeller, especially for the last 15% of the fight.

Charlotta makes green potions, and also boosts the efficiency of your own potions, which is enough to make her an extremely good healer in this fight. Most runs will last between 40 and 50 turns, which leaves you generally the time to make between 6 and 8 green pots. Considering that pots are the only type of heals that regenerate percent HP, it’s definitely a good idea to bring Charlotta in the party if you lack another good sustainer. Also her sword proficiency is always good to have!

Utility Characters


Juliet’s role is pretty simple: cast her light def down on the boss. It’s extremely important as she has a high elemental def down debuff value in Light, and since UBaha becomes immune to regular def down for half of the fight. Other than that she’s still a Gorilla that tanks well and hits hard, the lack of good multi attack buffs in general might be annoying however.

Visa-chan can also be very useful if you happen to have her, her nuke with aggro up coupled with mirror image can allow her to tank triggers for the team, her stackable debuffs are all useful as they will always work against UBH, and her field effect can allow your whole raid to get some crucial increased DPS during the Damage per turn check phase (the enemy doesn’t attack during this phase other than for triggers)

Light Clarisse is the “High risk, high reward” version of Juliet. While she is much more susceptible to dying because of her low innate def, she brings more utility with a 25% light def down and a dispel. She will also hit harder thanks to her impressive ougi cap + ougi damage boost, however the hostility up boost coming with the skill makes it mandatory to use a taunt / full cut on the turn where she uses the skill.


Lucio is still your usual powerhouse, with his nuke hitting extremely hard and he can probably net you a lot more dps overall simply for that. The shield remains useful to soak a bit of damage. However, don’t expect his DA/TA passive to be able to stack as he will often get hit.

Albert is a good attacker choice, his sword proficiency giving him extra stats, and he’s able to make full use of his x4 crit EMP nodes. The delay is also useful whenever UBH isn’t immune to it, allowing you to take more turns without having to tank an ougi.

Amira is mainly here for her DA/TA + charge buff, but it’s enough a reason to justify her spot as she will boost a lot your damage per turn output in an environment where taking turns is limited. Against such a high def enemy, chain bursts are much more important than in other raids, so being able to get them more frequently is simply great.

Seruel is a very good pick as well, despite his veil not being extremely useful he provides a team crit buff on ougi that stacks with Song, as well as various nukes to help push through triggers. His meter boost is also great to get chain bursts more often. His self buffs can get dispelled by UBHL triggers however.

Water teams

There are a few things to consider when bringing water in UBHL. The first thing is that it’s much better for both your damage and your survival that you use Varuna (and preferably double Varuna). Magna can replicate a similar build with Auberons and double Levi, but your damage won’t come near as close to Varuna. The second thing is that you need 5* GW characters. And ideally, you’ll need both (if you really want to pick one in priority, you’ll want Uno 5* first).

Once you’ve cleared those two hurdles, you get one of the most powerful element in UBHL, that gathers both an extremely great defense and extremely great offense. Nukes, Assassin, Counter, Multi-attacks buff, Shields and cuts, unique debuffs… All of this makes water not only safe, but also self-reliant, which in return allows you to play less selfishly and keep your key cooldowns to help your raidmates when the situation asks for it. The only thing water might be lacking is strong sustain like what light has, but then again Sages in the raid will heal you. Water players will prefer to play Sparta as the presence of Uno allows them to keep their own phalanx at the disposition of the other players, but also thanks to FLB Murgleis which, coupled with phalanx, allows you to reach a full cut on ougi. But playing sage is definitely also possible, and can allow you to compensate any lack of sustain.

Grid example

Note that the magna grid assumes Levi x Europa (or Macula) setup so that your damage remain decent, while the Varuna grid assumes a Varuna x Varuna setup. You can forgo an auberon in the magna grid and use another Baha weapon if you wish.

Since UBHL has a tendency to chunk down your HP pretty quickly, you’ll want only 2 Fimbuls at most in the grid. Auberons are really good weapons thanks to their Majesty skill, and the crit part is not wasted, so feel free to slot as many as you can find. Murgleis is a good MH, and the Trium part is good in a raid where you can’t play Elysian or Dagger classes. The RQ unknown is good to have if you want a little more, HP, and the resistance against earth attacks can be pretty useful during the phases where UBHL auto attacks can be of multiple colors. Finally, the Cocytus spear shouldn’t be neglected as it can bring to you 70% HP in a double Varuna Setup (and can be used as a mainhand for both class should you happen to not have Nirvana or a FLB Murgleis).

Core Characters

Uno 5* is, without surprise, a must have in UBHL. His full cut does wonder in this raid where every single thing can kill you or at least hurt you a lot. His anytime assassin is great and has no limitation, and the fact that it works on his nuke and counter allows him to deal extremely high damage. His shield on ougi can allow your team to soak a pretty good amount of damage, and his ultimate just makes him great to deal with the hard hitting AoE attacks during the last percents of the fight.

Quatre 5* doesn’t have as much defensive power, but he will serve as the main DA/TA buffer of your team, which is definitely handy since chances are you won’t be getting any other DA/TA buff than him. His delay can be handy at the start of the fight, and extending buncles or Uno buffs can also be a lifesaver. But the important part of his kit are his nukes, as they allow Quatre to push safely through triggers and to overall deal very good damage against UBHL. The dispel on his gravity is very important toward the end of the fight as well as it will prevent the boss to hit you with your worst enemy, which is white damage. The various debuffs you can get from his first nuke are really good to, with Corrosion (debuff resistance down) and Forfeit being the most sought after, but it’s not unheard of Quatre hitting his paralyze at the very start or at the 20% hp mark.

Defensive Characters

Charlotta is always relevant is this kind of content thanks to her 50% damage cut. Her nukes aren’t too bad either, and the def down can be handy during the early phases of the fight.

Yngwie sounds pretty good on paper thanks to his high aggro + high def, but in practice the conditions are not ideal to sustain his tough guy form during the fight, and even then he requires you to have some good timing if you want to use his aggro up to redirect damage or dangerous triggers on him. And even then, it’s still up to RNG to know if he will effectively be targeted.

Katalina is a bit of an odd one. She doesn’t heal enough to be considered as a healer, she doesn’t have a high enough cut to be considered a true defender and she doesn’t hit hard enough to be considered an attacker. Still, the spammable cut is pretty nice if you decide to use it to mitigate auto attacks instead of triggers, but she definitely suffers from the lack of flexibility in water teams. The veil is always good to have, but not really crucial ether. At least, her ougi element buff will be extremely effective since you’ll most of the time use Double Varuna.

Anne is to consider if you don’t have Uno yet, her first skill provides a great defensive buff that can be extremely useful to mitigate damage received to keep your HP high not have your stamina skill drop in effectiveness. Her innate high hostility added to the fact that she can self heal is also welcomed. However, Anne’s team def buff will not work anymore after 30% because of the Dark Hour field (although the armored buff additional spirit effect will still work). Also, her self buffs are not dispellable, which is always a plus.


Lilele‘s heal isn’t the greatest due to its high cooldown, but she compensates by bringing some other utility to your team. Since Uno and Quatre will most likely be in the team, her skills will have maximum effect, which is always a plus. The 35% special mod attack up is not to be underestimated (although it won’t work during the last phase of the fight), and her charm on ougi can be very handy in the earlier phases of the fight. Her double hostility down nodes means if you decide to take them, Lilele will never get targeted by multi-hits or single attacks, which can be… Either a good or a bad thing, since it also means another member of your party is more likely to get the aggro and die.

Socie should be your preferred choice when it comes to healing. Not only is her heal on a short CD, but it also heals your team very decently ever since her ougi effect update: up to 4900 HP healed in 3 turns to the team (5600 if you use quatre extend). Her DA/TA rate is good thanks to her passives, and she will also be the only character in the raid to bring Mist, allowing you to easily cap def down until UBHL becomes immune to atk/def down debuffs (that will still require you to invest on her debuff EMP, and also some additional debuff resistance down support from other characters). Her slow is also handy whenever UBHL isn’t slow immune.

Utility Characters

Drang is pretty much the only debuffer character you will want to bring other than Quatre. His slightly weaker pilfer is extremely important to have as it will facilitate the landing of your raid debuffs (and also Socie’s mist). He can heal a bit, but the cap on this healing is unfortunately riddiculously low. His 25% Atk/Def down will allow you to cap def and attack down when UBHL isn’t immune to it, but even later on it becomes a very handy Dispel. His water def down on ougi is great as well since he’s most likely the only character that will bring it to the raid. His switcheroo allows him to get good offense and good defense, although the numerous dispels Baha inflicts on you will often reset your stacks. Make sure to max his debuff success rate up if you bring him.

Romeo has a surprisingly great kit to use in UBHL, his cover + fire reduction allows you to tank Kill Flare very easily, and his water def down is a must to increase your water damage. He’s often backlined and then used as a sacrifice against White damage sirius at 50%, to avoid accidents with MC.



SS Izmir is a bit of a “high risk, high reward” character to bring. Her innate lower HP and Def makes her pretty vulnerable as it is pretty likely she will die. At the same time, pressing buttons to stack her Ice Swords isn’t a problem, and the increased ougi damage + cap is definitely worth it. It’s pretty likely Izmir won’t be at full HP either, making the benefits from her passive less important as well. Still, the most interesting part of her skillset is “Blizzard“. Much like Flare, Blizzard increases both your team and the enemy’s damage, with a peak after the 1:22 minute mark. The trick is to use this field during the Damage per turn check, as UBHL stops attacking during this phase (and the triggers are either white damage, or either something that can be phalanxed), thus allowing the raid to deal much higher damage and clear this phase with relative ease (and without necessarily relying on Typhons).

Earth teams

Earth parties are more offensive oriented, as they aren’t able to bring any interesting raid utility to the table, but compensate by having good damage coupled with relatively good safety thanks to its defensive characters and healers. Both their magna and titan grids have access to good HP + Attack weapons, as well as enmity weapons for Titan, making it a pretty good choice for safe dps.

Grid examples

The magna grid assumes a Yggdrasil x Alex or Yggdrasil x Medusa combination, while the Titan grid assumes a Titan x Titan. You can also use an Atma/Ultima Trium sword on both grid if you happen to use Sparta + Sarasa + DLF.

Yugu stick and Vohu guns are the two weapons you want in priority as they both have a HP + Damage skill. The Rose Queen defensive weapons is also good to grab to not have bad surprises against an untimely wind crit auto attack. The magna grid will have inferior damage to the Titan grid, but the HP will be overall higher. The main hand is a Gargantua (Arulu’s weapon), even at 0* the self-veil effect can be relatively useful for the occasional stone / zombie /  DA/TA down debuff UBHL will throw at you. Otherwise, the main hand options remain similar, you can pick a GW sword for the full cut, or make use of Nirvana if you have one. Earth players might prefer to use Sage so that they can time their Ground Zero use with heals and keep Sarasa out of the danger zone. If you have none of the above mentioned, you can use a RQ spear.

Core Characters


Sarasa 5* is your dps queen, thanks to her overall very offensive kit that doesn’t get one bit wasted in this fight. Not only does she have high amounts of white damage with her ougi (often allowing you to top the dps charts in the raid), her Ground Zero also allows your team to get a huge –25% earth def down, making her extremely precious during the phases when UBHL is immune to regular atk/def down. Her crit, attack and DA/TA self buffs all contribute to make her damage pretty high even on her autos. Her ultimate skill can be a lifesaver during either the DPT check or the final push, where she can just burst down consecutively UBHL for 2-3 million damage ougis by herself. It’s heavily recommended to pair her with Earth De La Fille so that you can heal Sarasa after GZ, the DA/TA buff also helps her to ougi more frequently as well.

Defensive Characters

Razia high defense and aggro up can make for a pretty decent defender, especially to stack flashpoint for her nuke. Unfortunately, her taunt is lacking an other-self buff, and she remains vulnerable to move like Kill Flare without a phalanx. Her high innate aggro can be an issue as she might get too often targeted by attacks and lose HP too fast compared to the rest of the team. Once again, having Earth DLF can help mitigate this issue.

Sara, the toughest loli in the world, is back to tank monstrous dragon attacks with Graphos. The 50% damage cut can allow you to take some turns more safely and not have to wait for a raid phalanx, and her Substitute + 1000% Def up allows her to simply ignore more than half of UBHL triggers. Her enmity passive is also always useful to get that tiny little more damage. If you can, try to pick her as your defensive slot in your party.



Uncle Cog is probably the best healer you can bring, and she also grants nice offensive buffs to the whole team. The clear is also quite handy, although it might be difficult to time it well if you want to make good use of the buff as well. The autorevive looks good on paper, but it’ll quickly get dispelled if you can’t make use of it at the start of the fight.

De la Fille really shines with any of her version in this raid. Earth DLF one not only grants a 10 turns long earth attack up + heal buff, which increases greatly Titan’s build damage (be careful to not have it be dispelled too early), but she also has great single character sustain with her single heal that also gets to boost greatly the offensive capabilities of a character (and as a result is best used on Sarasa). Her reflect skill allows the team to mitigate more damage against AoE, and can be extremely handy against Skyfall in the last phase of the fight. And her sword proficiency can make her a really good choice for Atma Trium sword. If you bring 5* Sarasa, try to also bring DLF as well as the combination of both of them can easily make you the MVP of the raid in terms of damage.

Jasmine has finally found another use other than cheesing Fenrir: she can make potions. And that’s enough a reason to bring her sometimes. Her 100% resistance to debuffs skill can be useful whenever UBHL has his mark self buff that makes him throw debuffs at you every turn until it’s dispelled.

Utility characters


SS Vira is the only utility character that earth teams will generally bring, thanks to her powerful Charm (the same strength as MC’s charm on Elysian), but also the dispel that is attached to it, which is crucial to have during the last phase of the fight. Her heal is mediocre, but it’s better than no heal at all. Her Lyst skill can allow you to reach ougi cap damage easily, and can be pretty interesting to combo with other characters with similar abilities (like Sarasa or Eugen), be careful of dispels though. Her sword proficiency makes her a good candidate for Atma Trium sword as well.



Eugen makes for a pretty decent attacker, his aggro up + counter allowing you to potentially prevent damage, while his uplift can be useful to support Sarasa. His own auto ignite is also pretty handy to create Chain bursts as well.

Sieg doesn’t have anything in particular that makes him a must pick, but his self buff also makes him pretty tanky, and he has sword proficiency for Atma sword once again.

Okto (5* preferably) probably is the strongest earth attacker to bring in UBHL. His damage skyrockets with crit, he brings his own DA/TA buff, he has extremely high ougi damage, he buffs your team with a great earth attack up (very useful if you double titan), and he can share meter to your team for more ougis and more chain bursts (which Sarasa will appreciate a lot). Unlike other attackers however, he lacks any defensive buff that would make him reduce damage taken;

Fire teams

While fire can bring good damage, raid utility and has also good defensive options, it is severely lacking in the healing area, often forcing you to play Sage. It is also the only element where their 5* GW Character is completely useless in this fight. Magna grids will have trouble reaching high enough HP as well. At the very least, being able to bring the almighty Fear can make you a pretty important asset for the raid.

Grid examples

Magna grid assumes a Colo x Athena setup (or Shiva), and the primal grid assumes a double Agni setup. Ecke sachs will make the most of your HP in a magna grid, while Agni will prefer to focus on Athena swords (or Brionac FLB if you happen to have one), Celestials Katana and Balmung. Note that fire magna players will be forced to put a Colossus Gun in their grids as they won’t be able to reach sufficient HP otherwise. It’s also possible to swap some Crimson Fingers with MLB Ecke Sachs if you don’t have fingers.

Note that you can also replace a xeno axe by the RQ bow on the primal grid, and in general slot more Athena swords if you don’t feel confident. Also note that Athena sword is also a great Main Hand to use if you don’t happen to have a GW sword since its ougi effect is a 15% damage cut to the team. If you don’t have a full Erune team, consider replacing the Baha bow for something else (an athena sword for example). If you’re using a few sword prof characters (Percy, Yuel), an Atma sword trium is again a consideration to make.

Core characters


Percy, the fearmaster, is probably one of the most important character to bring, if only for his fear that should allow you to pass the DPT check without any issue should you be able to land it. It’s a good idea to have some a Thor ready to use in conjunction to his fear to secure the landing. Other than that, his passive makes him a very good attacker on double agni, and the sustain on his nuke can help him prevent to die prematurely. Try to pair him with characters with a fire attack up team buff.

Defensive characters


Naoise is a surprisingly great defensive character to slot in despite being only a SR, thanks to his strong overall kit that brings lots of utility to your team. His substitute + counter isn’t a dodge unfortunately, but still useful to take off the heat from a more important character. His second skill is a def down that is kinda unremarkable, but the C.A damage up part is extremely useful as it’s actually near impossible to regularly reach the ougi cap on this fight. His ougi also grants a fire def down, which is great to increase your overall team damage, although landing it might be more difficult without external support. Finally, his third skill will provide your team a 20% damage cut that stacks with Phalanxfor an effective 90% damage cut that is enough to let you remain safe against every attack of UBHL that isn’t Skyfall or white damage.

Fire Societte is here mainly for her 60% cut, and that’s enough a reason to bring her. You really don’t want to use her dance skill as drawing aggro and reducing her own def is akin to a death wish in UBHL. Her spammable counter can allow her to stay alive longer, and the 10% team echo on ougi is always nice to have.

Fire Sutera is another great defensive SR to bring, thanks to her combination of Taunt + Dodge, allowing her to negate a good number of UBHL dangerous triggers. She also has great damage thanks to her self echo, and her team DA buff is always good to have.


Yuel is pretty much the only decent choice you have when it comes to healing in Fire, and even then it’s not really that great compared to what other elements have. Still, she remains a character with good team buffs and decent damage thanks to her nuke + high multi attack rate.

Anthuria isn’t necessarily a bad choice when it comes to healing and buffing the team either, but her buffs are very often locked down behind RNG, which can be a massive turn off in a fight where consistency and reliability are much preferred. Still, she can potentially heal up your party on dodge (although not by that much), and increase the chain burst rate of your team, all the while taking the aggro and potentially dodging dangerous attacks from UBHL. Key word being potentially.

Utility characters

Zahlhamelina is a good buffer to have overall for your team, especially if you play on Double Agni composition. Her nearly constant uptime fire attack up can increase your dps greatly (the wind resist up is mostly useless though). Her first skill can add up a bit of sustain to your team, which is always welcomed, and her ougi effect will grant a very nice critical rate up boost on your team. Flare is good to use during the DPT check as well and can allow you to pass it without relying on Typhon or Fear if you can time your dps properly.

Clarisse is a great utility character to have for your team as well, as she brings 25% def down + 15% fire def down, the latter being useful after UBHL becomes immune to the regular def down, her nukes in true damage won’t be affected by UBHL current defense either. Her ougi grants a precious 10% debuff resistance down, allowing you and your team to land your debuffs much more easily (and let’s not forget her passive either), and makes you much more likely to land Fear with Percy. Finally, her dispel is great to have for the last phase of the fight.


Sturm is a pretty powerful attacker thanks to her numerous self buffs and crit, and the fact that she doesn’t sacrifice any defense to reach those high damage can make her a good pick for your damage slot in the team. Her dodge rate up can be occasionally useful, and the stackable def down can potentially help the whole raid to cap def down even after UBHL becomes immune to regular atk/def down (although she will surely require some help to land those debuffs).

Grea is also a very fine attacker to pick and for several reasons, not only does she have a dispel which automatically makes her a good choice, but her damage boost comes from a debuff she inflicts on her enemies (and this debuff is local and undispellable), which means that you won’t get the bad surprise of having your own buffs removed. Her ougi damage is also pretty high, which is great for chain bursts.

Beatrix sounds like a bad idea in UBHL at first, since she has to lower her own HP to benefit from her jammed debuff, but if you manage to max all her dodge EMP, she ends up becoming quite the durable character, dodging a lot of attacks coming her way. She can still get screwed by RNG still, so only experienced players should try to bring her.

Esser 5* isn’t really the powerhouse she can be in other raids, but she remains decent thanks to her self buff. Her ultimate is usable, but you’ll only have two occasions to use it, with generally very short time frames. The TH stacks will help to get centrum drops or more ultima units, and a break lock on the break that happens right before 50% can allow your party to get a few free turns during the DPS check if you go fast enough.

Dark teams

An element best suited for DPS, it still has enough utility and sustain to be able to perform correctly in the fight, although that will require you to have the right characters. Dark however still suffers a lot from a lack of good defensive units, and as a result will be pretty much only able to rely in raid cuts to protect themselves. Thanks to Six 5*, dark players will sometimes be asked to be the sacrificial pawn during the last phase of the raid so that the other players can cheese the no-summon field.

Magna grids will have an extremely hard time to reach a decent HP threshold without sacrificing too much damage, and as a result only Hades players are recommended to participate in the fight.

Grid example

ubaha HL dark

This grid assumes a Double Hades setup. The main hand can be any weapon between a Gisla (for the blind on ougi), a GW sword or a Nirvana. A Gisla can be changed for another Diablo bow if needed. As usual, consider slotting an Atma/Ultima sword trium if you use enough sword characters.

Core characters


Black Knight is the other available fearmonger to bring to the raid, and she’s probably the better one in terms of utility and damage. Not only can she make full use of her 4x crit nodes, but her debuff success up also helps her to land Fear more reliably. Her Delay + Dispel first skill is great to have as well for the usual reasons. Her drain can allow her to sustain herself a bit, and her elemental passive allows her to get more damage when crossing a buncle or using one to shield yourself from Kill flare. Finally, her stats increase when she remains last man standing can be useful for the final push.

Defensive characters

Zaja is pretty much the only decent defensive option you’ll have as Dark, thanks to his 40% team damage cut. He can also tank most of the multi-hits ougi thanks to his taunt + defense up. And that’s about all he can offer, you’ll most likely have to compensate with other characters to dps.

(BD) Katalina is an okay choice for her 25% damage cut, since her is pretty spammable and can help mitigate a bit of residual damage from UBHL auto attacks. The clear is good to have, and even though the refresh is mediocre, it’s once again better than nothing.



Cagliostro’s dark version is as great, or maybe even greater than her earth counterpart. Her healing is pretty good, and the healing cap boost can be abused when combined with drains, Panacea and Lucifer summons. Her team buffs are also great to have, both the crit and the dark attack up being very efficient in a double hades setup.

Marquiares is also a healer to consider, thanks to his permanent 200 HP heal per turn, and his 1500 HP + 2000 HP shield skill. You’ll have to manage his MP system however, and his lower natural HP and aggro up on ougi might create some issues. He has however potential for high damage ougi, even though you’ll most of the time prefer to use his MP on his heals.

Xmas JK is also a good pick to consider, even though her healing capabilities are kinda mediocre, her having a clear + dispel makes up it.

Utility characters

Lady Grey is mainly your Dark def down debuffer in the fight. The def down part remains useful in the early phases of the battle, as is the delay attached to it. The nukes she has are also plenty useful to push through triggers.

Cerberus is actually a pretty great utility character in UBHL, and that mainly thanks to her new passive that allows her to stack debuff resistance down on the enemy every time she triple attacks. The thing is that landing this debuff is guaranteed so long as Cerb TA, which can grant you a very nice debuff that stacks with everything and will make landing debuffs much, much more easier at any time. Don’t forget that she has also her own pilfer, and her own Blind + Charm, although those are kinda weak, it’s always better than none. Let’s not forget that Cerberus has basically a 100% TA rate after her ougi, allowing her to keep a very respectable DPS.


Six 5* can contribute a lot to your overall dps thanks to his stupidly strong self buffs, but keeping his stacks intact at all time is not possible most of the time because of the numerous AoE, white damage and Multi-hits UBHL throws at you. His ultimate can allow you to push by yourself through key phases, and is often used for the 15%-9% solo sacrificial push strategy.

Orchid is only a good option if you can manage to cap her HP bonus (i.e you’ll need 20k HP on her so she can have a 8k shield). Even with this shield, it’s not guaranteed that it will not be depleted by UBHL attacks, and an Orchid losing her buff is pretty much a dead doll because of the defense penalty. But if you manage to keep her shield intact and regularly refresh it through ougi, you get yourself one of the best dark attackers to have in this fight (investing on her Hostility down node might be a good idea).

Wind teams

Using wind in UBHL will require you to be extremely careful, as it’s often more difficult to reach a good amount of HP with its grid (especially magna), their main buffers (Korwa and JK) are also unusable in this fight because of the numerous dispels UBHL likes to throw. One of the most dangerous move of the boss, Kill Flare, is also a fire attack, which pretty much guarantees one of your team member to die without a full cut. Still, if you happen to have Gawain and Anchira, wind can be self sufficient in terms of healing and damage cut, and ther 5* GW character can grant the damage necessary to make you a good asset for the raid.

If you happen to own both 5* GW wind characters, Wind becomes the best element to push through the DPT check thanks to both Nio 5* and Siete 5* Ultimate dishing enormous amount of damage and being able to get several full chain bursts consecutively.

Grid examples

The wind magna grid assumes a Tiamat x Nezha setup, while the Zephy grid can assume either a Zephy x Zephy or Zephy x Nezha setup.  The combination of Garuda bow + Zephy bow allows you to have some pretty good defense and make use of Enmity while remaining relatively safe. If you don’t own a Joyeuse, it’s possible to replace it by a Morrigna dagger for the Trium boost.  It’s good to note that while the Zephy grid has overall much more survivability, the Magna grid simply vastly outdamages it (and works better with normal mods buffs), so it’s a trade of safety for damage.

Core characters


Nio 5* is pretty much a must have in UBHL. Her Tuning debuff grants an additional 20% damage reduction (although it might not always land) to your team, and her third skill grants a 2000 HP shield to the team, allowing you to perform well at slightly lower average HP than other elements. The rest of her kit is still extremely good to have as well, with her charm on ougi and her buffs to the team. Her ultimate can be particularly handy to push during the DPT check as well.

Defensive characters


Gawain is still the usual Phalanx bot, his shield on ougi allows you to soak a bit of damage throughout the fight, and his Attack down debuff is great to cap attack down early on, while his stackable attack down EMP passive can allow you to further reduce UBHL damage once he gets immune to attack/def down.



Anchira can serve as a great healer thanks to her full heal panic button, while also healing the rest of the raid for 1000 HP.  The heal should still be well timed as you don’t want to eat a trigger while the def down debuff is in effect. Otherwise, Anchira remains a very good team buffer as well thanks to her second skill and its special mod. You can also use her in conjunction with characters that have Other self (like Feena) and use the aggro redirection to evade multi-hit triggers.

Lennah is your go-to healer and pretty much a better Sophia, thanks to her short cooldown clear and her heal + revitalize. With her heal EMP, you can easily recover more than 5000 HP to the team with her second skill. Thanks to her double clear + short CD, you can be sure to always have a clear against the early Reginleiv marks or the debuffs UBHL throws at you. And finally, she even gets a full HP mono target revive when reaching level 100, making her the perfect character to get swapped back by Virtuous Verse.

Sevastien is a great character to have in your backrow, thanks to his permanent team heal if he is in the back. The issue though it to make sure he will actually remain in there, since UBHL likes to screw your team composition with Virtuous Reverse.

Utility characters


Lecia is a great versatile pick that can do a bit of eveything for you, heals, offensive buffs, dispel… Even heal orders are usable in this fight as it is not uncommon to bring both Sage and Lennah in the same team. Her buff order is probably the easiest to trigger and overall the best to use since you’re actually allowed to crit against UBHL, and the def buff / debuff resistance can be handy as well if you can stack it to 5.

Carmelina is more defensive pick, thanks to her mirror image on ougi to the team, which can allow to negate quite a bit of damage in general. Her gravity isn’t extremely useful, but her debuff resist down and DA/TA down debuffs can be pretty helpful to the raid if she can land them.

Arriet is here to reduce the CD of your skills on your MC, so that you’re able to have that heal / Phalanx one turn earlier. She also helps to land potential debuffs if you have any. Her OD cut boost is nice to have, but only really useful in the first percent of the fights, but her increased meter generation can be pretty handy to sustain Nio’s buffs, or to gather a chain burst faster.


Siete 5* should be your preferred attacker to slot in your team, as his presence brings a lot of damage thanks to his various team buffs. His ougi damage buff is extremely good, especially considering how hard it is to reach ougi cap in UBHL, and a free rage III whenever he uses his ougi is great to have as well. Even though it’s not extremely easy, stacking his Swordshine allows him to deal permanent TA with crit, and he also has access to two team ignitions to burst down the boss during the DPT check.

Summer Siegfried is the only character that has a wind def down for you to bring, giving him automatically a very high value in this raid. His kit is pretty much tailored to UBHL, with good nukes and self def buffs making him extremely tanky, especially at lower HP (similarly to Yngwie). His wind def down has a rather low land rate so make sure to pair him with Nio.

The Fight

Pre-fight organization

  • First of all, please try to have a voice chat between the participants during the raid. I can hardly stress this enough, communicating through voice makes the information transmission more instantaneous, and also it’s much easier to focus only on your battle screen instead of having to check a written chat every x seconds.
  • Ask everyone to use stickers when they’ve gone through an important trigger (especially those that dispel his own debuffs).
  • Make sure to also also use in game stickers for Phalanx rotation, and for clarity casts!
  • Define the roles in advance, and try to make sure there’s a good balance of everything in the raid, whether it is character utility like element def down, enough athenas / fire buncles to cross, Lucifers, Typhon and Thor count…
  • Make sure everyone is following a guide about the triggers. This is the one I’ve been using.
  • Make sure you have at least one Song 5* user (as many as possible is still ideal though)
  • Make sure to setup correctly your front line, and to actually put the more important characters you want to have for the majority of the fight in your back line. UBHL uses the same move as he does in his normal version, and at some point will swap two members of your frontline (MC excluded) with your backline. So it’s best to keep your key characters at the backline so that they can come out when UBHL uses this move (typically Song 5*).
  • Don’t spam turns while multiboxing, and don’t spam turns recklessly in general. There’s very little room for mishap in this raid, and you could lose your whole front line if you don’t pay attention. As you get more used to the raid, it’s okay to multibox in order to cast at least your skills faster.
  • Make sure you have at least x2 Thors among the raid members
  • Make sure you have at least x2 Typhons among the raid members (if you have enough people who can carry, the Typhon count can be reduced to 1 or even 0)
  • Make sure everyone has a way to reach at least >85% cut against fire, and 100% cut against dark
  • When hosting the raid, try to leave one person out and wait until 5 people are in. Ask people to ready to pub for a pub, and then the last person to enter does a countdown. Everyone should pub at the end of the countdown so they can get a pot, while the last person joins before a pub player has the time to catch the raid.

For the rest of the guide, I’ll refer to the video I’ve put at the beginning of the page so you can get a visual support as well.

100%-75% : Starting (not so) slowly


  • Song Paralyze is prohibited
  • Fear is prohibited
  • All debuffs work
  • 4 diamonds until 85%
  • 2 diamonds after 85%
  • Charm can be used (at around 90% is a good idea)

100%-95% Bahamut auto attacks don’t hurt that much yet, and you should have the HP to tank quite a few of them, but the danger comes from the mark he gives to your characters randomly after targeting them, as it will make Baha trigger the skittle beam on the next turn. This mechanic will remain until you reach the 75% trigger . If you see a character marked in your team, do not take a turn and immediately ask for a clear. Don’t try to tank the Reginleiv even with a phalanx as you’ll only needlessly lose HP. Proceed until 95% (no one should have triggered an ougi at this point), wait for a Phalanx and eat the trigger (Daedalus Wings: 3k wind damage with phalanx)

95%-85% : After everyone has triggered, make sure to dispel Baha’s uplift buff as he will gain x2 diamonds each turn under its effect. Try to not eat an ougi if you can help it while the raid pushes to 85%. Be careful when getting close to 85%, and make sure you have either a >85% cut or a taunt + dodge when reaching the trigger. Kill Flare will kill one of your character if you have no cut, and even with a 70% phalanx, one of your character might still die.

85%-75% : After you’ve triggered Kill Flare, everyone should try to push to 75% Since UBHL only has 2 diamonds from this point onward, some people might have to eat additional ougis in order to break. At 80%, UBHL will get a full diamond trigger, so it’s the perfect time to try to cast gravity to give everyone an extra turn. Break will generally happen a few percent before it reaches 75%, try to coordinate with your teammates so that as few people as possible will have to trigger an ougi. The ougi can be either Kill Flare (= you lose a character), Deadalus wings wind (= you’re lucky) or Deadalus wings white damage (= RIP your hp). Once you’re closing to 75%, make sure to have a phalanx before activating the trigger (people with less average HP will also want an additional cut or defense buff, since otherwise it’s likely you’ll lose a character) as Virtuous Verse will hit you for a 50k single target earth attack. The move will swap randomly two of your characters with your back line (MC excluded)

75%-50%: Time to Paralyze… or to suffer


  • AoE auto attacks that hurt pretty bad (5k base, can crit to 7k, often triple attacks).
  • Gravity works
  • Fear is Prohibited
  • 75% trigger clears all the debuffs on UBHL (only for the first person to pass through the trigger)
  • 70% trigger clears one debuff per raid member passing through.
  • Song Paralyzed is used during this phase after 70% and before 60-65%
  • A first Thor is used during this phase after 70%

75%-70% : If you’ve listened carefully to my suggestions, and if everything has gone well so far (i.e you haven’t lost a single character yet) you should now have your most important characters on the front line. Baha should be undebuffed since the trigger clears them, but try to not waste too many debuffs on him at the moment since he will clear himself one debuff at a time on the 70% trigger. Auto-attacks are now AoE and are starting to hurt : 4-5k base auto damage, can go up to 7k if he crits, and he will often DA or TA. Basically you can take up to 15-20k AoE attack easily if you’re not lucky, so proceed with caution. If you don’t have the HP and the sustain to balance it, try to not take a turn without a phalanx, and wait until the team reaches the 70% trigger. If your Song was backlined and just popped out with the swap, it might be the good moment to try to make her reach 100% ougi charge.

First, make sure everyone has triggered the 70% attack. After the trigger, the boss will have a self buff on him (makes UBHL throw at you debuffs for three turns straight), dispel it if you can. This buff is a local buff, which means dispelling it will only remove the buff for your party. Once everyone confirmed, ask someone to use Thor, and other additional debuff resistance down abilities (do not use Depravity). After that, ask the Song users to try to proc paralyze with their ougi. It’s important to do so before 60-65% as UBHL becomes immune to paralyze around those percentages so ask people to not push to give room for the song users to try to para multiple times if needed. If para hits, you can safely rush him down until 50%, but be careful Triggers still happen even when paralyzed, which means you’ll have to prepare for Kill Flare at 55%(same trigger as 85%). Sages should try to take as much turns as they can to cast multiple heals on the team. If you don’t have a full cut ready to tank kill flare, it’s a valid option to wait until the 50% trigger to skip it. One song user should try to extend the paralyze so everyone can safely reach the 50% mark without trouble. If you can help it, try to keep your full chain burst and your important buffs for after the 50% trigger.

If you’re unlucky and you can’t manage to paralyze UBHL, you’ll have to proceed much more carefully as the autos will chunk your health down gradually, and as the ougis can be fatal if your HP is too low (Daedalus wings white damage, or again Kill Flare). Charm is a must have in that case, as is blind.

50%-30%: The damage per turn check


  • 50% trigger clears UBHL debuffs (only for the first person to pass through the trigger)
  • One low priority Thor can be used here if you have enough.
  • From now on, immune to regular attack / defense down debuffs
  • Immune to gravity and delay
  • Para immune
  • Each raid member has 7 turns to bring down the HP of UBHL to 30% or lower.
  • Enemy won’t attack, but in exchange has a trigger every 5%
  • 50% and 40% triggers are White Damage Sirius (30% white damage single target hit x4)
  • 45% and 35% triggers are Elemental Damage Sirius (7-8k damage elemental hit before phalanx x4, can crit)
  • If anyone triggers the full charge ougi before the raid reaches 30%, it’s the end of the raid as everyone will get hit by a 100% HP white damage move that dispels your auto revive, and hits your backline as well.
  • Now is the moment to fear

50%-30%: First of all, make sure everyone has triggered the 50% Sirius. If you’re unlucky or if your HP wasn’t high enough, you might lose a few characters so try to heal yourself as much as you can before eating the trigger. Even at full HP, you can still lose a character, although the chances are pretty slim. The first Sirius clears your buff as well, so if it happens to kill your MC you can’t count on auto-revive to save him. Once everyone has triggered:

You have fear : In that case, if you have more than two Thors left remaining, use one to make it easier to land the fear. Ask everyone with a debuff resist down debuff to try to cast them as well after the Thor (Thor is guaranteed to land and should be used first). If you don’t manage to land it the first time, you can ask your fear user to take turns until he can try to cast it again. If it lands successfully, cast element def down debuffs and just try to down it by at least 10% for the duration of the fear, and it should be pretty easy to finish the rest even without using Typhons. Still, remain careful of triggers, and don’t rush in blindly simply because you need to maximize your fear proc.

You don’t have fear (and don’t have the damage either) : In that case, your team will have to rely on Typhon cross-summoning to clear the 30%. Try to maximize your dps as much as you can through the use of full chain burst and FLB Bahamut summon, and also try to make sure that you can land an element def down debuff to maximize your damage. Once people are reaching close to full diamonds, wait until you have one diamond empty remaining, and start to check the state of the summon pool. Make someone with one diamond left (preferably someone who doesn’t own typhon) as well use a summon, and see if it crossed another summon or not. If it didn’t, ask someone else to consume the summon by using one of their own, and the summon pool should now be empty. Ask a typhon owner to throw their in, and have one of your better dps member grab the typhon. Try to keep count of the summon pool state at any time, and restart the process again as many time as you need and so long as you have available typhons. It’s really recommended to have voice chat here to make the whole thing go smoother and no waste time (and waste precious debuff timer)

No matter what setup you brought to this phase, make sure to phalanx against Elemental Sirius, and to have high enough HP against Non Elemental Sirius (use your pots if necessary). You can tank White damage Sirius by using aggro up / taunts / Guts (survives with 1 HP a lethal attack) combo.

30% – 15% : A moment of respite


  • New field effect from now on : any character that ends the turn with less than 5% HP will be instakilled.
  • No dangerous trigger or ougi until 15%
  • 30% trigger clears UBHL debuffs (only for the first person to pass through the trigger)
  • One medium priority Thor should be used here if you have two or more remaining.
  • Auto attacks deal around 8k, single target, can crit up to 12k.
  • Can put on himself a self TA buff, make sure to dispel it.
  • Not para immune anymore
  • Still resists normal atk/def down debuffs. His debuff resistance is starting to get pretty high, and it becomes difficult to land even elemental def down without a pilfer / Thor. Quatre can still land para occasionally
  • UBHL ougi are ~11k earth or water AoE in normal mode, becomes Skyfall in Overdrive mode. Sometimes there will be a bug that makes UBHL reach overdrive right after 30%, be extremely careful if that happens.

30%-20% : After reaching the 30%, you’ll see an animation that means that you have left the danger zone. The 30% trigger will be a non damaging move that will change the field and make normal ATK/DEF up buffs ineffective (special buffs will remain effective), and will instakill any character that ends the turn with less than 5% HP from now on. The crit portion is still effective. There are two triggers to take note of, the 28% trigger is a full diamonds one, and he will either hit you with a water AoE that dispels your party, or an earth AoE that grants him a TA self buff. After everyone triggered, make sure to to dispel the TA buff, and proceed. The water AoE will hit you for about 4k-7k with Phalanx, the same goes for the earth AoE, just make sure you have a Phalanx. The 22% trigger is the water AoE that dispels again.

20%-15% : No real trigger after 20%, but a major change that should be noted: UBHL will now reach Overdrive and as such will use Skyfall Ultimus on his ougi (will require you a 100% dark cut to survive). Every time UBHL uses Skyfall Ultimus, he buffs himself with two local buffs that grant him white damage echo (3 random single target 5k hits white damage at the end of each turn), and random debuffs on your party every turn. Those should be dispelled immediately as it can quickly kill your frontline if left untouched (the buff order is random, meaning that you could remove the white damage or the random debuffs throwing). Reminder that local buff means that only yourself can dispel the buff, and that every raid member will have their own local and independent version of the buff on their screen. At 15%, UBHL will cast Skyfall Ultimus and it will also apply a summonless debuff, preventing you from now on to use summons, and that is not clearable. Note that this 15% trigger will kill your whole team should you not have a 100% full dark cut!

Final note, if you’re on Thor duty, DO NOT TRIGGER THE 15% SKYFALL AND KEEP YOUR SUMMONS READY! Just wait and do nothing.

15%-0% : Things really get serious now


  • Will throw debuff at you every turn, and white damage too if you don’t have a dispel (be careful of zombie!)
  • No more summon from now on
  • Vulnerable to regular atk/def down debuffs again after 10%
  • His autos are now hitting for 10k (without atk down), and become AoE after 10%
  • Still often DA/TA
  • 10% and 1% trigger will require a phalanx at least.
  • Clears himself at 10%
  • Para immune again after 10%
  • It’s time to use any GW 5* ultimate skill you have left.

15%-10% : From now on, the tactic generally used is to leave one person with a Thor ready to summon waiting before the 15% skyfall trigger. This person will wait until the rest of the team pushes through 10%. The auto attacks during this phase are starting to hurt really bad, and you should try to wait for a phalanx before getting hit if you don’t have a consequent HP pool or enough remaining HP. Try to communicate for the clears as it is likely someone will need it with the debuff throwing buff UBHL has. The 10% trigger is a move similar to Qilin’s Super Rotation that will require either a phalanx + a bit of remaining health to tank it (more than half your hp remaining should be fine), or a taunt + dodge move. This trigger will dispel all your buffs and the debuffs on the enemy as well.

Once everyone has triggered the 10% attack (Cosmic Collision), ask the person who was staying behind with Thor to cast it, and once used apply all of your debuffs on him. The one person waiting however can still not attack and will have to wait until 5% is passed. It’s generally the time to use any 5* GW character ultimate skill you might have kept, the more important ones being Uno with his super shield and Quatre with his debuff nukes. The 5% trigger is a Dark Aoe that deals around 15k damage, if attack down is in effect and if you play light, you don’t even need a phalanx to get through it. The 1% trigger is the same as the 10% one (Cosmic Collision), but you can most likely push through it with nukes alone. The danger comes mainly from its auto attacks at this point, and it’s even more beneficial to Phalanx his autos then his 5% trigger. Keep in mind that the 5% instakill field is still there, so better heal sooner than later. If you’re using Nirvana, be careful of the 10% dispel as it also removes your auto-revive.

Congratulations! You’ve now beaten the most difficult raid in Granblue! The loot you get is essentially urns, centrum, red certs and ultima cores, with the occasional dama grain flip and for the lucky hosts, sometimes a gold bar.

If it was your host, you can now proceed to make a second Atma weapon. Otherwise, it’s now time to kill UBHL a dozen of times so that you can forge an Ultima Weapon with its second Ultima skill.

Which one should you craft? Well, maybe that will be the subject of the next article! 😉

Thanks for putting up with me and this long ass guide, and I hope it will at least encourage a few people to try the raid, and maybe even help some people succeed it!

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Bahamut Hard guide

  1. this community really forgets about sarunan ;_;

    light sarunan can block skyfall as well so light players have an option aside from summer DLF(limited) and gw sword to block skyfall


  2. Is there any links to people who cleared this with ygg grid? I’d like to see more diverse ygg grid to work around with. It’s a good guide too since I’ll be getting Sarasa and planning to 5* her!


  3. How valued are charge up mechanics in UBHL? (Nemone, Sen)
    from what I read it seems like it’s hard to deal high damage, and the main thing that makes charging less wanted is due to reaching cap even without charging… Is it safe to assume that it’s different here?


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