Future of the Game (August Edition)

Before you read this, please read the old article because this monthly update mostly mention info from summer stream + extra.

Summary of summer livestream

Offical link : Future of the game (August 2017)


arcarum menu

  • Dungeon-exploring based content , not a limited-time event
  • Get items by exchanging points during exploration
  • Make Arcarum Summons by getting materials from defeating bosses



  • 17 news stamps to be added on August 9th
  • Voiced Phalanx and Thanks! stamps to be added on the same date


  • Solo Co-op scheduled to be implemented on early September
  • There will be no support summons in Solo Co-op
  • Everyone’s Daily mission will be the same
  • Boosting 1/2 pots drop rate in red boxes
  • Irrelevant coop quest got deleted so people can get to Pandemonium faster
  • Final upgrade stage for class weapons by doing new Pandemonium stages ( to be added within this year)



  • Touken Ranbu


  • Kinomoto Sakura will be playable Event SR during the Sakura Captor collab



  • New EX job “Dancer” will be implemented in September
  • Boost self’s DATA rate by dodging enemy attacks, and multiattack boosts self’s Dodge rate in return
  • ATK type


  • New EX job “Mechanic” will be implemented later this year
  • Make a robot to fight along side you

Guild War/Unite and Fight

  • Increased badges from Group A loss and Group B win/loss starting next GW
  • Group C expanded from top 9k to top 10k crews. No change to Group A or B.

New Casino Skin

casino Rosseta

  • Rosetta will receive her casino skin this month

New LB/EMP Support Abilities

• The following characters will receive their LB/EMP supports this month:

  • Rackam
  • Sturm
  • Katalina
  • Drang
  • Eugen
  • Mahira
  • Rosetta
  • Lecia
  • Io
  • Lucio
  • Orchid
  • Black Knight

• The update is scheduled for late August.

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