News from Granblue Channel #73

This month’s Granblue Channel has brought us info about the next monthly 5* and some changes to the recent Charge Attack rebalanced.

Final Limit Break



  • Seruel and Setekh will receive their FLB in late August

Game Mechanic

Ougi rebalanced

  • The recently “balanced” (i.e. nerfed) CA Cap Up abilities will be re-balanced again in the coming days


  • Side story “The Cowardly Hero and the Captive Princess” to be implemented on 8/24
  • Xeno Sagittarius’s weapon is actually one of his arrows from him but too big so it’s treated as a spear. He will speak purely english ( or… engrish)
  • Upcoming Guild War boss is an octopus which looks like Varuna’s octopus


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