First Impression: SS Diantha

Water has been pretty spoiled this summer, with two great SS characters that both offer some rather unique utility. Today we’ll focus on the newly released Water swimsuit idol Diantha.


Please keep in mind that the buffs values are still being tested and might still be off by a few percents.

1st Ability: Guaranteed TA to your team for one turn.
Duration: 1T / CD: 7T (lvl 45)

2nd Ability: Stackable ougi damage up buff to your team. Increases ougi damage by ~9% with each cast, to a maximum of 3 casts (27% max).
Duration: 7T / CD: 4T (lvl 75)

3rd Ability: Grants Hype buff to your team.
Duration: 2T / CD: 6T

Ougi: Deals no damage and doesn’t contribute to Chain Burst count, instead it will grants to your team one stack of Tlepilli Glow, lasting for 6 turns (ougi turn included). Tlepilli Glow can stack up to 4 times, granting the following buffs to your team:

Number of stacks Attack up DA up
1 40% 30%
2 50% ~40%
3 55% ~45%
4 60% ~50%

Note that while Tlepili Glow is a unique buff (i.e it will stack with every other buff), the attack up is normal mod. Please also note that this buff will only affect water characters.
And last but not least, SS Diantha ougi will change your background music to Never Ending Fantasy!

Passive 1: Diantha’s first passive is an increased chance to dodge all attacks when under the effect of Hype.

Passive 2: Her second passive is a 10% damage penalty (her final damage is multiplied by 0.9), although it doesn’t seem that it affects her cap, which is compensated by a lower chance to get targeted.

While looking at her overall kit, SS Diantha seems like a really great magna buffer. She brings to the table a nearly permanent substantial DA buff, that is also accompanied by a strong normal attack buff. It’s in a way very similar to how Korwa works, except when Korwa has up and downtime, Diantha’s buffs are pretty much permanent but will need turns to ramp up to maximum strength.

Her Hype buff is pretty good, and if you combine it with the Xolotl summon, you’ll be guaranteed at least Hype 2 for two turns, which is a 30% straight damage increase. Increasing the buff with Quatre extend will give you a nice 50% uptime, which is very substantial.

Her guaranteed TA to the team is tailor-made for Uno 5*, which allows to proc a TA during his assassin turn. Combine it with Luchador’s Tag team, and with Diantha’s hype buff, and you can reach ludicrous amount of damage in one turn, allowing you to one turn kill plenty of game content that has less than 15m HP (even off element).

The guaranteed TA will also work well with other assassin moves, such as Summer Naru and Swordmaster with Murgleis main hand. Honorable mention to Yngwie as well who will be able to get twice triple attacks with his auto reset. While this ability makes Diantha shines in very short fights, it’s a bit more annoying to use in longer fights, especially since Uno’s assassin cooldown is one turn shorter than Diantha’s buff.

The ougi damage up isn’t extremely noticeable, but it’s a welcome addition as it costs very little to maintain and since it’s been much harder to reach ougi cap these days with the new increased caps.

Magna grids will just love using SS Diantha as a buffer. Not only the DA buff allows you to play something that isn’t Elysian for a change, but if you also happen to have Quatre 5* you can completely forego using a class that boosts the team MA rate, and play something more damage oriented like Luchador. With the advent of Europa as a summon and combined to Diantha’s various buffs, it’s now very possible to reach auto cap on water magna, although it still requires a good amount of buffing, but the fact that Magna grids get very little diminishing returns from normal mod buffs is the main reason why Diantha is a must-have in this setup. She doesn’t even conflict with Altair as a buffer, and will actually appreciate the meter from his third skill to ougi faster and get her buffs to ramp up.

Youtube sure knows what thumbnail to use

Varuna grids however won’t see as much potential in this character, as her main strength for magna becomes her main weakness in a primal grid. Normal attack up and DA are already more than enough present in most Varuna grids, and the fact that most players will use Double Varuna in all circumstances make Diantha’s buffs suffer heavily from diminishing returns. And the fact that she doesn’t ougi in order to grant her buffs ends up not being compensated by the small boost of damage to the team. Her hype remains extremely effective though, but the uptime is not enough to justify slotting her permanently, especially when compared to characters like Altair or Socie.

Even the guaranteed TA loses some of its charm if one owns enough Murgleis. Still, the skill allows to guarantee one turn kill against most fire boss with less than 25m HP (to the condition you own Uno 5*), and can probably remain a powerful combo even off element.

If you’re a Magna player, it could be advisable to try your luck and get her now, since you probably won’t see her again before a few months at the very least. She is at the moment a must-have (in terms of min-maxing) for Levi grids, especially if you like using your water for off element content. She replaces extremely well a GW 5* spot if you happen to have only one of the two (and magna players will rarely invest on both GW 5* anyway). Or you could always wait until the next Water Zodiac appears only to discover they won’t be a DA/TA buffer.

If you’re a Varuna player, pulling Diantha might not be as much a priority, especially since Varuna players will tend to make both 5* GW, restricting your amount of free character slots. If you happen to not have many Murgleis, her guaranteed TA skill coupled with Hype can allow you to one turn kill a good chunk of the game content combined with Uno 5*, in a similar (and more efficient) fashion to Zoi dark teams (and that can honestly be enough a reason to get her). Otherwise, her value is somehow limited, so I’d recommend to only spend your bucks/crystals if you want to have cute idols in swimsuit in your team (I know you do).

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