Guide to Getting Medusa as a Filthy Gaijin


Last Update: Jan 26th 2018

So your heard Cygames finally introduced Medusa as a playable character in Granblue Fantasy. You also heard they are making her a Nippon-exclusive promotional character because fuck gaijins. You talked to yourself, “Well, that’s not much of an issue I can just buy the code off someone just like Light Zooey.”

Well, bad news. Unlike Light Zooey, you don’t get the playable Medusa in the form of a serial code. Instead, you can only get her through linking your game account with their MVNO service, within Japan. “Fuck KMR,” you said to yourself again, “so us filthy gaijins can never get her without first paying 150 gold moons. Suptix when?”

Well, fear not! Despite what many international players believe, signing up with their Linksmate service is completely doable as a gaijin and the steps it takes are actually quite simple. The biggest hurdle to getting Medusa is the final account-linking part, which requires you (or someone you know) to be personally in Japan to complete the step. But if you can get that part covered you can get her easily. This article will guide you step by step to sign up with Linksmate and get Medusa.


What to Prepare?

To sign up with Linksmate, you will need to prepare the following items:

  • Credit card
  • A JP address
  • And Google translate (to help you fill out the forms)

Yup, that’s right. A credit card and an address in Japan are all you need to sign up with their service. Unlike other JP cellular services, Linksmate doesn’t come with phone call function with the basic plans and so there is no need to provide any ID/address proof.

This however doesn’t mean you can just use whatever JP address you got, because the address you fill in is where they will ship your SIM card to you. For those who don’t live in Japan or have someone they know there, we recommend signing up with one of the proxy purchasing services like Tenso and use the JP address they provide you as your billing/shipping address on Linksmate. If you are planning to go to Japan soon, you may also make them send the SIM directly to where you are staying there (provided that your hotel can accept your parcels for you).

Update (9/19): Although Linksmate doesn’t come with phone call function, you will still receive a JP phone number upon signing up with them (for SMS verification purpose). If you are a mobage platform user, you can actually use this number to verify your account and collect those tasty 1000 crystals that have been sitting in your notification box since Day 1. Thanks Reddit!

Which Plan to Get?


Linksmate offer 5 data plans with different data sizes. Realistically though, as a gaijin, you would only be looking at two of those options which are the 1GB and 10GB plans.

The 1GB Plan

The 1GB plan is technically your cheapest ticket to Medusa. At first glance, it seems that you can get her for just 500 yen by signing up with them for one month and immediately terminate your contact with them once you have gotten your Dusa. But those who have dealt with these phone plan stuff before would know there are always additional costs hidden somewhere with these plans – and Linksmate is no exception.

To sign up with Linksmate, you will first have to pay 3,000 yen for the first-time registration. Then, you need to add an extra 500 yen to subscribe to the “Count Free” option to become eligible for the game linking/loyalty rewards (aka Medusa).

To cancel your subscription after you have gotten your Dusa, you will have to pay another 3,000 yen for the termination fee.

Finally, adding in the monthly fee and other misc costs (such as the price of the actual Sim card) , the 1GB route would end up costing you around 7,500 yen (~Usd 68), which is more expensive than the prices of two Suptix combined.

10 GB Plan


Alternatively, if you are dedicate to this game and can afford spending a bit extra outside of food and gacha each month, we would recommend signing up with their 10GB plan. The major difference between the 1GB and 10GB plan is that the latter makes you eligible for their “loyalty” program. With the 10GB plan, you receive a “star” each time you are billed. At 6 stars, you can trade them for one of the three loyalty bonuses.

Among the three options in the above picture, the Linksmate Ticket certainly takes the spotlight. In short, the linksmate tix is a variant of the notorious Sierotix, which can be used to trade for almost anything in the premium draw pool.

(Updated 1/26/2018) IMPORTANT: Since the game linking/loyalty rewards (e.g. Medusa, the monthly pots/Stars) are actually linked to the “Count Free” option, you will need to keep subscribing to that service (500 yen per month) to keep receiving those rewards.


Unlike Sierotix, you can’t use the linksmate tix to trade for the non-suptixable primals or any of the Grand Series characters. What you can do, however, is to use it to trade for any of the seasonal/promotional limited characters in this time, at any time (regardless of whenever the character in the draw pool when you use it). This includes all of the Summer/Halloween/X’mas versions, Zodiac and other promotional characters like Light Zooey, and new seasonal characters are added to the pool as soon as they are released.

This means that at the price of just 10 draws per month (3,000 yen), you can get one seasonal character of your choice every 6 months. This is quite a game-changing thing for non-whales: with 2 linksmate tix per year, you can choose to spend them on limited characters that come only with a 3% rate up (e.g. X’mas versions) and conserve your spark fund for those limited characters that overlap with Legfest to increase the likelihood of getting good “by-products” from your spark.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can only start accumulating stars once you have linked your game account with your linksmate service (which is the final step you have to complete to get Dusa). You will still be charged for the monthly fee regardless of whether your accounts are linked or not. Be sure not to sign up with them until you are ready to complete the final step.

The Forms

The application forms you have to fill in are pretty straightforward and you should have no trouble filling them out with the help of Google Translate.

Be sure to order the correct SIM size for your device or else you will have to pay extra costs to order a new one from them.

Getting to Japan (or have someone else go there for you)


This is the final and the hardest step in getting Medusa. To make her appear magically in your game, you will have to successfully link your game account with your Linksmate service. Just linking them on the Linksmate website is not enough: you will have to be in Japan and login to Granblue using a device with your Linksmate SIM installed.

You can either complete this step by traveling there yourself, or have someone you trust who live there/will be traveling there for holiday to link your accounts for you. If you are “dedicated” enough, you can even consider spending a weekend in Tokyo just to link your accounts (and perhaps visit Akibahara while you are there). While this may sound absurd and expensive, do keep in mind that it is still guaranteed to be cheaper than the alternative (that is, spending 150 gold moons to get her with Sierotix).

Realistically though, you will have better chance “bribing” your friends/relatives to do it for you by offering them free, fast and unlimited internet access while they are in Japan. Despite the fact that Linksmate is managed by the infamous HRT (former game producer of Granblue), my personal experience with the MVNO service was pretty positive. You should use this as an advantage to get people into helping you to complete this final step. Just remember to teach them on how to enable Linksmate on their device and login to your Granblue account.

Linking Linksmate and Your Granblue Account


To hook up your game account with Linksmate, you would have to play the game through their network. Playing the game through a WiFi network, even with a Linksmate SIM installed, doesn’t count for the purpose of linking your accounts.

Most phones nowadays support a wide range of cellular frequency, and so they can be used directly in Japan. However, do take note that in order to connect to Linksmate, your device will need to be SIM-free or at least compatible with the NTT DoCoMo network in Japan (as a MVNO, Linksmate doesn’t have its own network and has to rent DoCoMo’s one).

If you don’t have a SIM-free device, the alternative is to bring a travel wifi router, put your Linksmate SIM in it, and connect your device to it. It seems that so long as the game data is sent through a Linksmate-connection their system will recognize your game info and complete the linking process, regardless of whether the device you use to play the game has the SIM installed or not.

Once you (or your proxy) have logged to your game with a Linksmate-connected device at least once, you should receive a confirmation email 2-3 hours after saying that your accounts are linked. After that, you may login to your profile on the Linksmate website and claim your Medusa in-game!

That’s all for this guide. I hope this can help more of you acquire this little cute, exotic tsundere primal!

117 thoughts on “Guide to Getting Medusa as a Filthy Gaijin

  1. Quick question, if I wanted to get the 10GB plan, would I continue to get stars without being on the network after I do the initial link and leave Japan?


      1. My crewmate told me that you have to at least use the network service once a month to get a star. If you already left Japan, can you tell me whether you get your second star (September’s) or not? Or has this been proven by other people already.


      2. The terms on the website say the only condition on getting your monthly start is to have your account linked when you are billed at the beginning of each month. There’s no mention of the requirement to use their service at least once each month.

        Anyway, this can be confirmed again when the next billing date comes.


  2. You can only trade for ticket once, you can only receive max 6 stars and will not receive anymore after that, read the terms on the gbf page on the linksmate site.


    1. >スターは各ゲーム6個が上限となり、7個以上貯めることはできません。

      The terms say the maximum number of stars you can accumulate at any time is 6, and the star count will reset when you acquire a loyalty bonus.

      As for your first statement, there is no mention of that anywhere on the site.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. if i bought the SIM card with the wifi router(huawei e5577),can i still link my account throught the wifi? or still i need to insert the SIM into my phone ten open the granblue?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It is only 8000 Yen to get Medusa, right?
    My friend said there’s always some hidden costs coming from this kind of thing. After getting Medusa, we can immediately break contract with them or we have to wait for 1 month?


    1. 8000 yen includes all the “hidden” costs that come with the 1,500 yen 5GB plan. (3000 registration + 1500 monthly fee + 3000 termination fee + 500 misc costs)

      You should be able to break contract with them in the month you acquire your Medusa.


    1. 1. Tenso provides you with a permanent JP address which you can use as the shipping address for your Linksmate SIM. Once it reaches the Tenso warehouse, you can ask Tenso to mail it to your home address (after paying a small fee).

      2. You cancel your subscription with Linksmate by contacting their customer service through their website.

      3. It takes around 2-3 hours for the linking process to complete.


    1. Linksmate rents Docomo network for their service, and so you can access it as long as the area you are in has Docomo coverage.

      Heck, I went to Mount Fuji last time and I was even able to get full signal at the peak.


  5. Do I need to have login in granblue fantasy using the google play app? or does it work with chrome browser too using the Linksmate installed device?


  6. All the step looks fine, until the linking part.

    Is there no other alternative aside having someone in Japan to link the account?


  7. Uhm i have a couple of questions ,
    1) is there an age limit?
    2) how long would it take to arrive if you live in tokyo?
    3) do you regret speding 8000 yen to get medusa?


    1. 1. No, there is no need to provide any personal information other than name and address.

      2. It takes 1-3 day for them to ship your sim to you. Depends on when you place the order, of course.

      3. Regret? No, she’s so cute and actually useful in farming gw ex+ that I would say she worths every penny.


      1. Uhm sry but i have a few more questions
        1) i went into the website to try and sign up for it but they said you have to be 20 years old and above (but i skipped this becuase i was thinking it was just for people who were getting the call feature too)
        2 ) but then i encountered another problem D:
        They asked me what phone i was using but my phone wasnt listed on the listings , does that mean i m not applicable for this? Or can i just use it if the phone has the same specs? (What would i input as my phone if i cud use a phone with the same specs)


      2. Your age shouldn’t be of any issue, since they should have no mean to verify it anyway.

        Regarding your second question, the drop down menu is only there in case people don’t know what SIM size their device uses. As long as your device support one of docomo’s frequencies you should be fine. Just select the type of SIM you want (e.g nano or macro) in the bottom section manually.


    1. Linksmate is not really a phone service, and so you only get a phone number if you choose the calling option.

      Be warned that choosing that option means you have to provide the relevant ID identification to prove that you live in Japan.

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  8. Is there a place or people we can pay to do the linking for us? I won’t ever be able to make it to Japan. Don’t have any friends either there.

    I’ve tried contacting tour guides and random ebay sellers but no dice. Unsurprisingly, since it’s a pretty weird ask, Haha.


  9. Hi Meshocku, I applied for 10gb plan and they are shipping the sim card on September 4. This is all thanks to you.

    I have a question though, it says that i would be able to use the gamelink function after 5 days, is it 5 days after I receive the sim? or 5 days after my application?


  10. I just check the プランと獲得できるスター, and I think that it’s said to give me a star once a month if I apply for the 20GB plan, not 10GB plan. So now I’m confused whether I should take that 10GB plan or 20GB plan…


    1. You get one star per month by going with their 10-20gb plan. It’s stated on the website and the people I know who went with the 10gb plan has gotten their first star last month.


  11. I was able to get her today by following the information from your guide. I asked/bribed my friend’s acquaintance to finish the final step though(free 10GB data/month for 2 years). Apparently non-Japanese debit cards worked as well (Both of my Visa/Mastercard debit cards passed the check).
    I ordered the SIM on 8/29
    and It took around 5900yen total for the first month.
    Thank you very much for the guide!


      1. Oh! I just did it and the data started working , uhm for the medusa do i have to just wait or do i need to click something in the email too?


      2. Wait for the confirmation email, then go to your linksmate account page and press the 連携特典を受け取る button when it’s up.

        You should also consider going to our discord (check the top right of the site for link) if you want real time help /support.


  12. Uhm excuse me but , i did everything and got my medusa but after i got it i accidentally clicked remove acc from link . Now ive relinked it and its showing 連携中 again does that mean its working and will my star for this month be gone?


  13. Everything looks good except when I was going through the website, it seems to be saying that I need to send the SIM card back after canceling?


  14. Does the letter they ship the SIM in require a signature on delivery or can it just be delivered to a letter box?

    I’m planning to stay at an airbnb and would like to have it delivered there prior to my arrival in Japan if possible (the owner lives in a separate house).


  15. This actually looks convenient for me since I’ll be staying in Japan for a semester study abroad. Would it be better if I sign up for Linksmate right now or once I arrive in the country?


  16. hello again! I noticed that i can link up to 3 games / accounts. does that mean that i can link 3 gbf accounts? Do they all get a star every month?


  17. Hi!
    It’s me again, So i looked at the Links Pick Ticket selection. I just want to ask what Linksmate subscribers in Japan usually go for for their first LinksPick Ticket? Or your personal recommendation for my first LinksPick ticket in the future.

    Thank you!


    1. The first linksmate ticket won’t be available for redeem until Jan 2018 so it’s still to early for this question.

      In general though, expect most people would spend it on seasonal limited


  18. Hello, I got someone to log in to my account in Japan with LinksMate internet, but I have yet to receive my confirmation email. Is there something else I have to do?


  19. Great guide and helped me get Medusa. However, I haven’t received any stars yet. I got Medusa on Sept 1 as that the date it shows she was granted on the linksmate site. Its now Oct 9th and no stars have been awarded. Was there a step I missed?


      1. Edit, I just got my star today. So seems like the star comes after bill date around the 10th of each month but only after you were active at 00:00 of the first day of month. Sucks because I signed up on Sept but didnt get a star last month. Thanks guide.


  20. So I’m now subscribed to the Linksmate network, but I got an email from them saying that they’ve yet confirmed the billing amount for this month. I thought it would be an automatic recurring payment. If not, where in the site am I able to send my monthly payment?


  21. can i ask if the credit card will still be charged monthly even if i cancel the subscription and if i use the name of my jap friend in making my account does the credit card also has to be owned by my jap friend.


  22. I just finished this process as well;

    Had a trip comming up so
    – ordered the linksmate stuff on monday.
    – have it delivered to my hotel on friday. (you can specify time slots too).
    – Arrived in Japan friday morning, check in
    2 hours later the package was delivered by kuroneko at the hotel.
    Insert the sim, link, play abit and an hour later medusa was in the inbox, plus the fact it’s a datasim for my trip is a win win.

    I think just be sure to include your bookig number and similar name as you book your room with at linksmate, and the hotel staff will pick it up fine. (You can always give them a heads up too, but they receive wifi / sim packages all the time in the case of APA where I was staying).

    All in all a smooth progress, thanks for writing it up!


    1. In regards to questions above,
      – Hotel staff received the package and might have signed for delivery confirmation. Either way it did not pose a problem. As you can finetune the timeslot in advance, be sure there is someone home at your delivery place 😛
      – I’m using a non japanese credit card obviously (amex), works fine, no issues.


  23. When filling the data for subscription, do you put your name, then the japanese address you are using?

    I am trying to register but for some reason my cards don’t go through, I wonder if I am doing something wrong in the registry lol


  24. Odd. I made an account and everything, but now they ask for documentation. I initially thought of getting the voice line for my sister who’ll be studying in Japan next year, but I deselected it before proceeding.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Hei, seriously, thank you so much for creating this guide. It’s seriously quite confusing for me as non Japanese players to keep up with all the new contents, especially ones who are created with only the Japanese players in mind.

    I have a question though, I hope you don’t mind ><. Approx, how long before the Japan trip takes place would you recommend me ordering the SIM card?

    Just one more thing :o, what’s your Discord ign on server? Thanks so much!! ♥


    1. I just got back from Japan myself. I waited until I’d checked with the hotel. From confirmation of my sign up to order to delivery, it only took a couple of days (depending on where in Japan you’re staying).


  26. So my time in Japan is done and I am back in my home country. I still haven’t unsubscribed to their service yet because I’m hoping to get the monthly star so I can be eligible for the linksmate ticket. To confirm, do I have to be using their network to be able to receive the linksmate ticket? If so, then I’ll just cancel my sub since I won’t be back in Japan for quite some time. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No you dont, I haven’t been back in Japan since Sept and I am about to get my 6th star. Price went up though from when I started since they started to charge for Count Free.


  27. I just got my foreign credit card rejected just as I was about to get my 6th star. Anyone else encounter this issue? If they suddenly decided to ban foreign CCs I would be so pissed..


    1. I just got the same issue, received an email indicating that Linksmate failed to process my credit card, yet I am still able to use the same card on other sites…. I am also worrying about them suddenly deciding to ban foreign credit cards….


  28. It seems it might only affect visa/master.
    My amex (EU based) was charged succesfully today.
    “2018 February worth of settlement Charge was completed.”


  29. hello. I’m going with ‘come to japan and get the sim card’ route.
    so I just got the sim card today, but does anyone got any problem with the sim card? I think my phone can connect to docomo network because the sim card I used from my country used docomo line for roaming purpose, but strangely the linksmate sim card won’t connect to the internet even though the signal bar is full. there’s no indicator of 4G/3G on the signal bar either. can anyone help? my phone is samsung galaxy s7 edge.


  30. Could anyone who has set up a 10gb account for 6 months to get the linksmate ticket let me know what the total cost involved is?

    I make it around 30,000yen. That’s 3000jpy a month for the data plus count-free option, plus 6000yen in set-up and termination charges, plus 1000yen for the sim. Am I missing anything else?

    Also, is it easy to cancel the account at the end. I’d be doing so from overseas. Do you need to write to them or can you just log-in and cancel via their website?



    1. I started my 10GB plan back in August 2017, setting up the sim card only option cost me around 3600 yen.

      After that, each month up to about 2500 yen up until December 2017, and then since January 2018 it’s been around 3000 yen per month (since count-free option fees started). January was also the month I got my first Linksmate ticket fyi.

      As of Feb 2018, my total cost thus far was around 19600 yen, a little under 20000 yen. (If you start now, assume it would be like around 21000 yen.)

      One thing I do need to note is that, to cancel out the sim card could be more of a hassle than I initially thought. As during the my panic when they temporarily blocked my overseas Mastercard, I looked it up and found out that cancellation also involves sending them back the Linksmate sim card.

      In the end, I would say the as long as you can cover the beginning and the end process (both which involve being in or having a friend in Japan), you should be fine.


      1. Thanks. That’s really useful to know.

        Having to send the sim back could be an issue, unless I can do it by airmail. I’m travelling to Japan next week and I’m going to be there until mid-June, but the plan was to keep the contract going for 3 more months on my return to the UK so I could get the linksmate ticket. Medusa isn’t actually that much of a draw for me – I was after one of the seasonal limiteds.

        Do you know if the cancellation process can be done relatively simply online via an account page (setting aside the complication of having to return the sim), or do I need to contact them to cancel? My Japanese is very limited, and I’m not sure who I could reasonably ask to help. I might just have to give up on the idea if it’s going to be an ordeal to cancel at the end of the six months.


  31. It seems they have a new form of identy verification thing going on now which blocks new users, but might be a problem for current users at some point..

    Is this just identity verification, or identity + address verification?
    The first might be doable with passport/drivers license etc.., proof of address is hard to do obviously if not living in JP.

    Liked by 1 person

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