News from Granblue Channel #74

Today’s Granblue Channel brought us info on next scenario event, collaboration, and minor update.

Scenario event


  • Grea will be playable SR event character ( fire element).
  • Recruit her by raising loyalty.


  • Tokuen Ranbu collab to be held on 9/9.
  • Izuminokami Kanesada will be playable SR character during the collab ( fire element).
  • Said to be more playable characters.


Yamanbagiri Kunihiro


  • FLB Io’s grand series weapon will be released on 8/31.
  • Official Granblue Fantasy manga vol 2 will be released on 8/30 and vol 3 on 9/29.
  • Lyria and Siero voiced stamps to be added in the future.

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