9/14/2017 New Gacha Characters & Dancer Class Released


SSR Anne

Element: Water

Race: Human
Role: Defense
Weapon Proficiency: Spear


  • Anti-Collision Spell: 100% DEF up to all allies
    •  Duration = 3T / Cooldown = 9T
    • Consumes 1 Spirit to gain an additional Armor effect (5 turns)
    • Armor: A chance of further reducing damage received
    • Level 55 Upgrade: Reduced CD
  • Follow The Princess: Up to 2 Counters upon taking damage, Hostility up
    • Duration = 2T / Cooldown = 5T
    • Consumes 1 Spirit to gain DEF up (Stackable, infinte duration)
    • Level 75 Upgrade: Improved Effectiveness
  • Radiant Calling: A self heal (max 1500 HP)
    • Cooldown = 4T
    • Consumes 1 Spirit to increase the Heal (3000 HP) and fully clear Anne of all debuffs

Charge Attack

  • Deterrent Thrust: Massive Water damage to an enemy / Gain 2 Spirits


  • Protector Of The Academy: Hostility up, gain ATK and DEF up as long as Anne has a Spirit.
    Anne starts the battle with 3 Spirits, maximum amount of Spirits is 3
  • Adept Sorceress: Stackable CA DMG up when taking damage

Extended Mastery Points


Early Assessment

Anne will be a very powerful Defensive character for your team. Unlike Yngwie, who is mostly focused on balancing offense with his selfish defense, Anne is completely focused on damage reduction for both herself and her team.
Her ability to practically half the damage received for 3 turns (which can be extended by Quatre) she can tank hits and recover from them with little effort. As long as she keeps getting hit and has Spirits up both her offensive and defensive powers will also increase, making her very useful for fights that drag on for a while.



SR Owen

Element: Water

Race: Human
Role: BAL
Proficiency: Sword


  • Enschanted Arms: Deal 20% Bonus Water damage on attacks
    • Duration = 5T / Cooldown = 6T
    • Consumes 20% charge bar
    • Level 45 Upgrade: CD reduced
  • Saving Slash: Gain Drain
    • Duration = 3T / Cooldown = 7T
    • Level 65 Upgrade: CD reduced
  • Doom Slash: Gain Strength
    • Duration = 3T / Cooldown = 8T

Charge Attack

  • Mirage Blade: Large Water damage to an enemy / Extend all off Owen’s unique buffs by 2 turns


  • Runeblade Wielder: Always Double-Attack

Extended Mastery Points


Early Assessment

Owen is another addition to an already excellent roster of SRs for Water. On his own he has very simple but powerful buffs with amazing uptimes (which can once again be even further increased with Quatre) and he will prove no doubt to be an insanely powerful unit for the beginning player and maybe even in some Varuna Ultima sword teams.


New Class: Dancer

Weapon Proficiency: Dagger/Dagger
Mastery Bonus: +1% Dodge
Unlock Requirements: 1000 CP, 10 Champion Merits, Beat “So You Think You Can Dance” (Chapter 25, beat Chapter 63 first)


  • Spellbound Salsa: Dodge all enemy attacks, DATA up on self
    •  Duration = 1T / Cooldown = 5T
    • Reduces your max HP by 10% (Effect can not be removed)
  • Classical Lead: Your party members will mimic your DATA/Ougi
    •  Duration = 1T / Cooldown = 9T
    • Starts on a 3T cooldown
  • Two To Tango: Perform two attack instances per turn (MC only)
    • Duration = 4T / Cooldown = 16T


  • Fanciful Footwork: Stackable Dodge rate up on successful multi-attacks
  • Pas De Passion: DA up upon successful dodging

Early Assessment

Dancer is a class primarily focused on dodging and multi-attacking. Since the first skill comes with a minor HP reduction per cast you will have to be extra careful on grids with low base HP (e.g. Cortana builds), while still providing some extra utility with increased DATA and Dodge rates. Pairing Dancer with characters like Fire Socciette and Anthuria may lead to interesting new party setups and the double dagger proficiency will no doubt be a boon in your regular Leviathan Omega weapon grids.

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