September Final Limit Breaks Released


SSR Lennah Final Limit Break

Element: Wind
Race: Human
Role: Heal
Proficiency: Staff

Final Limit Break Upgrades

  • On Final Uncap: Charge Attack inflicts a debuff, “Spirit Blossom“, that increases Lennahs CA damage and cap
    • This debuff has infinite duration but can be dispelled
    • This debuff will stack up to 2 times
  • Level 90: Lennah gains a new Passive:
    • Lennah can now drain HP from poisoned foes
  • Level 95: Renaissance‘s Refresh is now a Revitalize, Clear effect added
    • Revitalize gives 10% charge bar if you are at full HP
  • Level 100: Lennah gains a 4th skill: Forget Me Not
    • Revives one ally at 100% HP
    • Cooldown = 20T

Early Assessment

Lennah’s FLB is an extension to her support kit. While Wind is still starving for a readily accessible character Veil, they now have their first Revive in the element. While her kit is now a bit more controversial to Magna Wind’s playstyle (you’re not gonna get much use out of Revitalize if you play enmity), her heals are untouched and are thus still small enough to manage your enmity.

If you have Summer Korwa however, you can get much greter merit out of her Revitalize, as Summer Korwa allows you to dish out massive damage even at full HP and Revitalize will help keep her buffs up.

Lennah’s FLB will make her possibly one of the better support picks for Ultimate Bahamut, Baal and possibly the upcoming Wind GW.


Sethlans Final Limit Break

  • Scaling now starts at 90% Elemental modifier and caps at 130%
    • Sethlans now ramps up faster at 5% per turn instead of 2%
  • The rare effect “Massive boost to all allies ATK” will now be guaranteed on the first call
    • The ATK boost is a 100% Normal ATK modifier
    • The guaranteed proc is part of the aura
  • Sethlans will now give 10% HP at FLB

Lohengrin Final Limit Break

  • First skill addition: Echo on Feared targets
    • This upgrade is effective at level 120

Vlisragna Final Limit Break

  • First skill addition: MC CA damage cap up when used as mainhand
    • This upgrade is effective at level 120

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