“The Future of Granblue Fantasy” October 2017


CardCaptor Sakura Collab Info

  • The event will come in two parts
    • The first part starts on October 10th
    • The second part starts on October 17th
  • Sakura’s event character is SSR
    • You can change Sakura’s outfit after fully uncapping her
    • Familiar characters will appear during the event


New Side Story Announced


  • Blade of The Young Champion
    • This event comes with the event SR Juri

New Information on Arcarum


  • A new Free Quest has to be cleared before you can access Arcarum
    • This Free Quest will be implemented soon
    • Arcarum itself will be implemented at a later day

New Weapon FLB Information

  • Eternal Love is getting its FLB in late October
  • Some newly released weapons may receive an FLB immediately upon release
  • FLB materials may be shown before actually meeting the FLB requirement

New Info on the Next Unite and Fight

  • The enemies will be Fire element
  • Crew bonuses might be abolished during GW
    • Individual bonuses for crew roles may be added instead

A New Gold Bar Will be  Added to Rise of the Beasts

New Support EMP Skills Slated for Late October

  • SSR
    • Fire: Anthuria
    • Water: Romeo, Izmir, Christmas Arulumaya
    • Earth: Halloween Eustace
    • Wind: Mellissabelle, Yuisis
    • Light: Juliet
    • Dark: Marquiares
  • SR
    • Fire: Ryan, Sen
    • Water: Event Lowain, Morphe & Phoebe
    • Earth: Redluck, Laguna, Jamil, Almeida
    • Wind: Eso
    • Light: Johann, Nicholas
    • Dark: Shao, Stan
  • R
    • Fire: Lamretta
    • Water: Alistair
    • Earth: Nene
    • Light: Vermeil
    • Dark: Lunalu

Additional Future Updates

  • Bonus Prestige Pendants may be added for joining High Level raids started by your crew
    • These Prestige Pendants will have a seperate weekly cap like R/SR bonus Renown
  • Hosts and players of the same crew may be allowed to use one elixir in some High Level battles
  • Blue Potions can be aqcuired by calling back-up to “Crew” and “Friends” instead of only “Everyone”
  • Side Story SSRs may see an increase in stock from 3 to 4
  • The ability to change your Subskills after selecting a summon before entering a battle may be added

Merchandise News


  • Grandblue Fantasy the Animation Volume 6 will be released on October 25th
    • This Volume will come with the voiced Gran/Djeeta costume
  • The 10th character song Album “Soku Hana no Mai” will be released on October 25th as well
    • The featured characters are Yuel (voiced by Kana Ueda) and Societte (vocied by Ryoko Shiraishi)
    • An in-game sticker for both Yuel and Societte will be included as serial code
  • Grandblue Fantasy Novel Volume 9 will be released on October 30th
    • Yggdrasil will be featured on the cover
    • It will come with a cute Yggdrasil in-game sticker as serial code


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