October 2017 Final Limit Breaks


SR Will Final Uncap

  • FLB Ougi Upgrade:
    • Damage increased / ATK+DEF down on enemy
  • Upon reaching level 80:
    • Console’s Healing Cap increased / Debuff RES up to all allies / 10% Charge to all allies
  • Upon reaching level 90:
    • Guilt and Resonance’s damage multiplier increased / DA Up applies to all allies

SR and R Will gained Staff proficiencies alongside their Sword proficiencies.


SR Rita Final Uncap

  • FLB Ougi Upgrade:
    • Damage increased / Deal additional Plain DMG if an enemy or ally is afflicted with Zombified
    • This damage scales depending on the number of afflicted entities (Max 6)
  • Upon reaching level 80:
    • Vermillion damage multiplier increased / Further increased damage on Zombified targets
  • Upon reaching level 90:
    • Rita learns an additional skill: Animate Dead
    • This skill inflicts all allies with “Curse of the Dead”, KO’d allies with this effect will be revived with Zombie, Zombified and Hostility Up applied to them
    • Zombie prevents an ally from using skills or performing a charge attack but will greatly increase the allies’ ATK power, the ally is KO’d once more after 3 turns

Vortex Dragon Final Uncap


Note: Vortex Dragon’s Final Uncap does not expend quartz, allowing you to get an extra 200 Light quartz for reducing it after FLB .

Weapon Final Uncaps

  • Dragon Slayer Final Uncap:
    • 20% boost to charge bar added to charge attack
    • Ventosus’s Might changes into “Hero’s Testament”
    • This skill boosts Wind allies’ charge attack damage when used as Main Hand weapon

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