The Future of Granblue Fantasy November 2017


Event Changes

  • Platinum Sky will be re-run on the 17th of Nov.
    • The Racer Gran/Djeeta costume will be obtainablejsahd
  • Four Knights of a Fallen Land will be added as Side Story
  • Xeno Cocytus will run starting the 22nd of Nov.
    • The weapon will be Staff typing
    • The ability to Final Uncap a Xeno weapon through the uncap screen will be removed

Unite and Fight Changes

  • Balm buffs have been removed in favor of different officer buffs
    • Vice Captain:
      • 5% ATK Up / 10% HP Up / 30% Charge Bar Up
      • Lasts 1 hour / Max. 2 times a day
    • Attack Specialist:
      • 20% ATK Up
      • Lasts 2 hours / Max. 2 times a day
    • Defence Specialist:
      • 20% DEF Up
      • Lasts 2 hours / Max. 2 times a day
    • Captains:
      • Can invoke any of the officer buffs but with the restrictions still applied
      • Restrictions are shared between all officers and captains
  • These buffs will not carry over to the next day and disappear at 7 AM JST
  • Buffs will only be applied when a battle is started with buffs active, buffs will not expire until the battle is finished
  • Officer roles cannot be changed during GW
  • Individual honors can no longer be gained from battles after the last Final

Arcarum Newssadasd

  • Arcarum summons will be obtained as SRs like Primarch weapons
    • They will be able to become uncapped and SSR by farming special materials
    • Materials will be a mix from existing materials and newly introduced exclusive materials from Arcarum
    • Arcarum is in its final stages

Balance Changes

The following characters will be adjusted sometime before the year ends:

  • SSR:
    • Rackam (Grand)
    • Heles (Fire)
    • Societte (Fire)
    • Anthuria
    • Lily
    • Lancelot
    • Izmir
    • Vane
    • Aletheia
    • Melleau
    • Okto
    • Clarisse (Earth and Light)
    • Nemone
    • Nezahualpilli
    • Metera (Wind)
    • Siete
    • Yuisis
    • Sarunan (Light and Dark)
    • Io (Grand)
    • Rosetta (Christmas)
    • Forte
    • Veight
    • Marquiares
  • SR:
    • Carren
    • Ange
    • Sevilbarra
    • Noa
  • In addition to this, Sleep, Coma┬áParalysis and Fear will become local turn-based debuffs, this affects the following characters:
    • Arriet
    • Morphe & Phoebe
    • Shao
    • Summer and SR Danua
    • Nio
      • Song’s charge attack now gives a buff, using The Clincher after a charge attack will consume the buff and inflict a 60-second Paralysis
  • Support EMPs will be added for the following characters:
    • SSR:
      • Katapillar and Vira
      • Vane
      • Razia
      • De La Fille (Earth)
      • Clarisse (Light)
      • Zeta (Dark)
      • Katalina (Dark)
      • Cagliostro (Dark)
    • SR:
      • Cecil
      • Barawa (Event)
      • Cucuroux
      • Dante
      • Pamela
      • Diantha (CD Promo)
      • Augusta
      • Jessica
      • Robertina
      • Novel
    • R:
      • Rosine
      • Balurga
      • La Coiffe
      • Celonim
      • Chloe

Miscellaneuos Updates

  • They will add 7 more party sets, upping the total amount of parties to 84
  • A material tracker may be added, this will be displayed on your Home page
    • When a material drops you will be notified of your current quantity
  • Mass reduction will be added
  • An auto-sell function may be added for unwanted junk weapons
    • You can set it to auto-feed to your crew ship as well

Merch News


  • Granblue Fantasy: The Anime Volume 7 will be released on Nov. 29th
    • This will include the voiced summer Gran/Djeeta skins
  • Bahamut Virgin Soul III will be released on Nov. 22nd
    • This will re-include SR Amira as character unlock


4 thoughts on “The Future of Granblue Fantasy November 2017

  1. They’re just getting rid of the stat bloat. Everyone capping makes the work you put into your grid beyond a certain point meaningless. Now the plebs will know the power of my +99s!


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