Arcarum: The World Beyond, What We Know So Far

This article will not gain major additions until Hard Mode is unlocked. Corrections, information and suggestions for the article are welcome.

It’s Finally Here

After countless delays Arcarum has finally arrived, this post will give you the information we know so far on tackling Arcarum content and what to expect.

Table of Contents

Accessing Arcarum


  • Beat Chapter 44

In order to gain access to Arcarum int he first place you’ll first have to clear the introductory Free Quest: “Inchoate World”. In this free quest You will be challenged by The World.


The World has 6 million HP and will start the battle by casting a 3-turn Wormhole on you, this will give you a random debuff after the Wormhole expires. It also has 3 major plain damage triggers at 75%, 50% and 25%. It is recommended to bring a form of healing to counter his 50% HP trigger that will deal 50% of your max HP.

After defeating this adversary you will be granted access to Arcarum, you can access it through the new island in the top left corner of Phantagrande or the banner above the casino banner on your home page.


The Journey to Sephira Plains

After a short and rather incomplete tutorial you will be let loose to pick one of three paths to take towards Sephira Plains:5twag5a

  • Point Aquila: Featuring The Hanged Man, The Devil and The Sun
  • Point Bellator: Featuring Justice, The Moon and Judgement
  • Point Celsus: Featuring Death, Temperance, The Tower and The Star

Which route you pick will weigh various drops towards what you need for the featured summons, pick the one that features the summon you are most interested in for a chance to attain that summon first. You have to see all three points to the end to unlock Hard mode anyway.

Gameplay Loop


Arcarum’s gameplay is rather simple: Every day you will get 1 Arcarum Badge, this will let you enter a map with nodes and get an objective, once you clear the objective you can move on to the next map. There are 3 maps per stage before you are forced to quit your expedition. Each expedition starts you with 100 TP, one TP is expended for every new node explored and turn taken in battles, retreating from a battle will cost you 10 TP in Normal Mode.

Wiping in any battle will kick you out of the stage and consume your ticket, the only way to circumvent this is by buying a Mighty Cure-All (max 1 per expedition).

Objectives you are given can vary from:

  • Nothing
  • Kill x enemies
  • Kill x of a certain enemy
  • Destroy ? Spirethorns

It is recommended that you fully explore all nodes on the map for the entirety of Normal mode as you have plenty of TP to spare.

On Stage 3-3 and 6-3 you will encounter a Discarded Puppet, this is a boss with 3.3 million HP that will drop more valuable materials. On Stage 9-3 you will encounter an Arcana boss, this can be any of the featured Arcana with a small chance of Death and The Star popping up anywhere, defeating an Arcana will give you a good amount of important materials for crafting that summon.

Node Encounters and Loot

Whenever you enter a node you can encounter a combination of 4 things:

  • One or more chests of varying quality / mimics of varying quality
  • One or more enemy waves of varying elements
  • A Spirethorn to break for your objective
  • A “Do or Die” encounter, locking you in place until you defeat the enemy

Chests will vary greatly in pay-out and encounter rate, they will contain 1-3 of the following confirmed items:

Silver 10 berries
2 Half Elixirs
1 Fury Stone
Various Anima
Various island materials
Various stage-length buffs
Gold Various Anima
Various Special Quest materials
1 Idean
1 Astra
Random Magna SSR Weapon
 Red (for reaching Checkpoint) 1 Idean
1 Astra
1 Verum Proof
Random Magna SSR Weapon
10 Berries
1 Blue Sky Crystal
2 Half Elixirs
1 Champion Merits
1 Supreme Merit
 Red (for beating stage 9-3) 1-2 Ideans
1-2 Astras
Random Magna SSR Weapon
1-2 Verum Proofs


Mimics have ~65k HP in Normal Mode and can drop any of the following confirmed items:

 Silver Mimic  +1-3 Mirage Maker
1 Quartz
1 Aurora Haze
1 Chaotic haze
1-2 Half Elixirs
1 Astra
1 Sephira Stone
1 Verum Proof
 Gold Mimic  Silver Mimic Pool
Random Magna SSR Weapon
1 Blue Sky Crystal
1 Idean

Enemy encounters will be of varying elements and will come in batches of 1-3 monsters, they will drop various common materials of their elements as well as Verum Proofs and rarely a Chaotic or Aurora Haze.
Single monsters will have ~500k – 2.1mil HP, doubles will have ~80k – 220k HP and triples will have ~10k – 50k HP in Normal Mode.

Spirethorns are merely an obstacle that block your path and might force you into a battle after breaking it.

Special Events

There are 4 special events that can happen on a map:

  • Mist barriers appearing upon entering the map, defeat the [Bound] monsters to get rid of them
  • Explored nodes may gain a chest upon clearing objective
  • Explored nodes may get infested by new monsters upon clearing objective
  • An “Ominous Presence” will spawn one of 3 dangerous mobs on your map, they are not mandatory to defeat but will drop some valuable loot and Arcapoints on defeat.
Discarded Puppets

On stage 3-3 and 6-3 you will encounter a Discarded Puppet, these bosses have 3.3mil HP and will shower you with plain damage if you don’t kill them fast enough, they drop a combination of 1-2 Astras, 0-1 Ideans, 0-1 Quartz, 0-1 Aurora Hazes, 0-1 Chaotic Hazes as well as varying amounts of Verum Proofs.

Sephira Plains Showdown

You’ve battled your way through 8 days of randomized encounters and now stand before one of the ten Arcana at stage 9-3, each Arcana has drastically different fight mechanics and they have off-element resistance.
You cannot re-roll the Arcana you fight by ending the expedition and waiting another day, the Arcana you get is fixed upon starting your journey to Sephira Plains.

Fight mechanics are incomplete and more info is being gathered over time

 Arcana  Special Mechanics
 BattleRaid Arcarum Justice.png Justice – 2 Enemies
– Un-balancing the HP of Justice and the scale will nuke you with plain damage (Bigger HP difference = more plain damage)
 BattleRaid Arcarum The Hanged Man.png The Hanged Man – 3 Enemies
– Earth add deals minor damage at 50% HP
BattleRaid Arcarum Death.png Death – Allies will be knocked out in 13 turns
– 90% damage reduction to damage, lowers as more allies get knocked out
– Has 2 multi-hit Dark damage triggers (%HP unknown)
 BattleRaid Arcarum Temperance.png Temperance – Full buff dispel every other turn
– Deals ~2500 Wind damage at 50% HP and fully clears herself (repeated <50% whenever she has debuffs)
– Deals low-damage multi-hit Wind attacks at 35% HP
 BattleRaid Arcarum The Devil.png The Devil – Massive Plain damage at 50%
 BattleRaid Arcarum The Tower.png The Tower  – Only attacks every 3 turns,
– High base damage
– 6 diamond special that deals devastating damage
 BattleRaid Arcarum The Star.png The Star – Many AoE light hits at 25%
– Buffs your ATK and Multi-Attack rate
– OD Specials have a chance to instantly KO a target
 BattleRaid Arcarum The Moon.png The Moon  – Inflicts Bounty Hunter on himself
– Stats increase with Bounty Hunter level
 BattleRaid Arcarum The Sun.png The Sun  – Inflicts Burn every turn
– Casts Flare on specials
– Specials can inflict a powerful 3 turn Blind
 BattleRaid Arcarum Judgement.png Judgement – Removes debuffs on self
– Casts stackable ATK down on party
– Gains stackable ATK/DEF up at 50% and 25% HP (Un-Dispellable)

Hard Mode

Will be covered once we get to it.

The Rewards

Spending your Arcapoints

During your travels to Sephira Plains you will obtain Arcapoints for defeating enemies as well as finishing stages. You can get a maximum of 4000 Arcapoints per week and can hold 50 000 max.

You can spend these points in the Arcarum shop for various items:

 Item + Cost  Description
   Explorer Potion – 30 AP – Restores all allies’ HP (25% of max HP)
   Rejuvewort – 30 AP – Removes one debuff from an ally
   Mighty Cure All – 150 AP – Restores all allies’ HP
– Removes all allies’ debuffs
– Fills all charge bars
   Raid Drop – 100 AP – 20% boost to ATK
   Ward Drop – 100 AP – 15% boost to DEF
   Nerve Drop – 100 AP  – +3000 Max HP
   Dash Drop – 100 AP – 25% DA up
– 15% TA up
   Magus Drop – 100 AP  – 20% Debuff Resistance
   Divine Drop – 5000 AP  – 50% Boost to ATK
– 25% boost to DEF
– +7000 Max HP
– 30% DA up
– 20% TA up
– 25% Debuff Resistance
   Arcarum Badge Limit Upgrade – 2000 AP – Increases your badge carry limit by 1
   Sunlight Stone – 30 000 AP  – Uncaps an SSR Summon
   Moonlight Stone – 3000 AP  – Uncaps an SR Summon
   Black Rabbit – 15 000 AP  –  Aura: 10% (15% 3★) bonus drop rate/XP
– Call: Small chance to apply TH
   Sephira Stone – 2000 AP  – Used to craft and upgrade Arcarum Summons

  Elemental Astras – 1500 AP
 – Used to craft and upgrade Arcarum Summons
The Summons

The big catch of Arcarum is getting those precious Arcana summons, these special summons come with Auras that work from the sub-slots making them useful in almost every summon grid, especially those who use Bonito family summons.

Arcana summons cannot be chained or set as Support summon and they deal skill based damage with a cap of 440k (at SR, Tower excluded).

Here are the summons and their effects:

SSR call buff effectiveness and duration unknown as of now, SR calls are 300% skill damage, SSR 400%.

 Summon  Effects
  Justice (SR) icon.jpg Justice  – Call: Balance team HP (Any Element, counts max HP not %) / Restore Water allies’ HP

– Main Aura: +60% (100% 3★) Water Allies’ ATK / 10% DEF up
– Sub Aura: 10% (20% 3★) Water allies’ HP up

   The Hanged Man (SR) icon.jpg  The Hanged man  – Call: Remove 1 debuff from all allies (Any Element) / Earth allies gain 1 random buff

– Aura: +60% (100% 3★) Earth Allies’ ATK / 10% DEF up
– Sub-Aura: 3% (7% 3★) Seraphic stacking final damage boost when on-element

 Death (SR) icon.jpg  Death  – Call: KO a non-MC/Lyria ally (Any element) / Guaranteed TA for Dark allies (2 turns)

– Aura: +80% (120% 3★) Dark Allies’ ATK / -30% max HP
– Sub-Aura: 3% (7% 3★) Seraphic stacking final damage boost when on-element

 Temperance (SR) icon.jpg  Temperance  – Call: Inflict Restrained on all battle participants (One ally excluded 3★)
– Restrained prevents anything from attacking or using CAs/Specials (diamonds will not be consumed if special was to be used)- Aura: Wind allies’ ATK up to 80% (120% 3★) as HP nears 50%
– Sub-Aura: 10% (20% 3★) Wind allies’ HP up
 The Devil (SR) icon.jpg  The Devil  – Call: Increasing Burn on Enemy (3 turns: 9999/50 000/99 999 for SR) / 20% ATK/DEF down on Wind enemies

– Aura: +60% (100% 3★) Fire Allies’ ATK / 10% DEF up
– Sub-Aura: 10% (20% 3★) Fire allies’ HP up

 The Tower (SR) icon.jpg  The Tower  – Call: 3 Turn Towering on MC (DEF up, recasts 2 times after expiring) / Deal increasingly more summon damage each time Towering expires

– Aura: 30-70% (70-110% 3★) Earth ATK up as turns pass
– Sub-Aura: 10% (20% 3★) Earth allies’ HP up

 The Star (SR) icon.jpg  The Star  – Call: DEF down / TA up (2 Turns)

– Aura: Light allies’ MA rate up (higher boost at 3★?)
– Sub-Aura: 3% (7% 3★) Seraphic stacking final damage boost when on-element

 The Moon (SR) icon.jpg  The Moon  – Call: Increasing ATK/DEF for 5 turns

– Aura: 30-70% (70-110% 3★) Water ATK up as turns pass
– Sub-Aura: 3% (7% 3★) Seraphic stacking final damage boost when on-element

 The Sun (SR) icon.jpg  The Sun  – Call: Party slot 1 gains a second attack instance

Aura: Fire allies’ MA rate up as turns pass (higher boost at 3★?)
– Sub-Aura: 3% (7% 3★) Seraphic stacking final damage boost when on-element

 Judgement (SR) icon.jpg  Judgement  – Call: Revive one Wind ally / revived ally is KO’d after 2 turns

– Aura: +60% (100% 3★) Wind Allies’ ATK / 10% DEF up
– Sub-Aura: 3% (7% 3★) Seraphic stacking final damage boost when on-element

Upgrading Your Summons

To upgrade your summons you will need a variety of materials, most of these are Arcarum exclusive.

There are 5 upgrade steps total and the ones known so far are:

Step 1:

  • 2 Sephira Stones
  • 100 Flawless Prsims
  • 3 Astras of the summon’s element
  • 2 Ideans specific to that summon
  • 6 Verum Proofs of the summon’s element (3 Wind + Fire for Light; 3 Water +Earth for Dark)
  • 30 Omega Anima of the summon’s element Magna
  • 1 Haze (Aurora for Fire, Wind and Light; Chaotic for Water, Earth and Dark)
Step 2:

  • 5 Sephira Stones
  • 100 Rainbow Prisms
  • 5 Astras
  • 3 Ideans
  • 16 Verum Proofs (8/8 split for Light/Dark)
  • 100 Quartz of the summon’s element
  • 3 Hazes
Step 3:

  • 10 Sephira Stones
  • 10 Astras
  • 5 Ideans
  • 30 Verum Proofs (15/15 split for Light/Dark)
  • 30 Tier 1 Summon raid anima of your summon’s element
  • 7 Hazes

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