The Future Of Granblue Fantasy January 2018

New Co-op News

  • Pandemonium’s Finale will be added before the anniversary
  • Class Weapon Final Upgrades will be implemented in a similar fashion to Ultima Weapons
  • Nekomancer will be accompanied with another class to become the first EXII Classes, release date unknown

Final Limit Breaks

  • Eden will gain its Final Uncap mid-January
  • Anila will gain her Final Uncap before January ends

Side Stories

  • Duelist of Eternity will be added
  • Other collaborations might be added in the future

Unite and Fight Changes

  • Upcoming UnF is Fire advantaged
  • The UnF afterwards in February is Dark advantaged
  • MVP Tokens will be granted to the top 3 in Nightmare raids
  • Opponent Strike Time will be notified during Finals matches
  • Daily Missions will be introduced for non-finalists to earn Valor
  • Crew Jobs can now be assigned during Finals when the monsters are asleep

Arcarum Changes

  • Extreme will be added during the 4th anniversary
  • New Arcarum weapons will be added
  • Arcarum summons will get an FLB
  • The Oracles will become obtainable before the end of 2018

EMP Changes

  • Arisa and Luna will gain EMP perks

New EMP Supports:

  • SSR Grea
  • SSR Halloween Danua
  • SSR Anne
  • SSR Water Yuel
  • SSR The Maids
  • SSR Azazel
  • SR Fire Lucius
  • SR Fire Event Sutera
  • SR Mina
  • SR Lamretta
  • SR Herja
  • SR Andira
  • SR Meteon
  • SR Arisa
  • SR Tyre
  • SR Albert
  • SR Vermeil
  • SR Luna
  • SR Ludmilla
  • SR Deliford
  • SR Cagliostro
  • SR Lyria

4th Anniversary Updates

  • New Magna raids will be implemented during the 4th anniversary
    • These are based on the main-wheel 120% summons
    • Lucifer/Baha will not be part of these
  • Existing Magna weapons will be buffed
  • Magna summon FLBs will be added
  • Character’s Mystery EMP will be added
  • Character +mark bonuses cap increased to +300
  • What Makes the Sky Blue pt. 2 will feature a free budget Primal
    • The Primal will start at 0* and needs to be sunstoned
    • You can take a sunstone instead of a Primal
    • Reducing the primal will refund your sunstones

Other Updates

  • Some Tier IV Classes will be rebalanced
  • Mass Reduce will come in January
  • Auto-Sell will come in February
  • Hard raids will get an option to be fought “3 in 1” to lower time spent on dailies

5 thoughts on “The Future Of Granblue Fantasy January 2018

  1. Did they actually say that other collabs might be added? I mean, Shadowverse is a cygames game just like GBF so it only makes sense they’d do an event re-run/turn it into a side story.


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