Class IV Champion Weapons Guide


The Final upgrade of the Class Champion Weapons have finally arrived, and with it a new limit break for those weapons as they now have a 5* and a level 200 cap (call it “5LB” or “ULB” or “FFLB” or whichever you prefer). Not every number of every weapon upgrade are out yet, but the most interesting ones have already been tested, so we’ll try to assess the worth of those weapons and if they are worth your time and resources.

Before we start, a quick review of those weapons specifics  :

  • Like previously, their skill effects are only available as a Main Hand weapon, and you can only use them if you use the specific corresponding class.
  • They do not have any “Might” type of skills, i.e a raw attack boost skill. Which means main handing them will most of the time require you to sacrifice some offensive power (at least in appearance).
  • The weapon level caps at 200, but all skills can be unlocked at level 150, which means it will only serve as an Angel sink to get them to max level. Note that the amount of experience required to rank the weapon remains 30k at every level from 150 onward.
  • Upon upgrading from Tier 3 to Tier 4, the CCW all gain : a better ougi effect, an improved first skill often boosting the effects of each respective class first skill, and a second skill that will either boost the MC stats or improve one of your skill (Zenith or Extended Mastery).

How do I get my C4CW?

Although a 5* and a level 200 weapon might imply that it is a rather end game thing to farm, it is actually something that can be reasonably done right after you’re done with your CCW and have unlocked a few T4 jobs. Unlike Arcarum or Relic weapons, it doesn’t require any rare material in huge quantities to forge the weapon, the worst part mostly being that it will require you 255 weapon stones and 3 Silver Centrums.


Some materials need to be farmed in the Battles 6-1 and 6-2 of Pandemonium. 6-1 is extremely easy, and only 6-2 is somehow a bit harder, but barely. Astaroth is weaker than a 6-man HL battle, especially since you can buff your rooms with coop buff and simply blaze through the fight. Paralyze can help you shorten the fight as well. If you have at least one end-game grid (FLB grid + Coda Baha), you can probably participate in those without any issue. Astaroth has 320m HP, but only regular defense so a decent and organized party can easily beat her.

Try to have one or two people with Thor as it will self clear all his debuffs twice during the fight, as well as people with dispel to remove his def buffs, as well as maybe one Sparta for one specific trigger. Otherwise, this boss has only slightly above regular defense and doesn’t hurt that hard, at worst it will deal 2-3k AoE autos toward the end of the fight. The 6-1 fight hits harder, but has much less HP (130m)

You will want 4 different drops :

  • Sage and Knight Esteems : They drop very frequently from either fight, generally 1-2 per fight in average. You will need generally between 10 and 20 of each per CCW.
  • Otherwordly Darkblade : They drop exclusively from 6-1, 0-1 drop per fight. You will need 3 per CCW.
  • Astaroth Anima : They drop exclusively from 6-2, 0-1 drop per fight. You will need 10 per CCW (for the emblem), and it will likely take you at least two full rooms of Astaroth punching before you get enough.

Note that host chest has a high chance to grant you either of the above material, so if you can afford it try to host or to rotate hosting.

Is a C4CW worth using despite not having an ATK skill?


It pretty much is a case by case decision. Most of the C4CW are not all-around and versatile main hands, and are actually very specific and focused. They will generally synergize well with specialized setups, so the value of each C4CW will definitely change depending on the player. However we can still give some general rules about when a CCW is worth using (from “Don’t make one” to “Craft one asap”):

  1. You own an Ultima weapon of that element that you can already use for that Class. In that case, the Ultima boosts (ougi + skill) will definitely be better.
  2. You own a Xeno weapon that you can main hand. The Xeno will automatically be a 15-20% damage upgrade over the CCW, and it’s arguable that the different buffs provided by the CCW skills will compensate for the damage loss.
  3. You own a weapon (generally GW dagger, fist or harp) with a great ougi. In that case, only the best CCW that grant really desirable bonus and great ougis  can be used as a MH replacement. In some niche fights, they might even be preferable.
  4. You own a strong normal mod FLB weapon (Huanglong / Qilin / Celestials weapons), but that doesn’t really have a great ougi. In that case, it’s really dependant on the different synergies the C4CW can bring to your team, especially with its ougi effect.
  5. Same as n°4, but you’re also using a Primal Setup which means you’re already loaded on normal ATK mod, which means the gain from having a normal weapon MH is really low. In that case, getting a C4CW for more utility becomes even more interesting.
  6. Your only choice for MH weapon are event weapons with poor stats, and with semi-interesting ougi effects. In that case, C4CW will almost always be more interesting, safe for the worst ones.
  7. Your only other options are weapons with inexistant ougi effects or no offensive skill. In that case, any C4CW will do and will perform better.

A review of the different C4CW weapons

Berserker’s Barrage (Berserker)


Ougi Effect ★★★★☆ 40% team ATK up (normal mod, summon side) and 5% team cap up for 4 turns (ougi turn included)
First Skill ★★★☆☆ Ougi damage increased on MC and 10% ougi cap up upon using Full Arsenal III
Emblem of Humanity ★★☆☆☆ 10% Boost to ougi cap
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★★ Power Raise (50% Crit chance / 50% damage) will now affect the whole team
Emblem of Devilry ★★★☆☆ Rage IV will not consume meter

Assessment : Berserker’s Barrage is a pretty great weapon that will see more use for Magna teams over Primals setup, thanks to its powerful ougi. It’s important to note that this ougi effect is summon side, and as a result will stack with Rage IV but not with Bahamut/Luci call. As a result, it’s already very easy to get a 80% normal ATK up buff. Power Raise becoming a team buff makes it a really potent buff, and is the upgrade you should nearly always want.

Use with : Water will definitely appreciate this weapon, especially Magna water as they will be able to extend all the three buffs the class will provide with Quatre, and still has good sources of DA/TA buffs (Diantha, Quatre 5*). Earth is also a good choice if you don’t use an Ultima as a MH.

Avoid using with :  Fire and Dark, as they both already have available Zerk main hands with better ougi effects (Xeno scythe and Hermanubis). Wind already has the Snap Blade, and generally a high amount of normal mods buffs that make the ougi not as effective as other elements. Light magna uses a lot of chev swords which diminishes the effectiveness of the normal buffs as well, and lack the innate DA/TA to afford using a non MA buffing class.

Guardian’s Xiphos (Sparta)


Ougi Effect ★★★★★ Team 20% Stamina buff and 2k HP shield for 4 turns (ougi turn included)
First Skill ★★★☆☆ MC gains guts (survives a lethal hit with 1 HP).30% chance to gain a substitute effect during the turn.
Emblem of Humanity ★☆☆☆☆ 20% boost to MC max HP
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★☆ Using Guardian will also grant MC a one turn Substitute
Emblem of Devilry ★★☆☆☆ Centurion II also grants a 2k HP shield to the target

Assessment : Guardian’s Xiphos is definitely a very good weapon to use, thanks to its ougi that makes your MC becomes a pseudo Uno 5* with its Stamina buff, generally more than compensating for the lack of an ATK up skill. The separate mod of this buff is precious, and can be useful even when playing a more enmity oriented team. It will also provides a lot of cover or your teammates, which is extremely useful when using characters who would rather not get hit. The random substitute effect can however become pretty dangerous in certain raids where multi-hit white damage happen (BHL and UBHL notably), fortunately the guts effect can prevent potential mishaps.

Use with :  Any team with a good sword lineup synergy can benefit from this weapon. Non Enmity Dark and Non Enmity earth will especially appreciate this weapon as it will allow you to protect very effectively Six and Halle.

Avoid using with :  Water and Light if you already happen to own / use Uno 5* and Limited Io, Earth if you use Sarasa and Ayer mostly. In general, do not use this weapon if you happen to need DA/TA buffs and would rather use a spear with DT3.

Hallowed Pilgrimage (Sage)


Ougi Effect ★★★☆☆ Heal all allies for 840 HP and grant a 200 HP / 10% meter revitalize for 4 turns (ougi turn included)
First Skill ★☆☆☆☆ Same as Nirvana, Panacea effect increased + Auto revive on cast to MC
Emblem of Humanity ★☆☆☆☆ 25% boost to MC debuff resistance
Emblem of Divinity ★☆☆☆☆ White Wall CD reduced to 6 turns, and now grants a 2k team shield
Emblem of Devilry ★★☆☆☆ Enemies affected by the Holy Spike debuff will deal 10% less damage to your team.

Assessment : Compared to the powerhouse that was Nirvana, its upgrade, the Hallowed Pilgrimage is probably one of the most underwhelming C4CW. Not only does its first skill remain unchanged compared to Nirvana, but its emblem upgrades are all terribad. Only the ougi is somehow good-ish, and even then it’s not that amazing. Overall not worth the upgrade, keep your Nirvana as is.

Use with : Light if you’re really desperate for more heals and need more meter, and if you don’t have Funf yet.

Avoid using with :  Avoid using it in general unless you really want the extra ougi heal for tough fights such as UBHL.

Demonic Longstaff (Warlock)


Ougi Effect ★☆☆☆☆ Team ??% Skill damage up and 10% Skill cap up for 4 turns
First Skill ★★★★★ Enhanced Aether Blast effect, and Aether Blast now grants MC a 20% on element echo for 3 turns
Emblem of Humanity ★☆☆☆☆ 20% (?) Boost to skill damage cap
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★☆ Bounce (Hermit nuke) now also casts a 25% def down
Emblem of Devilry ★★★★★ Chaser duration extended to 5 turns

Assessment : While the Demonic Longstaff looks like a great weapon, it also has some very tough competition as its main opponent is the almighty GW dagger. Its ougi effect is completely forgettable, but in exchange the buffs it provides to the different Warlock skills are very interesting. The Aether blast echo makes the skill finally worth pressing, and has a pretty great uptime. Bounce granting a 25% def down makes it the third class in the game (after Ely and Zerk) who can cap def down on its own, and it also becomes the first class able to bring Cap def down, Cap Atk down and a blind when soloing. Finally, the chaser extension is extremely powerful and makes it become a “Press and forget” button like most players affectionate. Overall, picking this weapon heavily depends on if you really need the DA/TA from the GW dagger or not, and whales setups might see a use in this weapon as it will allow them to better overcap when their grid can already supply the DA/TA.

Use with : As usual, water really thrives on classes who can buff their team, and extending the warlock buffs for a 6/7 uptime chaser and 4/5 Aether blast echo sounds stupidly strong. Plus, they don’t need a GW dagger thanks to quatre 5*. Other than that, teams that can make use of an Ultima staff can also consider making a Demonic Longstaff, such as Zeus whale light who can provide both the Damage and innate DA/TA to make full use of the echos. Wind might also be interested in having another class that allows them to easily cap Def down as well.

Avoid using with :  Dark will generally not use the Longstaff, especially if you happen to own a FLB Parazonium which is a superior main hand for Warlock. More generally, teams that don’t have good innate DA/TA rates will rather avoid using a Longstaff.

The Storyteller (Bandit Tycoon)


Ougi Effect ★★☆☆☆ TH3 on all enemies
First Skill ★☆☆☆☆ Same as Oliver
Emblem of Humanity ★★☆☆☆ Boost to mode MC bar cut, boost to MC damage against enemies in break
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★★ TH4 now affects every enemy
Emblem of Devilry ★☆☆☆☆ Slight chance to inflict TH1 for every single foe attack

Assessment : The Storyteller is pretty much the same as Oliver, except for two main differences, it can now cast AoE TH4 and AoE TH3 on ougi. This makes the weapon particularly suited for Arcarum content and story mode farming, but other than that it’s not really a noticeable improvement from Oliver. It doesn’t get any real offensive boost that could justify bringing it as a MH outside of drops grinding, so only one Storyteller is atm enough to get. Maybe Extreme Arcarum will require us to play on element even for groups of mobs, forcing us to make one storyteller for each element?

Use with : Any element you grind materials / content regularly with. If you have Zoi, dark is generally a good choice.

Avoid using with :  N/A

Original Sin (Lewder)


Ougi Effect ★★★★★ Team 30% DA / 20% TA up for 3 turns (ougi turn included)
First Skill ★★★★☆ Team 10% skill debuff hit rate, and MC becomes immune to skill seal
Emblem of Humanity ★★☆☆☆ Boost to MC DA rate based on the number of debuffs on the enemy
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★☆ Blood Sword now grants 1k HP drain and 15% Stamina for 3 turns to the team (8t CD)
Emblem of Devilry ★★★☆☆ Uplift will also grant 30% instant meter to the target on use

Assessment : Original Sin is a very interesting alternative to the GW dagger, as it has a very similar ougi and grants some nice utility and damage boost when using Chaos Ruler. While the TA granted by the ougi might seem lower, it’s not by a huge margin and it’s still a good DA/TA buff for the team to have.. The 10% skill debuff hit rate can be pretty handy to land debuffs with a low accuracy (Paralyze, Fear), and the skill seal immunity is great if you’re bringing Clarity. Finally, Blood Sword upgrade allows you to compensate a bit the lack of offensive skill thanks to its Stamina mod, although it will not stack with any other team buff stamina.

Use with : Light with Song will appreciate the increased para hit rate, especially since you combine it with Chaos Field to further increase your para chances (in that case you’ll generally prefer using the upgraded uplift). Fire can also make great use of this weapon, thanks to Percy’s fear and also generally since Fire players don’t usually make a GW dagger due to preferring playing Zerker with Xeno scythe. Water without Uno 5* and Quatre 5* will also appreciate using this sword.

Avoid using with :  Water if you already own Uno 5*, Dark since they already have access to Parazonium, Earth since they don’t really have any key debuff to land nor do they make good use of the stamina buff.

Championship Belt (Luchador)


Ougi Effect ★★☆☆☆ Gain 3x Counter (350%) upon taking damage, and a ??% DEF up
First Skill ★★☆☆☆ Enhances Knifehand Strike, and gains substitute upon using it
Emblem of Humanity ★★☆☆☆ 10% Boost to auto attack cap
Emblem of Divinity ★★☆☆☆ Increased 15-20% meter generation upon using Mic Hype
Emblem of Devilry ★★★☆☆ MC gains a one-hit damage immunity upon casting Ring Ruler

Assessment : A rather weak C4CW that doesn’t hold a candle to the GW fist, and which has a rather contradicting moveset : on one hand, the ougi and first skill boost intend to make Luchador a pseudo-tank, on the other hand the Humanity and Devilry emblems both synergize with Ring Ruler to deal more dps when not hit… The first skill upgrade might have some niche use to one turn kill boss with multi-hit (especially when combined with the increased counter number skill), but other than that it’s not a weapon worth making unless you’re desperate for a Main Hand.

Use with : Earth might be able to make use of the cap up from the first skill, but that’s about it…

Avoid using with :  Avoid using it in general unless you really need a main hand, or if you can find very specific niche combo of one turning something that you’ll post on Youtube for your hour of glory.

Maverick (Nighthound)


Ougi Effect ★★★★★ Team crit buff to the team : 80% chance to deal 20% more damage, 4 turns duration (ougi turn inculded)
First Skill ★★★★★ Gain Substitute upon using Evasive Maneuvers, also grants 5% meter on every action (5% per single attack, ougi, dodge, getting hit) for 3 turns
Emblem of Humanity ★★☆☆☆ 20% to Skill damage cap
Emblem of Divinity ★★★☆☆ 20% Echo if the enemy is affected by Steady Aim (Sidewinder mastery skill)
Emblem of Devilry  ★★★★★ 15% DA / 10% TA for all allies when Twilight Zone is in effect

Assessment : Maverick is probably THE class weapon to get among all others, and that for multiple reasons. First of all, good guns and bows main hand are very rare, even among gacha ones, and Nighthound has already been a great class but mostly handicapped by its lack of good main hand. Secondly, Maverick grants an astounding amount of team support, having a Team crit buff, 180 sec elemental team buff, 180 sec DA/TA team buff, and a Yoda Dodge + Substitute to cheese dangerous enemy multi-hits. Add to that the fact that Maverick also grants you more MC meter generation to have a nearly permanent team crit buff, and the fact that NH can swap one of your member with the backrow, and it makes Maverick the most vital weapon out of any other C4CW.

Use with : Any of the 4 main wheel element will heavily benefit from having it. Maverick is one of the few ways to further increase double Varuna power, as it grants a crit buff stacking with Altair, additional DA/TA and a 30% water attack up that is extremely precious. Wind and Fire will appreciate a lot being able to swap Zooey, without having to gimp their own damage afterward due to having a subpar class. Finally, the dodge + substitute is just extremely OP and can straight out make you prefer to use NH over an other class if the requirements are met.

Avoid using with :  Light and Dark, as they don’t really benefit from Twilight Zone. The crit buff from Maverick will not stack with Song, while Dark doesn’t really need to swap Zooey anyway.

Chanteuse Angelique (Elysian)


Ougi Effect ★★★★☆ 20% Element ATK up to the team on ougi (4 turns including ougi turn)
First Skill ★★★★☆ Using Concludere will grant a 300 HP refresh for 3 turns and a one turn immunity to debuffs
Emblem of Humanity ★☆☆☆☆ 15% Boost to debuff resistance
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★☆ Call of the Abyss will not debuff your team with Charge bar slowed anymore
Emblem of Devilry ★★☆☆☆ 30% Echo to the team against enemies affected with Sleep (does not activate on Coma)

Assessment : Overall, Chanteuse Angelique is a pretty decent weapon thanks to its ougi that makes it a good pickup for most double primal setup, allowing you to get 40% element ATK up by combining it with Concludere. The debuff resistance can be pretty useful in some niche fights, especially if you don’t have a veil to use. The Call of the abyss upgrade is great as well, as it pretty much frees one of your skill slot as you won’t be forced to bring Clarity anymore.

Use with : Double Primal setups such as Varuna, Zeus or Agni. Wind can also make some good use of it, allowing to reach def Cap, getting a pseudo-veil for one turn and allowing you to use Concludere without gimping your meter generation.

Avoid using with :  Earth and Dark as they already have good harps MH (Xeno and Qilin).

Helmwige (Apsaras)


Ougi Effect ★★★☆☆ Guaranteed TA to MC for one turn after ougi
First Skill ★★★★★ Both Spear and Axe passives and skill effects will be activated
Emblem of Humanity ★★☆☆☆ Boost to MA rate every turn, resets upon taking damage
Emblem of Divinity ★★★★☆ 45% boost to team ougi damage upon using Swan Song
Emblem of Devilry ★★★★★ All Allies but MC gain 30% echo upon using Dance of Zeal

Assessment : Similarly to Maverick, Helmwige really increase the playability of Apsaras, thanks to its great first skill allowing the class to not being locked onto Spear effects for all of its skills and support skills. Which means you will be able to accumulate all the bonus from all the various skills (Meter up on Thunder of the Water, Drain + Debuff success up on Swan Song, DA/TA down effect on DT3). But more importantly, it will also free one of your slot as you won’t have to bring Springwater Robe anymore. Between the ougi effect, DT3 and its various meter boost, Apsaras will become a TA/Ougi machine allowing to reach some very high sustained damage. The Swan Song upgrade makes it also become a mini FLB Bahamut call, while the Dance of Zeal upgrade will allow your 3 other characters to increase their damage by a whole 30%. Definitely a must have weapon if you intend to play Apsaras, and we can only hope that the upcoming T4 rebalance will make the choice of Helmwige even more attractive.

Use with : Dark, thanks to Six 5* can really make good use of this weapon, as it’s an element that heavily benefits from overcapping and since Six will be the highest HP and can easily absorb some hits for your team during Dance of Zeal. Similarly, earth can make good use of the additional, echo, and can use the occasion to reduce the HP of the character that isn’t Sarasa or Ayer. Light can see some benefit using Apsaras as well, thanks to good Spear users for Ultima combo and since they really benefit in general from the increased meter generation, while Song will also appreciate the debuff success on Swan Song.

Avoid using with :  Fire as it will generally prefer using a Xeno scythe as a main hand once again.

10 thoughts on “Class IV Champion Weapons Guide

  1. A little bit of correction, Blood Sword is actually 9 Turn CD, not 8.
    This makes the Stamina from Blood Sword 3/9 uptime, which is extremely lackluster. Meaning you only get to use once or twice in every short raid.


      1. You are right, I forgot about CR’s passive, an oversight on my part.

        However, Blood Sword 3/8 uptime is still lackluster.


  2. Regarding the Guardian’s Xiphos, Does anyone know if the Spartan passive Aegis Boon activates when the Substitute kicks in from Guardian skill or the randomly? If it does MC could probably become almost as tanky as Sara with the right set-up.
    I’m thinking of running Spartan, Halle, Vase, and DLF with Yggy and Sara in the back. Combining this weapon and Vaseraga (or Sara) would mean no one is getting hit except for my tanks unless I’m really unlucky.
    Thanks for the info


    1. Yes, the aegis passive will activate upon activating the substitute effect, damage will be cut by 50% by MC. It’s good to note that there will not be any visual cue for the substitute activating.


      1. Thanks that is awesome to know. One of the problems I had with the whole tank class line is that there was no passive boot to Hostility except for the class weapon and Guardian Skill (Same problem with Gawain, but I digress). This upgrade turns Spartan into a real beast of a tank and makes the Guardian skill 100 times better than what it was.


  3. I knew that maverick would be one of the best upgrade from previous CCW tier. I was thinking about water atma gun with silva yngwie + quatre, but I’m running magna. Would it be a good idea to pursue this?


  4. Should really edit the *avoid* section of OG Sin for Dark. Change it to “Avoid with Dark IF you already have Parazonium”, Dark has access to Parazonium, but that doesn’t mean everyone CAN access it since not everyone has a Parazonium.


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