The Future Of Grandblue Fantasy March 2018

March 10th Anniversary Update

New Raid Content

  • Shiva, Grimnir, Alexiel and Europa raids will be added
    • You need to clear a Free Quest after Chapter 86 to access them



  • Metatron and Avatar will be released on the 22nd
    • You need to clear a Free Quest after Chapter 88 to access them


  • Check this album for their weapon effects, some have been changed:
    • Shiva TA Up on Ougi is now party-wide
    • Europa Bow’s ATK Up is now Medium instead of Small
    • Grimnir weapon DATA Up on Ougi is now party-wide
    • Metatron 30% DMG Cut on Ougi is now party-wide

Magna Changes

  • All main-wheel Magna weapons will get a 5* upgrade
    • Lvl cap increases to 200 and Skill Lvl cap increases to 20
  • Light and Dark 5* uncaps are released on the 22nd
  • Max HP Up cap will be increased to 340%
  • Main-wheel Magna summon FLB upgrades will be released on the 10th
  • Light and Dark Magna summon FLB upgrades will be released on the 22nd


  • You can add 4 extra stats of your choice to a character’s EMP list
    • This is done through the use of special rings that drop from Arcarum, Grande Order and events
    • The value of stats obtained from rings is completely random


Blue Chest Appearances

  • New unique blue chest rewards will be added to the game
    • Blue chest drops will be raffled among players according to their contribution
    • They will be added to Magna HL, Grande Order and the Shiva-Tier raids

An Additional Ultima Core Will Be Tradable For Ultima Units

DHalo Will Always Transform With An Eternal In The Party

Setting Screen Re-work

  • The Settings screen will be overhauled to look like the event re-run style
    • Settings will have pictures and additional info about their purpose


New Trophies And Trophy Weapons

  • New trophies will be added that track various things like TH stacks applied or crabs killed
    • These will come with unique weapons with special ougis that can be used as weapon skins


4th Anniversary Special Purchase Sets

  • A special pick ticket that includes all the seasonal characters except the following will be released:
    • Grand Characters
    • Zodiac Characters
    • Valentine’s Characters
    • Summer Zooey
  • New skin sets for Altair and Heles will be added alongside the return of old anniversary skin sets


Rank Cap Increase

  • After clearing Chapter 91 a rank up quest will appear
    • You will square off against Ultimate Bahamut in this quest
    • Afterwards the rank cap is increased to 225

March 22nd Anniversary Updates

Arcarum Updates

  • Extreme difficulty will be added
    • You need to beat all Hard mode paths before gaining access
    • New unique treasures will be added



  • All difficulty levels will be adjusted
    • TP restoring items will be added
    • Stage effects now appear in chests instead
    • Stage effects wear off after a few turns in each battle and are re-applied after the battle


  • Arcarum Weapons will be added as exchange for Arcarum Points
    • These weapons are intended for new players


  • Items will be added to the Arcarum shop that increase the weekly Arcapoint limit
    • They will appear only once the first time you finish every route in Hard and Extreme modes
  • Arcarum summons will get their FLB
    • Their auras will be enhanced
    • Sunstones can not be used on this step
  • 2 Sunstones will be re-stocked

EXII Job Announcements

  • EXII Jobs will be able to set 3 Sub/EMP-skills like TierIV
  • Nekomancer will be added as Mystic II
    • They can buff themselves or the entire team based on their MP
    • Chapter 63 has to be cleared
    • Mystic has to be level 20
    • Kapilavastu has to be element-changed


  • The Glory will be added as Sword Master II
    • Resonating Blade and Energize can be set as sub-skill
    • Chapter 63 has to be cleared
    • Sword Master has to be level 20
    • Aschallon has to be element-changed
    • This class is a reference to CyGames’ old Knights of Glory game


Class Adjustments

  • The following classes will get new EMP skills:
    • Sword Master
    • Gunslinger
    • Mystic
    • Assassin
    • Drum Master
    • Dancer
    • Mechanic
    • Apsaras
    • Chaos Ruler
    • Nighthound

Character +Mark Cap Increased To +300

Updates That Are Not Dated

Sticker Updates


100 Gold Moon Weapons Will Get Their FLB

  • Skill 1 or Skill 2 will be strengthened at Lvl 150
    • Damascus Brick can be used to bypass material requirements

One Gold Brick Will Be Added For Rise Of The Beasts

Xeno Corow’s Weapon Is Sword


  • Xeno weapons cannot be Final Uncapped through the uncap screen any longer from the 16th
    • This change does not retro-actively affect already FLB’d Xeno weapons

New EMP Support Skills

  • SSR:
    • Earth Vaseraga
    • Ilsa
    • Wind Lancelot
    • Light Mary
  • SR
    • Summer Carren
    • Summer Ghandaghouza
    • Teacher Elmott
    • Grea
    • Summer Charlotta
    • Owen
    • Walder
    • Summer Ayer
    • Sevastien
    • Event Charlotta
    • Summer Chloe
    • Jeanne d’Arc
    • Light Sarya
    • Predator
    • Dark Jamil

Quest Updates

  • Chapter 106 and 107 will be added on the 20th
    • Nahilegrande’s arc will end in April
  • New Side Stories will be added
    • What Makes the Sky Blue Pt.1 on the 10th
    • Barawa vs Chat Noir: Jewele Resort on the 22nd
    • IM@S Side:M date unknown

Eternals Skin sets

  • Will be released in batches
    • Acquired through event rewards, purchase or weapon affinity like Street Fighter
    • First batch will be Summer Siete and Six Origins

New Collab Events

  • Detective Conan in April


  • Persona 5 in June


Merch And IRL Events

  • GranFest will be held in December
  • Summer Fest will be held in June/July
  • New Character CD: Over The Sky
    • Features Djeeta/Gran/Lyria
    • Comes with voiced Vyrn singing stickers
    • Releses on March 9th


  • New Character CD: Butterfly Blade
    • Features Narumeia
    • Comes with a skin for Narumeia
    • Releases on May 2nd


  • An April Fool’s Vee-Kun Black Hole CD featuring his battle theme will be released later this year
  • Granblue Graphic Archive IV will be released


  • McDonald’s burger collab will return in April

8 thoughts on “The Future Of Grandblue Fantasy March 2018

  1. Can magna 2 weapons be flb’ed? I don’t think I heard this on the stream iirc. Also, do you have any intends to analyze how the updates affect the meta nowadays? Thank you so much.


    1. Imo with a lv 200 weapon and slv 20 skill, plus 120% + 120% from the FLB’ed Magna summons, the magna build will overshadow the primal build for now. Maybe, just maybe it won’t lose to a well decked, uber whale grid, but I think it will be far superior compared to a work in progress, partially built primal grid….


  2. Hello, I was wondering since I cannot find anywhere how to do it. The crystals that the new raids ask for it, the Fire Crystal for Shiva, The Earth Crystal for Alexie and so on with the others, where or how do you get them so you can start the raid?
    Thanks in advance.


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