Seasonal Suptix Guide

For the first time in Granblue’s history, KMR is offering us the possibility to ticket a seasonal character, making you able to get a character for 3000 yen instead of the usual spark that most people save over a few months for them. The issue is that there are many limited characters, often making it a tough choice as to who would be the best investment for this rare and special suptix. This guide is here to try to help you pick something that you won’t regret later.

A few caveats before starting however :

  • Although it would often be a good idea to pick with your d*ck and to get a Waifu or Husbando trophy, we don’t know if such a special deal will ever come back, and it might potentially save you a full spark in the future, so for once I would really recommend to pick something that will be a good investment for you both now and in the foreseeable future. Only waifu/husbando-pick if you’re an utter casual that doesn’t care about clearing content faster or being grind-efficient.
  • Those recommendations are not absolute, and while I might give my own appreciation about which characters should be prioritized over others, as usual your own particular circumstances might tip the balance in favor of a well less regarded character. As usual, make use of your best judgement.
  • Keep in mind that the assessment of each character I’m doing will be relative to the current meta as we know it. Upcoming raids and weapons might shake that quite a bit, and for all we know maybe some characters might shine better in the future, while some of the stronger character might eventually fall out of flavor due to those meta shifts. I can’t predict the future, so it might be possible that an unforeseen meta shift will make your power-pick less relevant in the future.

Must have characters


Summer Beatrix

Get her if :
– You need a Sword Proficient attacker to fit in with Yuel
– You have an enmity grid (Ecke Sachs, Crimson Fingers)
– You like being able to destroy short and medium length content even faster
– You want to bully Beato

Consider another pick if :
– You already own Therese or Sturm
– You hate having to manage squishy enmity characters

Assessment :
Probably one of the strongest fire powerhouse, Summer Beatrix will carry you hard, very hard. Her very high MA rate coupled with her jammed debuff will make you reach cap damage easily (even more on an enmity based grid), and her ODA will allow you to nearly surely nuke the enemy with an assassin TA.

While she is definitely a true glass canon and will explode at the slightest touch from an enemy, her passive will grant you one “get out of jail” joker, preventing her from dying, while her other passive + EMP will give her a pretty high chance of dodging. That will not prevent Bea from dying eventually, but it sure makes her more resilient than what you’d expect.

A must have character for anyone who wish to play Fire seriously, although it is not impossible in the future that her top attacker fire spot might get into competition with attackers able to break damage cap easily in the future, especially considering that stronger grids make it possible to reach that cap more and more easily nowadays.


Summer Diantha

Get her if :
– You play Magna water
– You have Uno 5* and not a lot of DA/TA to supplement him
– You like being able to destroy fire raids in one turn
– You want to be able to reach ougi cap damage consistantly
– You like having permanent team buffs that require very little maintenance
– Guaranteed triple attack turn makes you wet your pants and your favorite class is Luchador

Consider another pick if :
– You’re playing Varuna with a lot of Murgleis
– You have Quatre 5* and Yuel
– You’d rather play Elysian all day everyday
– You dislike the idea of not being able to do more than a 3-chain burst

Assessment :
While the release of Water Yuel made Summer Diantha slightly less desirable than before, their role remain different enough so that having Yuel doesn’t really negate your need for Diantha. A guaranteed TA for one turn, in the element with the almighty Uno 5* able to assassin for nearly 1.5m per auto attack? Sign me in. Her hype buff is kinda underrated, and coupled with Quatre you can really increase your damage substantially for 3 turns if you only hit Hype 2.

Her ougi brings a powerful and much needed ATK + DA up buff, that will mostly benefit magna builds due to the nature of the ATK modifier, and since Varuna can get their multi-attack boosts from their grid. It lasts for a long time, and has a rather noticeable effect even on its first cast. People who are sick of playing Elysian will definitely welcome a buffer that can provide so much without having to click any button.

The upcoming Europa bow bringing Small TA up might work out pretty well with Diantha, who can sustain the DA up part, the two combined assuring you some good MA rate. While it is not impossible for Diantha to someday get replaced by a more reliable buffer, the release of Vajra at least made it clear that the Dog Zodiac would not be filling in the niche of MA buffing. Diantha still remains the best pure buffer in water, and even if she were to get powercrept she would still be guaranteed a niche thanks to her Uno combo.

Good pick-ups


Summer Izmir

Get her if :
– You want to use her Blizzard, which is a better flare field effect that starts strong right away and decrease over time.
– You use water Atma Sword Trium
– You enjoy being able to support your raidmates with field effects and debuffs
– You’re using Magna and not reaching damage cap quite yet and could use the boost from Blizzard

Consider another pick if :
– You ain’t no one’s debuff/buff bitch
– You’re already packed with two GW 5* making it difficult to slot Izmir
– You already can reach damage cap with ease thanks you your whale super powers
– You dislike using squishy characters
– You hate censorship

Assessment :
The main reason for you to decide to pick Izmir is mostly her Blizzard skill. Sure, she has some decent damage on her own, and a powerful ougi (although requiring quite a few clicks), and her passive team stamina makes her a fine team support even as a sitting duck (less in Varuna due to the stamina getting diluted).

But eventually, as you progress with your water, you will feel less the need to frontline Summer Izmir, as the only thing she brings is a rather double edged sword field that you might not even really need with a strong enough grid. However, even when you reach that point, there is one scenario where she still particularly shines : Co-op lobby trains. Having someone able to cast Blizzard in those raids to speed up the kill time of each host is extremely precious, and will make you glad to have Izmir no matter what, no matter when, especially since farming raids in trains is becoming more and more frequent over random twitter pubs. It can also be useful in scenarios like Guild Wars if you’re ready to be the buff/debuff bitch of your crew.


Summer Siegfried

Get him if :
– You intend to play end-game wind in content like Ultimate Bahamut
– 45% Def down sounds like the best deal you could get from a wind unit combined with Miserable Mist
– You use an Atma Sword Trium composition
– You have Siete / Siete 5*
– You need someone to trigger Lecia ATK orders
– Lunalu is your Spirit Animal

Consider another pick if :
– You generally play classes that can already cap def down alone (Zerk, Elysian)
– You already have Lancelot
– You don’t use a sword team
– You prefer using a character that brings more damage in general (Birdman, Corntato)

Assessment :
Summer Siegfried is a character that trades the offensive power he had in his earth version for more utility and defense. He makes for a pretty good tank, thanks to his various Hostility up boosts, coupled with several DEF up buffs. A good point is that makes him both a good unit for Stamina oriented teams (with the upcoming release of the Grimnir Harp) as he will soak damage for the rest of your team, but it can also work very well in Enmity setups where he can stay at low HP and remain nearly unkillable.

The crucial sword proficiency makes him able to have decent MA rate despite not having a self buff, and the 20% Wind Def down makes him a god send for wind players, even though they will have to make do with a 45% total DEF down with Mist. He’s extremely well suited to content like UBH and UBHL, where the sole presence of his wind DEF down can easily earns you MVP with a sufficiently competent grid.


Xmas Mary

Get her if :
– You trust in the Placebo
– You want to have a TH bot for arcarum, gotta drops them Verums
– You’re not starved for damage in your grid, but the guaranteed TA is a welcome addition
– You want to combo her with Ferry and Luchador for some Triple Attack Extravaganza for 5 turns
– You’re using a Chev Gun grid and/or a Cosmos BAL weapon
– You’re using her with Light Zooey to make her activate her third skill faster

Consider another pick if :
– You already made a Storyteller (Oliver upgrade) to farm Arcarum
– You already have Grand Vira
– You need attackers, not supporters

Assessment :
Xmas Mary brings a bit of everything, some nice QoL utility with her AoE TH (that was thankfully fixed and now still applies your stacks before killing your enemies), good team support with a guaranteed TA turn and a single target full uptime buff a la Dirt La Fille, as well as a delay on ougi and a reasonable passive + EMP + Proficiency + Typing allowing her to deal reasonable damage on her own, without being anything extraordinary.

If you feel like most of what she brings could be a good addition to your team, she might be the pick for you. Especially with the upcoming release of Metatron Bow and its Stamina mod, it might be even more interesting than before to abuse Mary’s guaranteed TA and combo it with Ferry as Light should be able to deal some pretty good on element damage even without Sorn’s 5* ougi crit buff. In general, a guaranteed TA buff can often guarantee you that the character will remain relevant if only for cheesy one turn combo.

Decent niche uses


Summer Heles

Get her if :
– You plan to get her Anniversary skin and you’d actually like to use it in battle
– You like to burst down content with low HP thanks to her guaranteed TA + ODA
– You use Atma Spear Trium teams

Consider another pick if :
– The Overdrive phase of most of your battles rarely last more than a few seconds
– You already have Summer Zeta
– Long cooldowns annoy you and you dislike having a character being a sitting duck after having used all of their skills.
– Not having an ougi effect in 2018 triggers you

Assessment :
Once upon a time considered as one of the strongest Light attacker, Summer Heles really starts to show her age (pun not intended), as her kit is quite outdated and is crippled with high cooldowns. While her guaranteed TA was a pretty amazing thing to have at the time, it is heavily balanced out by the fact that Heles will deal very little damage due to not having any self ATK buff other than her passive. Passive that will not be effective most of the time due to enemies breaking faster and faster as people’s grids are getting stronger. Only her ODA saves her from mediocrity and makes her a good pick for low HP content where you can actually abuse her guaranteed TA to burst down an enemy in one turn.


Summer Korwa

Get her if :
– You’re still struggling to reach high damage number on your characters
– You use 5* Siete and characters who can support her meter generation
– You’re using a magna grid

Consider another pick if :
– You’re using a Zephy grid
– You hate using high maintenance buffers
– Your damage is high enough and sacrificing a 4th character worth of DPS would not be worth it

Assessment :
Summer Korwa is kind of in a weird place, as if you were using a nuclear engine on an electric car. There’s a lot of juice, but you’re limited by the speed cap of the car, and eventually your car will not be able to sustain itself like that for a long time and will stop working. It’s pretty much the same for Summer Korwa in Wind, while at first glance her extremely powerful buffs may seem to allow you to reach high damage, it comes at the cost of you sacrificing a 4th character worth of dps, and requires you to actually sustain her with sufficient meter so that she will not run out of gas, which would force you to set her up again.

In a meta where weapons get constantly upgraded and powercrept, allowing to reach higher and higher base damage, using Summer Korwa buffs feels really overkill, as a lot of your potential damage gets wasted in the damage cap. In content where higher DEF would actually make her buffs more relevant, the maintenance she requires can sometimes become a big turn off for some players as there’s nothing more infuriating than losing your tempo by having to reapply Korwa’s buffs.

Maybe the advent of new HL raids with a wind Stamina Magna weapon will make her more desirable, as the Defensive buff she can provide can reveal itself to become rather useful to upkeep Stamina.


Halloween Eustace

Get him if :
– You have Earth DLF, Okto, Eugen, Yggdrasil
– You have a way to sustain Eustace’s DA/TA rate
– You have a good enough latency to make use of his very short Paralyze
– You want a character with good ougi damage

Consider another pick if :
– You play Elysian most of the time
– You don’t want to deal with managing Eustace stacks so that he won’t incapacitate himself
– You don’t have any way to boost his meter gain or DA/TA rate
– You like to mash auto and you’re sure Eustace will end up self-paralyzed sooner or later

Assessment :

Halloween Eustace makes for a rather interesting unit, with a very powerful ougi and good supporting abilities, between a DA + Earth ATK up buff for your team and a short paralyze (that you can combo into a Sorn’s extend), on firs sight he seems to be a pretty good unit. In practice however, he’s crippled with an extremely important flaw : he will self paralyzed if not able to ougi before he reaches more than 9 stacks. As a result, you will be forced to use his skills with caution to not trigger an untimely self paralyze, and you will have to feed him as much meter as possible to minimize the risks of him getting para’ed. At the end of the day, he’s a high risk, but not so high reward character, and only his paralyze makes him somewhat interesting against water content.


Xmas Clarisse

Get her if :
– A cap up field sounds like a great pickup to you
– You need a debuffer that can cap ATK/DEF down in the long run
– You need a character with a dispel

Consider another pick if :
– Characters with complex mechanics involving stance and stacks are a no-no to you
– You need a real attacker
– You need a real buffer
– You need a real debuffer

Assessment :
Xmas Clarisse is a character that does a lot, but with a lot of restrictions making her extremely ill-suited to short fights. In long fights where you’re willing to bear with her stack mechanics, she does bring a unique Cap Up field which can be useful, but probably not as good as Flare / Blizzard / Nighthound in terms of raid support, for the simple reason that hitting cap consistently is difficult.

Fortunately, activating her field will boost Clarisse offensive abilities, and she has a way to reduce her HP every turn, albeit somehow slowly. The stackable ATK/DEF down are rather nice, but unpractical as they take quite some time to setup and will not allow you to cap DEF/ATK down before a few turns. She’s also one of the few earth Dispel, so that can always be useful.


Xmas Arulumaya

Get her if :
– You need Veil
– You want a 25% Water Def Down allowing you to cap def down easily
– Water ATK up + DA/TA buffs sounds like a good deal

Consider another pick if :
– You have Altair, Katalina and/or Lily
– RNG buffs trigger you and you don’t want to deal with more RNG in your life
– You already own or plan to make the two GW 5* water characters
– You have other characters who cover most of the utility she brings

Assessment :
While extremely similar to her Earth 5* version, Xmas Arulu falls short on a few points of comparison that prevent her to shine as much as her dirt counterpart. While her Water Def down is great and has a high accuracy, it is not really needed in an element that has tons of DEF down characters available. Her buffs are rather weak, and only getting the three at the same time will really make it worth the effort to press it (twice).

Her ougi / passive / EMP are rather mediocre, and unless you really need a veilbot other characters with more focused kits will do her job better.

Waifu/Husbando Trophies


Summer Vira

Consider another pick unless :
– You need a charm bot
– You need a dispel

Assessment :
Summer Vira is a rather mediocre unit, with only to save her name a great Charm that is as powerful as an Elysian charm (unfortunately it doesn’t share the same landrate). Her other utility is a dispel that is moderately useful in a few token fights, and a damage boost with Lyst, which has the bad idea of crippling Vira’s damage for the first 3 turns you activate him in exchange for an extremely high ATK boost added to a full meter boost on turn 3, granting her great offense for 3 turns. Needless to say you’d rather have a lower but consistent ATK boost all across the board of those 6 turns rather than this. A pretty heavily powercrept character, proceed with extreme caution.


Summer Percival

Consider another pick unless :
– You wanna use his Adoration debuff in wind fights

Assessment :
Summer Percival is a lesser version of his regular self, with lower numbers everywhere all across the board, no ougi effect, passive redundant with Seraph weapons… His only one saving grace is his unique debuff called Adoration which works as a super charm with extremely high activation rate, but that only lasts 20 seconds… Needless to say you’re better off ticketing regular Percival at this point if you don’t already have him.


Summer Narumaya

Consider another pick unless :
– You think Meteora Varuna gun grids are the future
– You want a Break Assassin character with high potential damage
– A squishy and high maintenance character doesn’t bother you

Assessment :
It’s hard to justify bringing Summer Narumaya in water teams nowadays, especially since her whole kit screams of glasscanon, and water is a rather Stamina reliant element, so cutting your own HP really doesn’t play in your favor here, while Magna lacks the DA/TA to support her, and doesn’t have the HP to make her survive better. In the right situation, she can still deal some pretty high damage, especially when combined with sure TA characters like Diantha, but the high maintenance and ramp up time required to reach her full potential will just make you prefer characters that are comfier to play. And Uno 5* just fills the same assassin role as her anyway.



Halloween Danua

Consider another pick unless :
– You have questionable fetishes
– High damage nukes and local debuffs allowing you to kill an enemy before he can even ougi you sounds like a good plan to you.

Assessment :
Halloween Danua brings some utility in the form of a local fear, except this local fear is far from being needed in an element that has Percy. She remains a character that can deal some strong nukes in successions, allowing you to kill a boss before it decides to throw a special attack you. Except once your grid is powerful enough, such boss can esily be blast in a few turns thanks to Shiva. And Danua was pretty much useless during the last Fire favored GW.

…No comment.

At this point you’re really doing it for attention, or you’re a whale that already has all the above mentioned  characters and don’t need any moon weapon or summon. But if you really wish to waste money, know that I accept donations!

8 thoughts on “Seasonal Suptix Guide

  1. As a new player (less than a month) who doesn’t have a good pool of characters/developed grids across all elements except for light, does it make more sense to pick up one of the gamechanging characters like Beatrix or Diantha or to double down on my only developed element (light) and pick up Mary (or maaaaybe Heles)?


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