The Future Of Granblue Fantasy: May 2018

Event News

  • “The Girl Who Leapt Through Mountains” will be re-run on May 9th
    • This event features SR Farrah (Wind)
  • “Teardrop in the Sand” and “Priestess of the Dunes” will be added as side stories
    • These events feature SR Volenna, SR Sara and SR Jin (Earth)
  • Xeno Vohu Manah will get its third re-run on the 15th
    • A new Sword type weapon will be added and will be true-forgable
    • Every third re-run for the other xenos will add a new weapon, next up is Ifrit
  • Next GW boss element is Water
    • A Tier active member list will increase from 10 to 20 players
    • Tier placings will be expanded:
      • A-Tier: #1 – #5000
      • B-Tier: #5001 – #12 000
      • C-Tier: #12 001 – #20 000
    • Individual placings will also be expanded:
      • 100 Valor: #1 – #30 000
      • 75 Valor: #30 001 – #50 000
      • 50 Valor: #50 001 – #70 000
      • 25 Valor: #70 001 – #120 000
    • GW experience will be raised for some monsters

New Class


  • “Kengou” will be added as 2nd tier class of Samurai
    • It will further focus on consuming ougi gauge mechanics and overbursting
    • They will make it easier to gain ougi and maintain it
    • Murakumo has to be element-changed in order to unlock it

This Month’s Final Uncaps

  • Ixaba
  • Narumeia

Balance Changes Coming This Month

  • SSR:
    • Summer Io
    • Aliza
    • Summer Percival
    • Ghandaghouza
    • Chat Noir
    • Vajra
    • Both Eustaces
    • Petra
    • Arriet
    • Summer De La Fille
    • Funf
    • Amira
    • Summer Zeta
    • Six
    • Summer Danua
    • Dark Cagliostro
    • Black Knight
  • SR
    • Regular Teena
    • Ejaeli
  • The Weapon skils “Haunt” and “Pre-emptive …” will be rebalanced

Weapon Naming Overhaul

Weapons will now be added to “Series”, these are:

  • Magna Series for Omega Tier 1 weapons
  • Regalia Series for Omega Tier 2 weapons
  • Four Beasts Series for weapons acquired from Rise of the Beasts
  • Cosmos Series for Cosmos Weapons acquired from Grande Order
  • Rose Series for weapons acquired from Rose Queen Impossible
  • Epic Series for weapons acquired from Superbuncle raids
  • Primal Series for weapons from Summon raids that are boosted by Primals
  • Old Primal SeriesĀ for weapons from Summon raids that are boosted by Magna
  • Grand/Legend Series for weapons that are limited to their respective galas
  • Superior Series for 100 gold moon weapons
  • Vintage Series for 30 gold moon weapons

Miscellaneous Changes With No Date

  • Cosmos weapons will no longer be limited to one per account
  • Auto attack can be switched on pre-battle


(Image subject to change)

  • Add an option to get a confirm button when multiple people use key abilities like Phalanx at the same time
  • Add the ability to upgrade weapons with equipment from your stashes without having to move said equipment
  • Add new party symbols, for example for Impossible Raid setups and GW setups
  • The next Main Quest update is in July
  • Narumeia’s CD is released on May 2nd and comes with a costume that represents the cover art


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